~ Epilogue ~

Severus and Dog spent the rest of the year scheming together. With Dog's help, he created even better magical potions to bring to Lily. The flower potion never again bloomed with daisies .. but now Severus had an near unlimited supply of lily's. Severus and Lily went to Hogwarts together, but that is a story you already know. Severus told the Headmaster everything about Dog, and the creature was given special privileges about the castle as it was not truly an animal.

After his schooling, Severus became a part of the staff at Hogwarts. Dog remained unknown to most of his acquaintances as questions would arise if it was known how old he was. A fake death was held two years after Severus' teaching career started and Dog was declared to have died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 17. The Forbidden Forest hides so many things unknown to the rest of the world... and for many years was the sanctuary of Dog.

The magical mirror was buried in a chest for several decades, until the fateful day Severus was bitten by that dreadful snake. Technically he died that day, passing the power of the wand to the Dark Lord... but unknown to the rest of the world, a haggard old canine found him before it was too late. The old dog poured a curatio healing potion into his slightly parted lips, and lay by him until he stirred. When his breath returned the ancient animal drug him back through the dungeon side entrance that had been created specifically for the animal decades earlier.

Severus asked Dog to fetch the emergency unglamor potion he had hidden if he ever needed to vanish, and he was found later by a castle staff member. He was released from medical custody after feigning amnesia and was given a temporary stay at the castle. Severus used the magic mirror to explain all that had happened to Mcgonagall, who listened in shock. She had a new ID made for him at once, and she remained the only person aside from he and Dog who knew his true identity. Severus went on to explore the world, and eventually he even fell in love. Death changes ones heart vastly.

Dog chose to stay in the castle, as he had become to old to follow his adopted son on many of his travels. He was given refuge in Mcgonagall's office, and was treated with the greatest of respect. On occasion, Dog was requested by Mcgonagall to fetch necessary potions from Severus, as he was the only being who was kept informed of his whereabouts. Dog lived happily as a well known garbage disposal in the House Elf's kitchen.

A couple of times Dog stowed away on Severus'earlier expeditions, traveling the sights of the world. Until his age caught up to him. If you had asked him... He would have told you life was easier as a dog, and that he would have opted for the same life over again given the chance. He eventually passed on at the true age of 84, in the arms of his adopted son Severus in the office of his dear friend Mcgonagall. R.I.P. Dog.

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