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P.O.V. jumps a bit but is mostly told from Aislinn's

The Off Camera Love Triangle

Ch:1 Wet Shirt & Hamburgers


I Parked my car outside Stephens house, I could tell by the amount of cars that I was last to arrive. I walked up the steps and went through the front door, dropping my bag and sparkly flip flops near the door. It was the unofficial season wrap pool party for the summer, technically we still had a couple days of shooting left and there would be an evening wrap party on the official last day of shooting. But this was an all day BBQ and pool party, Stephen had one every year. I could hear music and laughter and jovial sounds coming from the back yard. I figured I'd go out and say Hi before changing into my swimsuit. Having kicked off my shoes I was currently wearing a white peasant blouse with red floral decoration, and a flowy red knee length skirt. I opened the back door and stepped into the back yard. Before I could say anything I heard a voice beside me.

"Hey Aislinn."

"Hi A.J." I greeted.

"Your late you didn't jump in the pool with the rest of us you know what that means?" A.J. said.

"A.J. don't you dare, let me go change fir…" Before I could finish my sentence A.J. scooped me up and threw me in the pool. I let out a squeal and hit the water. I swam straight to the surface and pulled myself out. "A.J. You are so DEAD!" I yelled but I was laughing.

I turned around to face the house again and felt a towel being wrapped around my shoulders.

"God I can't believe he did that!" Mindy said next to me. "Boys are so immature, don't worry he won't get away with it."

Mindy pointed to the edge of the pool where Daniel and Ray were tossing A.J. into the water. I laughed. "Serves you right A.J." I yelled to him.

"Just put your clothes in the dryer Aislinn." Stephen called to me from the other side of the yard and I nodded.

I opened the screen door again and went into the house dripping wet. I grabbed my bag from the entry way and went down the hall to the first floor bathroom, I gently shoved the door with my foot so it would close.


I was sitting on one of the lounge chairs talking with Jahmil and Ray when we heard a high pitched squeal. I knew that squeal all too well, it was the same one she made when you tried to tickle her. We all looked over to see A.J. pick up a fully dressed Aislinn and toss her in the pool. She popped up laughing but told A.J. she would kill him. I was vaguely aware of Daniel and Ray going after A.J. in retribution. I would have too but I was too enthralled by the vision of Aislinn, her red skirt and white blouse were clinging to her wanton figure. Her light blue bra showing through the now see through fabric of her blouse. Her hair straightened from the water and clinging to her neck. I was captivated by her every movement. In a split second I was looking at her differently, not as a long time close friend, but as well…someone that wanted her.


A familiar loud squeal grabbed my attention and I turned to see Aislinn get tossed in the pool, clothes still on. She came out laughing, threatened A.J. but it wasn't necessary, Daniel and Ray did it for her. She looked amazing when she was wet. I quickly scolded myself for thinking of her like that. Mindy wrapped a towel around her and Aislinn went inside to change and put her clothes in the dryer. I decided to go make sure she really was ok. Aislinn was one of those people that never complained. I set down my food and went in the house. Figuring Aislinn would be in the downstairs bathroom I made my way there and was about to knock on the door when I saw that it was open just a crack, just enough for me to see a topless Aislinn applying sunscreen lotion to her perfect breasts. I felt my pulse quicken and breath stop as I watched. A loud noise from outside finally brought my attention away. Aislinn looked up too but didn't see the door open. I figured I better get out of there before she did. I quickly went back outside hoping that my cheeks weren't flushed.

All I could think about was Aislinn, her beautiful body, her witty mind, her amazing laugh, how kind she was, and how very much I wanted her to be mine.


I secured my bathing suit top, it was a two piece navy bikini with white trim, slightly reminiscent of one of those sailor girl outfits from the 1940's. I grabbed my wet clothes, bag and sunscreen. Dropping the bag back by the door I went out to the garage and put my wet clothes in the dryer. Then went back out to finally join the party. I found my way to Jordy who was sitting on one of the lounge chairs. She got up and hugged me.

"Ais! All dry I see. A.J. can be such a toddler." She said.

"They all can." I reminded her and she nodded.

I handed her the bottle of sunscreen and she instantly knew I needed her to rub it on my back. This is shy we were besties, we just clicked and got each other. She finished and put the bottle down and we stood there talking for a couple of minutes before I felt an arm come across my color bone and hug me to a chest. Instinctively I put my hands up and placed them on the arm. I didn't even turn to look at who it was. It happens all the time and I was with friends. Normally whoever it is holds me, or leans on me, or puts an arm around me for a minute or two wan then takes it way. But when several minutes passed and the arm didn't budge and I was still leaning on his chest, (not hard to tell it was a he), I finally turned a little to be met with Luke's bright eyes and big grin. He was eating a hamburger and he kept a hold of me till he was finished. Then he kissed my cheek and walked away.

While I was marveling at this behavior Jordy said. "Now I'm hungry. Wanna get some burgers and sit down?"

I nodded and we walked over to the food table, we picked up a couple of plates, put buns on them and various condiments and then went to the grill to get burgers. We each put a couple side dishes on our plates and then went to find a place to sit down. Jordy pointed to two lounge chairs that were about 2 feet from each other and I nodded. We both straddled the chairs near the end and put our plates on the chairs. I began eating and suddenly a pair of arms came around my waist I was up against another chest and there was a chin resting gently on my shoulder. I looked over ever so slightly to see a pair of piercing green eyes under ebony bangs. As soon as he saw me looking at him he opened his mouth indicating he wanted a bite of my burger. I giggled but obliged him and he smiled while chewing.

"This is why no one believes your 4 years older than me." I chided him and he smirked at me.

Normally this is when Munro would have released me and left Jordy and me to our girl talk, but he didn't. He sat there holding me the entire time I ate. When Jordy and I were both done I said we should throw our plates away before they blew away in the light breeze.

"I got them." Munro piped up. He kissed my temple, stood up, picked up both of our empty plates and walked them to the trash can.

"New perfume?" Jordy asked when Munro was out of earshot.

"Full moon?" I shrugged. "At least she thinks this is odd too." I thought to myself. "Let's get something to drink."

She nodded and we both got up and walked to the cooler stocked with water, soda, juice and beer for the grown ups. We each pulled out a drink, we walked down and were sitting at the edge of the pool talking. Suddenly Jordy got hit with a water balloon, it broke on her shoulder and the water splashed on my chest.

For a second Jordy sat there with an open mouth while Spencer and Jahmil laughed. "Scuse me I have to go kill them." She said to me, then she got up and ran to the other side of the pool where the water balloon fight was in full swing.

I stood up too but didn't follow. While I was watching Jordy grab some balloons and chase Spencer there was suddenly a towel being wiped across my chest to dry the water. I turned to look at who was holding the towel.

"I got it Ais." Luke said grinning and lifting his eyebrows.

"As different as they are he does sometimes resemble his character." I thought to myself. "Umm thanks Luke that's sweet of you." I said.

He kinda shrugged a little and smiled again, but kept patting at my chest. I went to take a step back and was immediately me with another body and pair of hands resting gently on my hips. I looked back just slightly to confirm, yep it was Munro. The boys seemed to stare at each other for just a moment.

"Excuse me I'm going to go help Jordy soak Jahmil and Spence." I said taking a step to the side and getting out of both their grasps. I ran to the portion of the yard where the water balloon fight was happening. But I wasn't looking for Jordy, I needed to find someone else, someone who hopefully knew what was going on. Or if he didn't could at least protect me.

I know what you're thinking; why in heavens name would I want to get out of the Luke and Munro sandwich!? Any fan girl would have given her left arm to be in such a position. Well I wasn't a fan girl and two of my best friends in the whole world were suddenly acting odd and I needed to know why. I looked around and spotted who I was looking for.

"Mind telling me what's going on?" I asked trying really hard not to sound annoyed.

If you watch the behind the scenes video for Nowhere to Run, on youtube Luke actually does hold Aislinn like that while eating a hamburger. Everyone say AWWWW!

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