It'd probably be easier if he'd actually been evil when he was thirteen. Naruto thought as he once again pocketed his kunai before Obito could see it.

He hadn't meant to travel back in time, but when he'd found himself in the past, back more than a year before he was born, he'd decided to take the opportunity to fix things so they didn't play out the way they had when he was growing up. The easiest way to fix things would of course be to off Obito since just about everything including the deaths of his parents came back to him.

The problem was, well, there had been a reason that Kakashi had once called him Obito when he'd been blind stinking drunk back during those infamous days when he was sensei of Team 7 before Sasuke had defected.

It had taken the team less than two weeks to realize that, despite passing them, Kakashi hadn't wanted a team in the first place. By that point, they had pretty much been resigned to training themselves. There had been some hope that Kakashi had warmed up to them during that cock up in Wave, but by the time the Chunin Exams had rolled around, things had gone back to normal. He and Sasuke had been fighting all the time, and Kakashi had shown up to provide the minimum required amount of adult supervision. If he hadn't learned later that Kakashi had made some sort of arrangement with Jiraiya, he would have been a great deal more pissed at the man for going off and training Sasuke instead of him during that Chunin Exam debacle, as he had been until Ero-senin had informed him of the arrangements he and Kakashi-sensei had made.

Of course after he'd gotten Sasuke's interrogation transcripts and learned that Kakashi's idea of training had included dog treats and a rolled up newspaper, he'd been damn glad that it hadn't been him who'd been dragged away for a month of one-on-one training...

Finding Obito when he'd realized where and when he was had been surprisingly easy. All he'd had to do was follow the yells of "Not the face! Not the face!" to a tree where he'd been forced to rescue the boy from a cat.

Obito had been understandably grateful about being saved from being shredded by what had to be Tora's father by someone who didn't laugh at him or ridicule him or put him down for needing to be rescued, and if it were a decade and a half later, the Konohamaru Corps would have gained a new member then and there. As it was, Naruto found himself being dragged to Obito's house for dinner after a number of questions asked by the boy had revealed that he didn't have any money on him, nor did he have a place to stay.

He had pulled out a weapon on the way to Obito's place twice, only for the boy to say something that reminded him so much of himself that it hurt, and twice he had put the weapon back in his pocket unused. He knew that if it were anyone else in his place, they would have long since killed Obito for the good of all and dumped his body in an alley somewhere, but he just couldn't do it. Instead, he just trudged along behind Obito and put up with the suspicious stares that followed him, especially when they'd ended up in what appeared to be Uchiha Central.

After walking through the village for a good long while, Obito had led him to a nondescript house in the old Uchiha neighborhood. Once inside, Obito introduced him to his parents. For some strange reason, Obito's father seemed familiar to him, though he couldn't put his finger on why, especially since Obito bore a striking resemblance to his mother. Obito's parents, being shinobi, and this being a time of war, and him being a complete stranger, were naturally wary. Throughout the entire evening, they had not so subtly tried to interrogate him. If they'd tried to drug his dinner with a truth-serum or something, he hadn't noticed. Kurama always took care of crap like that.

It was after dinner that he was finally able to place where he knew Obito's father from.

"Hey!" he said in the middle of a nice calm after-dinner discussion about nothing in particular from which he would be unable to gain any useful intel were he an enemy ninja. "You're the guy who helped me glitter-bomb the police station!"

Obito's father was naturally taken aback by the sudden declaration.

"I...huh?" the man said intelligently.

"Nevermind. Forget I said anything." he said quickly. He'd avoided mentioning that he was from the future so far, and he had a feeling that he should continue doing so.

"What's this about my dad glitter-bombing the police station?" Obito asked, looking at him strangely.

"Nothing. It was a dream I had a week ago." he replied.

"So," Obito's father said. "Tell us about this dream."

Eh, what the hell. The conversation they'd been having was boring anyways.

"Well," he started. "I was seven, and it was the middle of winter or something, and I was wandering around the village because I didn't have anything else to do and the new apartment was really quiet, and it was getting to me, so I went out. After playing in the park for a few hours, I got cold, so I headed to where there were lights so I could get warm. I was sitting outside of a bar when the old guy who looked like you tripped over me. Instead of yelling at me like most people would, he apologized and helped me up. He walked me back to my apartment because he wanted words with my guardians for letting me stay out so late, and when we got back to my apartment, he learned that I lived alone."

"Then what happened?" Obito asked.

"The man told me to go to bed because a kid my age should be asleep at that hour. When I got into bed, he sat down on the end of the bed and turned on the t.v.. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me to shut-up and go to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, the old guy was making breakfast. After breakfast, we headed over to his place where his stuff had been thrown on the lawn and there was some lady screaming at him through the window about how if he wanted some place to stay, he could move in with his new girlfriend." he continued, noting the odd look on Obito's mother's face.

"The man picked up his stuff, said something about "of all days for this to happen" and then said something about me needing looking after before he led me back to my apartment and started putting his stuff away in my closet. It was when he started taking over my new training room that he found my plans for a prank on the police." he continued, noticing how Obito had snickered at the mention of pranking the police.

"So, why didn't he turn you over to them when he found the plans?" Obito's father asked.

"Dunno, he was weird. Said his kid would've loved me. I think that's why he bought me the goggles for his kid's birthday. When we were working on the plans for glitter-bombing the station, he said he was sad that he never got to do this kind of stuff with his kid, and then it was too late, and that if I ever had kids I should take time out of my day to be there for them because I'd just end up regretting it if I didn't." he said, remembering the man he'd all but forgotten in the years since the massacre because he'd pushed the memories of him in the "painful" file and refused to look at them again until he'd seen the man in the flesh once more.

Obito's father's eyes flashed with anger, and Obito's mother paled slightly when he said this.

"What happened next?" Obito asked, trying to break the mood.

"Well, the man helped me pay for the orange glitter, 'cause orange is awesome, and made a bunch of glue tags, and about a week after he moved in, we hit the station with them and got arrested. You should've seen that Fugaku Police Chief guy's face when they were arresting us, he looked like he was about to have a heart-attack or something-ttebayo." he said, happy to move on to a happier memory.

Obito blinked just like he did every time he said "Dattebayo".

"So, what happened after that?" Obito asked.

"Well, the Fugaku Police Chief guy screamed at the old guy for like three hours straight before the Old Man came to bail me out. Old Man Hokage asked me a bunch of weird questions, and had a doctor look at me, which got the Fugaku guy even angrier for some strange reason. Then one of the ANBU guys brought the old guy's stuff over, and Old Man Hokage said that the old guy wasn't allowed to visit anymore, and that anything he might've told me about my parents wasn't true, which was funny because the old guy never said anything about my parents." he said, finishing the story.

He'd never seen the man again after that, and then several months later, that whole massacre thing happened. Now that he was seeing a past version of the man, a better kept past version of the man, it was bringing back memories that were fun, painful, and confusing as well.

"Well, that interesting dream." Obito's mother finally said.

"I do believe that it is Obito's bedtime." Obito's mother said, as she looked up at the clock on the wall.

"Can Naruto come with me?" Obito begged.

Obito's father made a face at this, and he could guess why. He was about five years older than Obito was now, and the man didn't know who the hell he was. He knew that perverts came in all stripes, and that parents had to be on the look out for all sorts for the safety of their children, and often saw them when they weren't there, but...

"I'll leave the door open." he said.

"Fine." Obito's father said, giving him a dark look.