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Prologue: The House

A young man in his 20's looked at his newly purchased home, it was old but cheap and it was to his liking. He smiled and went to look inside of the house again, he looked at room to room admiring the space and oldness of them. He thought that this is where he will be having his peace and quiet life because he was always swarmed with fans when he was in the interstate, you see he is a famous racer a rookie like some would call him because he joined in the racing business only 2 years ago and now he is a hotshot rookie as his fans would call him. But what he didn't know is his life in that house would be turned upside down the moment he settles in it.


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Chapter 1: Settling in

He was already unpacking the last of the boxes that was his stuff and is currently looking for a spare room to put the remaining things he has like an attic if you will but he hasn't really explored the whole house yet just the ground floor and the second floor. Then as he explored he found a windowless room and he thought that this room might have been used as an attic or stock room of some sort, he quickly gathered some of the remaining things down in the second floor and went up the 3rd floor to the stock room and he repeated this process until there were no more things to put there. As he had finished his tasks he took another tour of the house or manor because its huge but it was cheap when he bought it, as he was exploring the last floor which is the 4th floor he came upon a door that looked like it wasn't opened even when the house had previous owners. He being a curious fellow had grasped the knob to see it if was locked but it wasn't it was just rusty and hard to open, slowly turned the knob making rusted squeaks at he did so the door finally opened. But what he didn't know is that him opening the door would be the start of his adventure.

As the door creaked open he slowly stepped inside the room, his only source of light was the light coming from behind him. He felt for the light switch of the room and it took him a while to find it but when he did he flicked it up and the light from the chandelier up in the ceiling flooded the room, as he looked upon the room he noticed that the room was never really used at all even by the house's previous owners and he wondered why. The room looked spacious and grand, sure its a bit dusty and had many cobwebs hanging around the room and the furniture were all covered by white sheets, but with a little cleaning up this place would be beautiful and neat looking.

As he was looking he didn't know nor see that the room had some occupants and he unknowingly disturbed them by intruding in the room, the reason why he didn't see the occupants because they were spirits and they will only let themselves known if they wanted to be. The spirits' eyes widened as they saw him come into the room and look around it but the most shocked of them all were four specific spirits whose eyes were wide as plates as they stared.

"It-a can't-a be..." said the male spirit who has short black hair with a black beret on top and wore a yellow suit with a red bow tie.

"Is it really him...?" came a breathless question from a guy who looked like a hippie of some sort.

"No it can't be him Fillmore!" snapped an irritated army guy at the hippie who is called Fillmore.

"You can never know that man, he might be the one we are all waiting for." Fillmore said.

"Sarge, Fillmore will you both please shut up?! I heard his phone ring!" snapped an angry looking long-haired bluenette.

They all turned to see the human search his pockets for his phone and when he found it he pushed the answer button and placed it on his ear.

"Hello? Lightning McQueen here how may I help you?" the guy who is now known as Lightning greeted his caller.

The spirits gasped as they heard him say his name, it was Fillmore who spoke first.

"See? I told you so Sarge!" Fillmore said in a tone of triumph as well as he has a smug grin.

"Wait, the Lightning we all know is a racer. A hotshot rookie who only joined in the racing business 2 years before we met him. And this guy can't be the same Lightning, he just has that same name as him that's all." said a guy who had on a police uniform with a badge.

They all looked at Lightning again as he began speaking to the phone.

"Yeah I just got settled in my new house Harv." pause

"Yes the house is great and cheap too!" pause

"Of course not! It may be cheap but its not run down as you say it is Harv." pause

"What? Another sponsor?" pause

"Who?" pause

"DINOCO?! Are you kidding me Harv?!" pause wide eyed.

"I have to win the next piston cup race this season?" pause

"Then I get the sponsorship?" pause

"I"M IN!" closes the phone.

"Yes! I am finally getting the Dinoco sponsorship I have been dreaming of!" Lightning cheered as he jumped for joy.

As he was jumping around the room, the spirits were even more shocked as they were before. He even cheers like Lightning! They all thought.

"Well answers all of our questions whether he is Lightning or not, and by the looks of it he is definitely Lightning." Sarge says while scratching his the back of his head he also looked rather sheepish.

"Told ya so man..." was Fillmore's last word.

As days went by Lightning had finished cleaning and redecorating the entire house and he finally got to rest and relax, also the spirits were always watching his every move. They went everywhere Lightning goes... Well except in the bathroom or when he's changing. And little by little they began to see the Lightning they all knew and loved in the Lightning that was right in front of their very eyes, and sure enough they were convinced that he is the Lightning they were waiting for.

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