Toadette's Burping Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I said I was going to write a lot today, so I'm keeping up with that promise. Plus, having five hundred fanfics is amazing in and of itself, even if most of them are crap or unfinished. But having five hundred and fifty five of them... that's something else, ladies and gentlemen. So yeah. Enjoy.

Toadette was having a great day, enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the Mushroom Gorge. As she was skipping along, Toadette was starting to feel hungry. She paused looking up at the clear blue sky, seeing the huge, white puffy clouds above her.

"Golly! I sure do love days like these!" Toadette admitted, her hands behind her back. "It makes me want to live forever just to appreciate this beauty!"

Toadette's stomach growled loudly, prompting Toadette to gasp as she held her hands up to her face, her mouth open as she slightly blushed from embarrassment. "Oh my! My tummy is making rumblies!" She giggled as she clapped her hands together. "I better go find something to eat!"

Much to Toadette's luck, there were edible mushrooms nearby, several of them being Jelly Shrooms. Toadette munched down on the Jelly Shrooms, giggling with delight as she let the sweet taste settle in. A few minutes later, Toadette's stomach was slightly pudgy, still rumbling, but with more satisfaction.

"Man, those jelly filled mushrooms were yummy!" Toadette admitted as she rubbed her filled up stomach. "I could go for some-"

Suddenly, Toadette burped loudly, causing the blue birds nearby to take to the skies. Toadette gasped as she stood up, about to comment when she burped loudly again, promtping her to cover her mouth with both of her hands as she blushed. Coincidentally, her stomach wasn't pudgy anymore.

"Oh my! Excuse me!" Toadette pardoned herself as she felt silly, folding her arms as she tilted her head to the right. "Apparently, those jelly shrooms were so good, they're making me a little bit gassy..." And with that, Toadette burped loudly again, causing her to wonder just what was going on with her.