Ch.6 Facing Them


I arrived at Epitome just after 6, super early but I couldn't sleep last night. After everything that happened the day before I had run out as soon as my scenes were done filming. I'd gotten a few texts that night from Jordy, Sam, Ray, Tom and of course Luke and Munro but I'd simply told them all that I had a headache and needed to rest. This was partly true, I mean the whole situation with Luke and Munro was giving me a headache.

I grabbed some coffee and went to my dressing room, I was mulling over in my mind what I was going to do about those two. After about twenty minutes I went to hair and make-up, when that was done I went to wardrobe to get my outfit for the day; white sweater, white dress with black polka dots, black leggings, black ballet flats and a black headband with a red flower. I went back to my dressing room to find Luke sprawled on the love seat.

"Morning Ais." He greets me standing up and coming close to me.

"Good Morning Luke, shouldn't you be in hair and make-up or getting your wardrobe?" I asked setting my own wardrobe down.

"In a minute." He says before I know it he's turned me to him and is leaning in for a kiss.

I leaned back and gently push him away. "I am not going through another kiss Aislinn day." I say. Luke knits his eyebrows together in confusion, just then I see Munro exiting his dressing room. "Wait here," I instruct him he sits back on the loveseat and I go out and catch Munro's arm.

He turns to me with a smile, "Morning Ais, what's up?" He asks.

"Come with me." I say pulling his arm, he complies and we enter my dressing room. Munro looks disappointed to see Luke sitting there. "Sit." I command and he sits next to Luke. "What is up with you two?"

"What do you mean?" They say in unison.

"I mean you two have been touching me a lot, much more than normal. Not to mention all the off camera kisses yesterday. I need you both to answer honestly to what I'm about to ask, and if you both give the same answer no fighting okay?"

They look at each other and then back to me and nod.

"Do you have feelings for me, I mean like you want to be more than friend's feelings?" I ask them.

For a minute they're both silent and looking at the floor. Munro looks up first, "Yes." Is all he says.

Luke looks at him and then too me, "So do I." Then they glare at each other.

"Oh Great!" I sigh internally. "Since when?" I ask incredulously.

"The pool party I guess" They say with perfect synchronicity.

If I wasn't so nervous about this I would have been laughing. "Ok, I don't know what to say. Your both my best friends and I don't want to lose either of you. I don't know how I feel."

Just then the dressing room door opened and Jordy came in. She looked at the three of us, "Good Morning am I interrupting?"

"No it's fine, we need to get ready to film anyway." I say then I turn to the boys, "We'll talk about this later okay?"

They both nod. "Guess we better head to hair and make-up." Luke says.

"See you girls on set." Munro says.

They kiss my cheek, glare at each other and go to leave when I catch their hands. "I don't want any of this to come between us as friends, if it's going to cause a rift I will end it right now. Clear?"

"Clear." They say in unison again and I hear Jordy laughing.

I close and lock the dressing room door so Jordy and I can get ready. "Sooooo what was all that about?" Jordy asks as she starts changing into Adam's suit for the dance.

"I asked them if they had feelings for me and they both said yes. Can't we just leave the drama for on camera?" I whine as I slip on my leggings.

"Life is drama my dear. So what'd you tell them?"

"I don't know what to tell them, I honestly don't know how I feel and I don't want to ruin my friendship with either of them." I said placing my headband in place.

Before Jordy can respond there's a knock on the door. "Aislinn your needed on the Edwards home set." Comes the P.A.'s voice.

"Coming." I call back.

Jordy gives me a sympathetic look and I exit the dressing room and make my to the set of Clare's house where Jessica and Mindy are waiting in costume. Munro is there too, lingering to the side. We film the scene in one take and they start setting up for the next shot. Jess, Mindy and I walk to the school set, and the director is giving the extra's instructions.

"Hey Ais can we talk to you a minute?" Munro's voice from behind me makes me jump.

"Sure." I follow Munro and Luke to an empty part of the set.

"So we were thinking we could all go to the wrap party on Friday together." Luke says.

When I give them a confused and doubtful look because inside I'm thinking they're crazy Munro adds, "as friends. It'll give you time to think about how you feel. And by we, we meant Sam too."

"Okay," I say slowly, "we can all go together, but Sam doesn't need to come. He just said I agreed to go with him yesterday to save me."

"Great!" They both say and their faces light up.

"Strictly as friends right? You two aren't going to try anything because I need time to think about this." I warn them.

"Strictly as friends." Luke assures me and Munro nods and then I hear us being called to set to start filming.


My phone was ringing, it was Ais. "Hey you need me to come to set and rescue you again?" I laugh.

"No. I just called to say that I'm going to the wrap party with Luke and Munro." She says.

I almost choke, "Together!"

"They promise it's strictly as friends but they both admitted to liking me. I don't know how I feel Sam. I gotta go they need me on set." She sounds kinda sad and my protective instincts kick in.

"You want me to come to set and hang out just in case?" I ask.

"Thanks Sam but no, I'll be okay, we only have a few more scenes to film today and Jordy's coming over tonight."

"Okay call me if you need me." I tell her.

"Thanks Sam I will." She says and hangs up.

I decide to call Tom and let him know what's going on as I doubt Munro has bothered to fill him in yet.


It was 11 at night at Jordy and I were in my room after a long day of filming. "I'm sorry I shouldn't be whining about this." I say sitting on my bed.

"Why not? It's a problem you have a right to complain." Jordy says sitting next to me.

"It's a stupid problem that most of the fan girls would die to have."

"Maybe but you're not a random fan. Luke and Munro are both your friends, you work with both of them, not to mention that your all celebrities so you have to be careful about going public." She assures me.

"I know and that's part of the problem. I honestly don't know what to do Jordy. I love them both as friends, it would kill me to hurt either one of them or to lose either of them as a friend. And now that they've both admitted to having feelings for me, my feelings for both of them are all…confused." I sigh laying my head on her shoulder.

"Okay let's take them one at a time. Describe Munro, how you feel and all of your doubts about the possibility of being more than friends with him." Jordy says to me.

I take a deep breath and look up at her, "Okay well I've known him for a lot longer than Luke, and I'm closer to him because we've known each other for so long. He's sweet, kind, funny, witty and smart. And of course we have fantastic chemistry off the set as well as on. Doubts; he's four years older than me and it's technically illegal for us to date."

"Yeah cause it never happens amongst celebrity or non celebrity couples." Jordy laughs.

"None the less." I retort, "Not to mention that Munro and I have lots of scenes together, our characters are in a relationship and I know that on camera romances can make off camera romances complicated."

"Yes but you'd make every EClare fan in the world extremely happy." Jordy jokes.

I laugh and push her playfully, "But mostly I don't want to lose him as a friend if things go wrong."

"Okay now same thing with Luke," She prods me.

"I haven't known him for very long but we're all ready really good friends. He's very sweet, and funny and a geek like me. We joke a lot and we have more in common than Munro and I. Our characters barely interact at all so I wouldn't have to worry about our off camera romance conflicting with any on camera romance between Drew and Clare. He's only a year older than me so dating him wouldn't be totally scandalous. Doubts; I don't want to lose him as a friend or do anything to damage our friendship." I sigh.

"Feel any better?" Jordy asks.

"A little I guess but I'm still so confused."

"Okay distraction time, lets grab the ice cream and pop in a movie." She says grabbing my hand and pulling me downstairs.

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