Toadette, Birdo, Silver The Hedgehog, and Toad were in Toad's Factory, being on the conveyor belts near the river as they were hoping to get some new item boxes in an attempt at getting an antidote for Toadette's constant burping. As Toad ran towards the other side of the factory, he slipped on a yellow banana peel, landing on his butt as the blue conveyor belt moved him into the water, making him splash in the water. Toadette gasped as she, Birdo, and Silver ran over towards the edge on the left side, watching Toad moving about his arms as he called for help.

"Toad! Just stay -URP- there! We're coming to -BRAP- get you!" Toadette burped in between as she took in a few deep breaths, letting out a loud belch after her third breath as she ran into the water, diving and getting Toad, using her pink pigtails to fly out of the water.

Toad sighed of relief as he wiped his forehead with his right hand, glancing up at Toadette and smiling. "Oh, thanks Toadette! I thought I was a goner!"

Toadette was about to thank Toad as she burped loudly, causing her to drop Toad as she covered her mouth with both of her hands in embarrassment, causing Toad to fall into the water and splash out, calling for help again. Silver sighed as he used his green psychic power to pick Toad up, helping him out as Toadette tried flying towards the pier, only to belch so loud it propelled her towards the western direction. Birdo, Silver, and Toad called out to Toadette as Toadette kept burping herself away from the mainland, trying to stop but failing.