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It was something that Sakura was trying so hard to get at the moment, but couldn't. She flailed her arms blindly and moved around restlessly, wanting to grab and wrap herself around the person that was supposed to be lying down next to her, but she came up empty.

Where is Sasuke?

Sakura turned her head to the digital clock on the nightstand next to her. 12:00 AM. She yawned and raised a lazy hand to her mouth vaguely wondering where her lover could have gone off to. She left the warmth of her bed and wrapped her arms around herself, hissing quietly at the shiver the cold hardwood floor sent through her when she exited the bedroom.

She yawned again and walked silently through the house before the faint sound of a piano being played caught her attention. She peeked through the doorway and saw the back of the raven-haired man's head bent down while his fingers moved fluidly over the black and white keys. She smiled to herself and leaned against the doorframe. Closing her eyes, the played notes wafted to her waiting senses; her mind wandered to the time they had first met in the library… their initial conversation… his alluring eyes… his reserved attitude… their first kiss… the time when he opened up to her and told her the tragic story of his family… the closeness they had achieved after so long…

… Sakura opened her eyes when the song ended; her mind came rushing back to reality.

"That was beautiful," she whispered. She slid in next to him on the bench.

Sasuke tensed slightly before relaxing completely. He gave her a small smile and drew her close, kissing her sweetly for a good few seconds.

"I'm sorry for waking you."

"Don't be. I couldn't sleep anyway."

"Want to hear another?"

"Of course!" Sakura placed her clasped hands in her lap. Sasuke smiled his barely-there smile before he began playing a new set of mellifluous notes. Her body swayed slightly in time with the tune and tempo of the composition. It almost felt like she was naturally attuned to the notes, even though it was the first time she had heard it. A single tear escaped her eye at its simplistic beauty. She sniveled when his finger left the last key, and he turned to her, awaiting her reaction.

Sakura wiped the tear off her cheek, laughing slightly. "That was… I'm speechless…"

Sasuke gave her his trademark smirk and pulled her close. "I wrote that one for you."

If her jaw was capable of dropping to the floor, it would have at that moment. "Really?"

"Yes." He smoothed the hair off her face. She was the only person he had opened up to about the deepest, darkest anecdotes from his past. She gave him reason to live. He loved this woman with all his heart.

"Thank you," Sakura murmured, pressing her lips to his. She smiled at him affectionately. She loved it when he was in a lovey-dovey mood. "You play the piano so perfectly. I wish I could play like you." Her finger played a random note and lingered on the key longingly.

"Aa. I could teach you."

"Teach me?" She quirked an eyebrow at him, and before she knew it, she was lost in those alluring pair of onyx eyes that were staring back at her, smoldering… holding a mysterious and mischievous sparkle. Her heart flip-flopped.

"Like this." Wrapping his arms around her, Sasuke pulled her up and situated her comfortably on the bench with his legs on either side of her. Her back rested against his chest; his lips were at her ear. His hands ran down the length of her arms to her own, and he raised them along with his and placed them on the keys. "Here… and here," he said, directing the position of her fingers. "Ready?" His voice was low and husky, resounding in her and all around her... it was just like the way he spoke to her right before they made love for the first time...

... His body cocooned her as he began replaying the song he had just finished. His hands rested over hers, as he moved both their fingers along the keys at once. The song was played at a slower tempo because of the extra pair of hands he had to control, but Sakura found herself liking it even more… feeling closer to the man she desired so much.

"See, you're a natural," he complimented when the composition was over. One of his hands splayed across her stomach, pulling her more against him. He loved the feeling of her close, physical proximity.

Sakura laughed. "No, that was all you, Sasuke." She turned in his grasp and tapped his nose plafully with her finger.

His gaze darkened as she smiled at him. He interlocked their ankles, securing her position against him. His hand ran down the indent of her jaw bone and grasped the back of her head firmly before he claimed her mouth with his own. Their lips molded together instantly and a sweet, passionate heat ignited between the two of them. Sakura moaned into his mouth and his tongue slipped into her hot cavern skillfully, sweeping over her teeth before sliding against and wrapping around her own. She felt hot desire pool in her lower belly. The things this man could do to her...

When the need for breath arose, Sakura broke the kiss and leaned back into him, trying to catch her breath. She arched her neck while his lips traveled down her jaw and to the expanse of it. His mouth left a hot trail of desire-filled kisses on her skin. Pushing the strap of her nightgown down, Sasuke continued his pleasurable assault to her shoulder before making his way back up again.

Sakura sat there imprisoned and almost embedded in his figure. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp when his lips found a particularly sensitive spot behind her ear. "Sa..suke..."

His fingers left a trail of growing desire in their wake as they trailed up her thighs, hitching up her nightgown in the process. They rested on the edge of her panties and teased the lacy material, their full intent hot and obvious.

"Want to know what else I can play?" His voice held a dark sensuality to it that made everything south of her waist clench deliciously.

"What?" she asked, breathless.

"You." That single word made her shiver. She whimpered when his teeth tugged on her earlobe.

She pressed herself further against him. A promising heat dug into her lower back, causing her breathing to hitch. She reached backward and grasped his neck, pulling him into another heated lip lock. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and he growled in response, gaining the upperhand and fully devouring her. His heavy, carnal longing for her was evident as he began slipping her nightgown off.

Sakura was about to suggest going some place a bit more comfortable, but she noticed that Sasuke wasn't making any attempt to move.

"I want you," he rasped. As if it wasn't obvious enough.

"Here?" she asked, surprised.

"Why not?" His lips moved down her chin and to her erratic pulse to suck sweetly.

"On the piano?" she squeaked.

"That's not a bad idea."

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