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Ch. 9 A Date with Luke


"I should not be this nervous." I whined to Jordy as I looked over my third outfit choice in the mirror. "This is just a date with Luke, so why do I have so many damn butterflies in my stomach?"

"Maybe because you might actually like him. Afterall after last night you decided you like Munro." Jordy mused from my bed.

"That's the problem, what if tonight goes as well as last night and I find out I like them both." I complained walking back to my closet to change yet again, "It's not like I can have them both."

"If this were the show then maybe," Jordy teased and I gave her a scowl. "Ais relax, just have fun, and remember Luke is one of your best friends. And when you get home you can tell me all about it."

And then the doorbell rang.

"Jordy can you get it I have no top on."

Jordy didn't say anything just hopped up and ran downstairs. I finally opted for a sleeveless yellow dress, with a Japanese floral print and gold accents. I grabbed a white half sleeve sweater and black 3 inch strappy open toes. I went downstairs and could hear Jordy and Luke talking. Luke was wearing a white dress shirt and jeans. He smiled as soon as he saw me.

"You look beautiful Ais." Luke compliments me.

I smile and thank him and he offers me his arm as I reach the bottom of the stairs. I wave to Jordy as we open the front door.

"Have her home by curfew young man and you two behave yourselves." Jordy teases in a low voice, and we both stick our tongues out at her.

I grab my purse and we're out the door, Luke opens the car door for me and I get in while he runs around to the driver's side. He starts diving and we make small talk, he and I both skirting the topic of last night and my date with Munro. After several minutes of driving he pulls up to the valet at the Park Hyatt. We get out and Luke offers me his arm again, the doorman opens the door and we enter the opulent hotel. He escorts me to a side elevator and I see that it's an express elevator to the roof lounge. I smile at Luke holding his arm a little tighter. We reach the top and are greeted by a host.

"Reservation for Bilyk." Luke says.

"Of course Mr. Bilyk right this way." The host says after a moment. We are escorted to one of the corner tables, where there is more privacy, and a couch.

We sit on the couch and the host hands us our menu's and tells us our waiter will be right with us. After a minute of looking at the menu's a waiter comes to get our order and then leaves. I lean back into the couch, Luke puts an arm around me and I lean into him. He feels warm and comfortable and safe. I sigh quietly contented and smile at his touch.

"It's so beautiful up here, you can see so many of the stars." I muse.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you," Luke says kissing my cheek and my heart skips a beat.

We sit like that in silence until our food comes, no need for words just happy to be with each other. We make some small talk while eating, but the food is very good. As soon as I'm done eating I curl up into him again, he wraps his arms around me and I can feel him smile. After Luke finishes he pays the bill and pulls me up.

"Come on gorgeous this date is far from over." Luke says.

I smile and take his arm, anticipating what Luke has planned next. We get the car and Luke starts driving. After a few minutes of driving he pulls up to trinity bell woods park. He opens the door for me and we start walking arm in arm, our fingers intertwined.

"Are we taking a stroll through the park?" I ask.

"Something like that." He says wrapping an arm around me.

We come around a corner and I see lanterns and twinkly lights strung from two trees. Below the two trees was a picnic blanket with pillows and a low table with a candelabra in the middle, all lit up. I stop in my tracks and gasp.

"Luke this is amazing! I can't believe you did all this." I breathe.

"You're worth it." He says and kisses my cheek.

We sit down on the pillows and Luke produces a picnic basket, and pulls out two napkins, two forks and a container. He opens the container and I am greeted by the lovely smell of chocolate mousse. I smile at him, amazed that he's gone through all this trouble. Luke feeds me a bite of the mousse, it's silky and sweet and melts on my tongue. We finish the chocolate mousse and he puts the container back in the picnic basket.

"May I have this dance?" He asks me standing up and offering me his hand.

I take his hand and stand up. "But there's no music." I say, not really caring though since I'm enjoying the feel of being in his arms.

Luke pulls out his phone, fiddles with it for a few seconds and then music seems to come from the trees. I look around surprised and then smile at Luke. We walk a few steps from the blanket, I lay my head on his shoulder and we began dancing. I feel like I'm floating, the rest of the world has melted away. I feel so safe and comfortable in his arms, it feels so right to be here. We dance for four songs and then we stop, I look up into his blue eyes and he's gazing into mine, he leans in and our lips meet. I immediately melt into the kiss, parting my lips and his tongue greets mine. The kiss seems to last forever and yet is over to quickly at the same time.

We pull apart and look at each other he's grinning wildly and I can't help but smile. He puts an arm around me and we go back to the blanket. He lays down on the pillows and pulls me to him. I lay with my back on his chest and he wraps his arms around me. And we stay like that for over an hour star gazing and cuddling. Until I feel him sigh heavily against my back.

"If I don't get you home by curfew Jordy will kill me." He laughs.

I smile and turn to kiss him on the cheek before we walk back to his car. He drives me home and helps me out, and walks me to the door.

"Tonight was amazing Luke I had a fabulous time, Thank you for everything." I smile up at him, linking my arms around his neck. He uses the hand already at my back to bring me to him and we kiss goodnight.

We release from the kiss and I watch him go back to his car and wave as he drives off. I unlock my door and go in to be met by a very excited Jordy.

"Soooo….?" She muses, "How was the date?"

I grab her hand and we go up to my room, sitting on my bed. "The date was incredible; he put so much thought into it. I had the best time."

Jordy looks at me curiously. "So you have feelings for Luke too?"

I slump back into my bed, my head crashing on the pillow, "Jordy what am I going to do? I like them both. They're both amazing and they're both my good friends. This isn't fair! I know I can't have both of them, but I don't want to lose either of them as friends either. This would be so much easier if I didn't feel a spark with one of them. But I did, with both of them. GRRRRR!"

Jordy lays down next to me. "Give it a few days, mull it over in your head and follow your heart. They both agreed no matter the outcome it wouldn't affect your guys's friendship."

"They said that but what if it does?"

"Ais just forget about it for now. Let's get ready for bed and we can watch Percy Jackson before bed and you can drool over Logan Lerman so you'll stop stressing about this for one night."

I giggle, and smack her with a pillow, but silently thank my lucky stars that I have Jordy in my life.

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