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Lying to Yuu (Abandonment Chapter)

Yuu Kanda didn't care.

It wasn't anything to him when Lavi sidled into his room, pale blue towel wrapped around his neck.

His reaction was purely physical when those flushed pink lips found his own definitely not matching ones.

All he felt was a deep satisfaction when Lavi shuddered and shifted inside him. Pushing him to his limit then letting him fall back to the world.

So it only made sense that when the fiery haired fiend found him-

(Sorry, Yuu. This thing between us? No can do anymore.)

-the Japanese man felt only a shallow disappointment.

What didn't make sense, was how well the young samurai could lie, even to himself.

But never to Lavi.

So when the redhead bent to set a chaste kiss upon his unsuspecting lips, one hand mussing the obedient fringe and the other reaching around to slip something into the soft material of his training pants, Kanda's heart fled the scene, like sand through a sieve.

Moving his lips from the Exorcist's, Kanda set his head upon Lavi's shoulder in a rare show of affection.

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