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Reese Returns

Chapter 1: Ghost From the Past


Clare was walking along the DeGrassi foyer, she was proofreading her latest paper for Miss Dawes and wasn't really looking where she was going. Suddenly she bumped into something or rather someone, and stumbled back a few steps. "So sorry, excuse me I was…" Clare froze when she looked up at a face she hadn't seen since grade 9. A face she would have been fine with never seeing again. "R…Reese?!" Clare let out in an astonished gasp.

Reese let out a cat call whistle as he marveled at the shaply form before him. "Hot damn Clare Edwards! You really grew up well! You used to be cute but now you're just smokin' hot sexy!" Reese said licking his lips and eye raping her up and down.

Acutely aware of the way he was looking at her, Clare was suddenly extremely uncomfortable. She tried covering herself with her arms and her notebook but that only did so much. Inside her head she was screaming all kinds of things at him but all that managed to make it out of her mouth was "Excuse me?"

"I'm back at DeGrassi, why don't you give me a private tour of say...the boiler room?" Reese said in the slimiest tone Clare had ever heard in her life. Clare shivered a little but Reese reached out and grabbed her wrist.


Adam was nearby and having heard the last comment felt his face flush with fury. He walked over and pulled Clare out of pervy boy's grasp.

"You do not talk to her like that!" Adam demanded, wrapping an arm protectively around Clare's shoulders.


K.C. was standing by the lockers talking with Drew, Mo, Owen and Conner, absentmindedly watching the nearby foyer when his face hardened. "Conner please tell me I am seeing things and that's not…"

"Reese!" Conner finished for him following his friends gaze.

"Talking to Clare?" K.C. asked through clenched teeth and Conner nodded.

By now everyone else had turned to see an unfamiliar tall figure with dark hair, talking to and eying, a very uncomfortable Clare. When Reese grabbed her wrist that was enough for K.C. he started over there with the rest of the group following.


"You okay Clare?" Adam asked his friend.

She couldn't reply but she nodded.

"You know I bet that catholic school girl uniform you used to wear to school would be filled really nicely with your new curves and big tits!" Reese said his voice oozing with sexual desire. "Why don't you wear it for me tomorrow baby."

Just as Adam was about to reel back and punch out this sleaze bag with a dirty mouth, there was suddenly a line of football players blocking pervy boy from Clare.

"Get lost Reese!" K.C. demanded from the middle of the line.

"Guthrie, afraid I'm gonna steal her away still?" Reese said trying his best to see past the football players to his prey. Unfortunately for him Mo, Owen and Conner were pretty big.

"She's not my girlfriend anymore but she is still my friend now get lost and stay away from Clare!" K.C. demanded his voice nearly escalating to a yell.

"Relax Guthrie. See you later Ssssaint Clare," Reese hissed on the s and it made Clare's skin crawl. Reese backed away around the corner.

As soon as he was out of sight the group turned to Clare and huddled around her. Adam still had an arm around her shoulders in a semi hug. Drew put a hand on her arm and Conner gave her a quick hug.


Eli left the auditorium on his way to his locker near the foyer he noticed a group of football players huddled around…Clare!? As he got closer he could see Adam with his arm around her, Drew had his hand on her arm, and Conner was hugging her and Clare looked upset. Eli walked up to the group with a furrowed brow.

"Clare are you…"

As soon as she heard his voice Clare left the group and went to him, the group parting to make sure she could. She gripped Eli's shirt tightly and put her head on his chest.

"Reese is back at DeGrassi." She said softly and shivered as she did so.

Eli wrapped his arms around her and looked at the group. "Who the hell is Reese!?"

"Think Fitz but a hundred times sleazier and has it extremely bad for Clare." Adam informed his friend.

With this news Eli wrapped his arms around Clare even tighter.

"He went here when we were in grade 9 and transferred near the end of the year, but Adam is right, he always had it bad for Clare he constantly hit on her, tried to break us up, and said inappropriate things to her. He hasn't lost interest in Clare and his mouth has only gotten worse." K.C. informed everyone but Conner.

"Be glad you didn't hear the things he said to her." Adam said.

"Like what?" Eli insisted through clenched teeth.

"Dude you…" Adam began but Eli shot him a look, Adam sighed. "He wanted her to give him a tour of the boiler room, and said that uhh her new curves would fill out her old catholic school girl uniform nicely and asked her to wear it for him tomorrow."

Eli felt his fists clenching in anger, this Reese kid had a vile mouth and he'd used it on his Clare. "Stay away from this creep." Eli said to Clare.

"I don't plan to get anywhere near him, trust me." Clare assured him.


"Keeping Clare away from Reese is not the problem, it's keeping Reese away from Clare." K.C. said.

"Don't worry Goldsworthy we'll help." Owen said and the others all nodded. Owen didn't know Clare that well but the things Reese said to her had offended even him. Sure he had probably said some similar things to someone like Bianca. But the way that guy eye raped her and the sleazy things he said just should not be done to sweet little Saint Clare.

Eli nodded his thanks to the group and he Adam turned to walk Clare to class. The football group started down the hall toward their own classes.

"So you used to date Clare?" Mo asked.

"Yeah back in grade 9, she was super skinny, had long hair and little glasses but she was super cute." K.C. informed him and Owen.

"So why'd you break up?" Mo asked.

But he was slapped upside the head by Drew, who mouthed "Jenna".

"Oh yeah." Mo apologized.

"So Clare really wore a catholic school girl uniform to school?" Owen asked

Drew slapped him upside the head now.

"For the first couple of months yeah." K.C. said.

"Hot!" Mo and Owen said in unison only to have Drew slap them both in the back of the head.

Lunch~(no pov)

Clare sat with Alli and Jenna at a lunch table, talking about all the things girls talk about. Alli and Jenna were facing Clare, who had her back to the food line. Eli, Adam and Dave would have been sitting with them but they had play rehearsal.

A few tables away sat K.C., Owen, Drew, Mo, Conner and most of the rest of the football team. They were having their usual guy talk when Owen's eyes locked onto Reese. Reese was holding a tray of food in one hand, but his eyes were all on Clare. The look on Reese's face was one of pure lust.

"Dude does not give up easily." Owen said nodding toward Reese.

K.C., Drew, Mo and Conner followed Owen's gaze and then Reese's gaze to Clare.

"Come on." Drew said getting up and the others followed suit. They sat down at the girls table, Owen and Drew took a seat on either side of Clare. Mo sat on the other side of Owen. K.C. and Conner went to the other side of the table, K.C. sitting next to Jenna and Conner next to Alli. Clare looked at Drew her eyebrows furrowed together. Drew leaned in a little and said in a low voice. "Reese was looking at you like you were on the menu so we came over here."

Clare smiled and nodded at the other boys silently giving her thanks. "Ummm what's going on?" Alli questioned.

"Reese is back at DeGrassi and is still into Clare." Conner explained.

"Wait Reese as in…" Conner nodded. "Your kidding?."

"He said the crudest things to her in the hall earlier and we're all making sure he keeps his distance." Drew told them.

"Okay help me out," Jenna spoke up, "who's Reese?"

Alli and Conner explained about Reese to Jenna. "Actually he's right there." Conner said pointing to where Reese had taken a seat, and was still ogling Clare.

Alli and Jenna both looked over and seeing the look Reese was giving their friend they both shivered. Jenna reached over the table and grabbed Clare's hand.

"That guy gives me the creeps, be careful Clarebear." Jenna said.

"I will Jenna." Clare smiled at her friend for her concern.

"And we'll help make sure he stays his distance." K.C. said.


The lunch bell rang and the group got up to throw away their trash and start walking to class. Clare got up first and Owen and Drew were right at either side of her.

"Uh guys I have to walk to English, Adam and Eli have that class next too and…" Clare was cut off by Owen.

"And they aren't here so we're walking you to class." Owen told her.

"I can…" She began but stopped when she saw Owen's face which clearly said, You can walk with us or I can pick you up and carry you. "Okay." Clare resigned.

After a couple minutes they reached the door to Miss Dawes class. Adam and Eli were leaning on the wall clearly waiting for Clare. They saw her walking up with Owen and Drew and went over. Eli put out his hand and Clare took it and she went from being surrounded by Owen and Drew to being surrounded by Adam and Eli, in effect handing her off.

"We didn't like the way Reese was looking at her in the lunch room so we sat at the girls table and escorted her to class." Drew explained.

Eli said thanks and Owen and Drew nodded and went on their own way while the misfits entered class and took their seats.

"Dude's a menace." Eli snarled as he sat down.

"Déjà vu." Thought Clare. "Eli don't do anything rash, your better than that now. Anyway with you, Adam, Alli, Jenna and half the football team guarding me I'm sure he'll lose interest."

"He didn't lose interest after 2 years!" Eli snapped back turning in his chair to face her.

Clare took his hand in hers and looked into his jade green eyes with her lucent azure ones. "Please Eli, I don't want you to get hurt if I stay away from Reese you need to as well."

Eli's expression softened and he smiled at her. "Okay blue eyes. I'll keep my distance."

Clare smiled at him and turned to Adam. "Adam that goes for you too."

"I'm not looking for a confrontation, but if he talks to you like that again I can't say I won't punch him." Adam replied.

Clare smiled and shook her head and Miss Dawes started class.

After School~(Still CLARE)

Clare was in the school newspaper office, the sports writer was out with the stomach flu and she needed to finish his half written article about Friday's upcoming by 5. But Clare new nothing about sports and or football games and had terrible writers block.

"Maybe if I go watch the football team practice it'll help inspire me." Clare said quietly to herself. She unplugged the laptop and closed it, nestling it under her arm. It was 4pm and most of the students who weren't on the football team, on the newspaper or in the play had gone home, so Clare figured Reese had to.

She figured wrong….

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