"Class most of you did excellent on this paper, but a few of you need more work." Professor Cullen stood in front of the class the papers in his hand. Bella groaned of course she was sure she was one of the few whose paper needed more work. She dreaded seeing that paper and practically held her breath as he passed them around.

He slide the paper blank side up on her desk he didn't look at her this wasn't good she was screwed. She flipped the paper over biting her lip. A red C- looked up at her. She wanted to cry. A red note also looked up at her.

Bella please see me after class.

She wanted to crumble up the paper and toss it in the trash or at the very least to stuff it to the bottom of her bag. She'd never gotten worse than a B and she'd been running a temperature at the time. This wasn't good. What the heck was she suppose to say. "Oh I'm sorry Professor Cullen I almost failed my paper because I found out my slimy now ex boyfriend was fucking my ex friend behind my back. Sure that might work if it was just Edward. The guy she'd gotten to know outside the classroom but you couldn't say that to your professor and write now where this paper was concerned Edward was her professor.

She waited for the classroom to clear and then walked down the stairs and to the teachers platform. "Ok Miss. Swan what is up?"

"I have no excuses for this," She barley looked down at the paper.

Edward sighed, "Miss. Swan this paper was worth 30% of your grade now you can make it up I know you will be fine but please I beg of you next time you need help come to me. I'd hate to have to fail you. Alice may kill me?" Here he cracked a slight smile and Bella smiled back at him. The teacher role was turned off and now he was just Edward her Best friend/Bosses older brother. "Come on Bella lets go to my office you have Class again in two hours right?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Then I have work." She followed him up to his office and sat down on his couch while he sat at his desk going over papers for a different class.

She sat back and looked at Edward whose head was bent over the papers. She'd met him her first year in college after she'd gotten a job at Alice's store as a cashier. She'd became friends with Alice who was six years older than her and by association she had became friends with Alice's family. Her and Edward would always talk about Literature she was a lit major and Edward taught it, she'd just never had him for a professor yet until this year. They of course had similar interest but they'd never been close he was he was almost fifteen years older than her.

"So are you going to tell me why you really messed up the paper?" he looked over at her and she debated whether or not to tell him. Then she sighed and decided she might as well he would find out anyway.

"I found out Jacob has been having Sex with Leah."

"What," Edward felt his grip tighten around the pencil he was holding.

"Yeah I walked in on them in bed when I went home to visit last weekend, and my head has been spinning sense so that's why my paper sucked."

Do you want me to kick his ass?" Edward asked.

Bella chuckled bitterly. "Oh no I'm fine Leah can have him. I'm just glad she didn't come back to school this year and I got my own apartment next to Alice's I don't think I could handle having to live with her. Hell I can't even handle looking at her."

"I can't blame you, wasn't she you're oldest friend."

"Yeah, but Leah has always been the type of person when she wants something she doesn't care who she hurts. It just so happened I had something she wanted this time."

"I think you're better off without either of them."

"You're properly right but I've wasted three years of my life on Jacob and I feel like a fool."

Edward sighed. "Bella never feel foolish for loving someone even when it doesn't work out."

"Oh what sage words," she sneered and then felt bad about it. "I'm sorry I don't seem to have any filter."

Edward just nodded he looked into her eyes she looked like she was about to fall asleep where she sat. he looked at his desk clock she still had an hour and a half before her next class and it was right down stairs. "Why don't you take a nap I'll wake you up before you're next class. All she could do was nod and slide down on the couch. She felt all her energy drain from her body as she closed her eyes.

Edward tried to concentrate on his work and he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off the girl on his couch. He cursed the universe that she had been put in his class. He cursed it for causing her pain and he had to physically stop himself from getting up and going to find Jacob Black and rip him apart piece by piece. He shook his head trying to clear the thoughts. He knew he was to old for Bella way too old for her and he was her teacher but he couldn't help himself from falling in love with her, he'd loved her since the moment he'd laid eyes on her and no other woman had been able to compare. He grabbed the blanket off of the back of the couch and draped it over her giving her one last look before going back to his work trying to grade all the papers before his next class.

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