Wagon Train

The characters I borrowed, just for fun but the story is my own.

The Mary Spence Story

Chapter 1.

"MAJOR! MAJOR! Bill where's the Major?" Charlie yelled?

"I'm right here; what's all the gal-darn hollerin'? Major Adam's bellowed.

"Oh there you are Major. We're about to have a ruckus round here with all the pranks. Them Spence boys; always starting one thing or another. Last night they talked Billy Cooper into

pulling down all the clean laundry and dumping mud all over his little sister." said an exasperated Charlie. The trail cook took another breath and continued his rant. "I caught them in the sugar bin last night and Flint caught them untying the picket line this

morning. Yes sir; it's about time that someone do something" Charlie said shaking his head.

"You're right Charlie, I'll go and speak to Mrs. Spence."

When Major Adams walked up on the Spence wagon he found a general mess. There was no wood, no water, and the campsite was empty except for a very worn out Mary Spence in tears siting by a cold fire. .

Once Major Adams got her to calm down Mrs. Spence began to tell the story. "When Mr. Spence passed last month, just after the trip had started, I thought that at least having the boys was a real blessing; it kept me going, Mr. Adams. I thought the boys would be help in taking the family on to California. After all

Matthew was 14, Mark was 11, and Luke was 9. I made a promise to Dave that we would keep going, no matter what. Now I'm not so sure and I'm frightened. I have family in California, but now I'm not sure we'll make it. The boy's have gone wild. They will not do a thing to help or mind a word I say."

The Major listened, quietly then before leaving he assured her that she would arrive safely and

that for the rest of the trip she would have the help of himself, Hawks and McCullough with her boys and the drive. "Tonight, when we make camp, I'll be back to have a talk with your boys, and set a few things

straight with your permission of course," said Major Adams.

"Thank you, Mr. Adams" she said as she used her apron to wipe the tears.

"Don't give it another thought, and I'll send Hank on back to help you get ready to roll." He said as he walked back to his wagon.