Katekyo Hitman Reborn Fanfiction

Title: Lost twin

Summary: Abandoned at the age of three and sent to an orphanage Tsuna finds that her meaning in her life is to get revenge on her family for leaving her in an orphanage. At the age of 9 Tsuna goes to Italy to find her father.

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Chapter One

A new born baby girl with a brown tuff of hair on her head lay in the arms of a woman with short brown and hair and the same colored eyes. A new born baby boy with the same facial structure lay in the arms of a blonde man that was smiling at his new born kids and at his wife lying down."Nana have you come up with names for our kids?" the man asked with a gentle smile on his face.

"Yes I have, this girl will be Tsunahime and the boy's name will be Kazuki." the man's smile was now met by the woman's smile. "I'm sure both of them will turn out to be wonderful kids."

~~Woohoo Time Skip To Their Two Year Birthday~~

"Happy Birthday Tsu-chan, Kazuki-chan!" a woman with short brown hair and matching eyes said smiling widely at her two twins. The girl was in an orange dress with short brown hair in pigtails. Her eyes were the same colored as her mother's a light shade of brown that complimented her brown hair just right. The boy on the other hand had blonde hair and a lighter shade of brown for eyes.

"Tank Shou Mama! (Thank You Mama)" the two twins yelled in unison. The door opens and in walks the blonde hair man and an older man with gray hair and a beard. "Papa, Gwandpa!" the two yell again this time running towards the two men.

"Ahh Tsunahime-chan, Kazuki- kun it's good to see you again. You've gotten so big, happy Birthday!" When he says this he brings out from behind his back to boxes. They each take a box and open it. Tsunahime, the girl with the brown hair got a book that made her tilt her head and ask, "Gwandpa wats dis?" the little girl ask while her brother is jumping up and down with joy of getting a new toy truck. "Tsunahime that is a book explaining about where I live, Italy." the old man smiles and starts to teach Tsuna how to read.

After Tsuna got the basics of how to read she took the book and went into the next room. "Iemitsu, your daughter has more than just the sky flame. Also I can tell she has trouble with physical activity. Tsunahime is not cut out for doing this Mafia boss. But as I said before it must be the oldest child to be boss. Therefore I want you to abandon her at an orphanage before she turns three." the man now known as Iemitsu was now in shock. His one and only was his beloved daughter not able to become the boss of Vongola but he was going to have to abandon her in an orphanage. "I know that this will be hard but it is the only choice. I am only saying this because it is in Tsuahime's favor this way she will live longer."

Iemitsu now just stared down at the ground with his eyebrows furrowed. He opened his mouth and let out a sigh, "I know and that is why I will agree, a month before her birthday her third birthday I will put her in an orphanage." Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and talk to my wife about this.

"Iemitsu! What do you mean abandon Tsuna-chan I refuse!" Nana yelled at her husband. "Nana, I know that this is hard but I don't want her to be part of the Mafia and Timoteo- san said that this was the only way. So please Nana please listen and put Tsunahime in an orphanage I found in the next town when she turns three." Iemitsu sighs and turns to his wife with a serious face. "As for Kazuki, I don't know want him to know about us putting Tsuna-chan in an orphanage. Just let her be happy for the last year she has with us."

~Outside the Door~

'Why does Tsuna-chan have to leave?' a young boy with blonde hair was sitting outside the door listening to his parents conversation with silent tears streaming down his cheeks. 'Do I tell Tsuna?' the boy shook his head after the thought of seeing his younger sister crying. 'No I don't want to see Tsuna cry.' When all of this is over I'll go and get Tsunahime from that orphanage.' The young boy stood up and wiped his tears and ran to where Tsuna was and get her away from that book.

~I'm lazy and I don't want to write about what happened over the year~

Summary of what happened over the year: They traveled around the world and Tsuna spent quality time with her parents that seemed to be hiding behind forced smiles. Tsuna decided to ignore it and just continue to smile with her family.

"Nana, it's time, we have to go and put Tsuna in the orphanage. I found one where there isn't a lot of kids and the caretaker is kind. Come we must go and take Tsuna." The two left the house with a sleeping Tsuna in their arms while going to the orphanage.

~At the Orphanage~

"We're trusting you to take care of our daughter Miss Sachiko." Nana smiled gently at the woman with black hair in a pony tail before planting a gentle kiss on her daughter's forehead. "Please don't let her grow up to be a cruel woman." Iemitsu grins before rustling his daughter's hair and then both Nana and Iemitsu walked out the door saying their last goodbyes.

A little Tsuna opens her eyes just a little to see both her mom and dad leaving her there at the orphanage. She feel tears burning at her eyes but refusing to cry knowing something like this was going to happen because of the way they were acting around her. Yet they decide to just abandon her here by herself, she wants revenge but knows that she is still weak and too young for such a thing like that. "I will get stronger and I will get my revenge." A three year old girl declared this while she stood on her own two feet and decided that even if no one heard her besides Miss Sachiko. "I will get stronger no matter what. Until the day I can get my revenge, no matter what I'll stay alive and continue to get stronger."

Miss Sachiko stared down at the girl with brown hair that went down to her back and saw that her chocolate eyes were now a shade lighter and had a look of determination and sadness in them. She sighed a little and felt saddened that such a young girl had to feel abandoned by her own parents. "Come Tsunahime-chan I'll go and introduce you to everyone else.

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