AN: Hey guys, this is my first ever fanfiction, and I know its super short :P, but hey, I'll make the other chapters longer if you guys like this one enough :3... so anyways, onto chapter One: "Good Time."

The music was pounding, but he still couldn't get her out of his head. Dean took another shot as he tried to erase the thought of Danielle out of his mind. She had just ended their 3 year relationship, and Dean went to the only place he could feel anonymous; a club about 30 miles away from his University.
He ordered another round as he scoped out the swarm of bodies, looking for his game of the night. He took two more shots and rose from his stool, not realizing how intoxicated he actually was until he almost fell over upon standing. He stumbled over to to mesh of sweating bodies rubbing and grinding against each other. He made his way over to the center of the group and spotted a nice redhead dancing to the beat of the song.
He shoved his way through the rest of the crowd and stood behind her, placing his hands on her hips, rocking to the beat. She met him halfway and slid back into his grasp, closing the gap between their bodies.
Dean lowered his head, nipping at the side of her neck. She smelled like lavender. Like Danielle.
He couldn't take it. He shoved his way back out of the crowd, and back towards the bar. He'd need to drink a lot more if he'd want to make it through the night.
"Three more." Dean choked to the bartender.
"Rough night, huh?" A rough voice chuckled back, "Trust me, I've been there."
Dean looked up to see the tall man smiling back at him. "Tsk- you've got no idea." He scoffed back.
"Let me guess, you got dumped, the only person you feel like you can talk to is a thousand miles away in some other state, and you thought it was a good idea to come down here to get your mind off things. That about cover it?" The bartender laughed again. It was a strange, comforting laugh.
Dean let out another chuckle, staring up at this oddly familiar face. "Have I seen you before? You seem very familiar."
"Maybe, I go to KU," the man beamed down at him.
"Oh, I must have seen you a couple times then!" Dean recalled, "So what's your name anyways?"
"My names Castiel, but most of my friends call me Cas," Cas smiled back, "I actually sit behind you in Chem, with Professor Thurston."
Dean felt both upset and slightly amazed that he had never noticed him before. "That's probably where I've seen you before!" Dean laughed and gazed up at Cas, who was smiling back at him. "Hey, Cas, what time do you get off?" Dean asked, taking a sip of his drink.
"In about 5 minutes, why?" Castiel questioned innocently.
"I thought you might like to dance." Dean stated, a small smirk drawing across his lips.
"Oh- well," Cas stuttered, "I-"
"Oh okay," Dean sighed, the smile dropping from his face, "I guess I'll see you around Cas."
Dean got up to leave, when a hand shot out and grasped his wrist, yanking him back to the bar. "I'll see you in five." Castiel whispered in Dean's ear. A smile spread across his face as the next song blasted through the club...