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Mitchie POV

You wake up. It's raining and it's Monday.
Looks like one of those rough days. Time's up!
You're late again so get out the door (get out the door).

UGGGH! Stupid Stupid Alarm! Why do you feel the need to ruin my pefectly good dreams! I was about to kiss the one and only Shane Gray! A.K.A the hottest person according to every maginze on the face of the planet this year! But no! You had to rip apart my happyness because somebody in this country we live in decided to make it a law for us to go to school! Couldn't you have given me five more God Damn minutes!?
I unvolantiryly got up and out of bed, today I had to go practice dance with Caitlyn and Ella.

I'm Michaela or Mitchie Demetria Torres. I'm a 17 years old and go to Nottingham High School where I am a junior with my bestest friends in the whole-wide world Caitlyn and Ella. They are practically my sisters since we do everything, together! Since we were practically born we were raised together. But like myself they are very passionate about music, and dancing. We hope to one day make it big, and having it be our career. That is the goal we are trying to accomplish but being in High School, makes it kinda hard. We haven't exactly figured out what to do.

I quickly went to my closet and grabbed a pair of of dark washed jean torn short-shorts faded with a gold tone. As well as a gray camisole, a black leather jacket, and my gold and black studded belt. I curled my hair to but a little wave in it. Since my hair was pretty long, the style I was going for today mimicked Kim Kardashians signature style. I quickly did my make up with a light gold eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I looked at my clock it read 7:30. I grabbed my black stallettos and ran out my bedroom door.

Why may you ask am I dressing like this for school? Well I am the Queen Bee of the school. For a few reasons;
1) I had a bubbly personality that everybody loved:D
2) I dethroned the old queen Tess Tyler my freshamn year, by showing her up at the Talent Show and winning. As well as pushing her down a flight of stairs when I caught her making out with my boyfriend at the time, Chad Dylan Cooper. Lets just say I am way beyon confident for my own good.

Although I was the Queen Bee at my school I wasn't your average Queen. I wasn't a slutty cheerleader aho was with every single guy imaginable. In fact I was more a person who loved music, dance, cars, and a strong friendship. Did I forget to mention my best friends are royalty to.
I ran into the living room hearing the family talking to each other.

"Buenos Dias Chicas!" I happily greeted everyone.
"Morning Mitchie Mouse!" Ells, and Cat said
"Morning honey, sit down eat some breakfast." My mom said
"Mommy, I don't have time. I'll just get something from school. Common Cait, El, we have fresh meat to fry today." I said with a complete and total Mitchie smirk.
My mom went to say something when Caity jumped in "Mama were gonna make sure Mitchie acts like a proper lady! She will be on her bestest behavior!"
"Bye mama!"
"Bye mum!" and we all walked out the door to our cars. Putting on our sunglasses.

I walked out to the garage to my Black 2013 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Caity and Ella walked out to there's as well following me. Caity got into her Midnight Blue 2012 Saleen s7 Twin-Turbo, and Ella her Yellow 2012 Koenigsegg CCX.
"Ladies wanna race?" I said with a smirk on my face.
"You know it!"
With that we sped through the streets of New Jersey headed off to school.

Shanes POV

"There is no way in hell that I Shane Gray am going to some stupid school!" I screamed sitting in out Connect 3 limo with my brothers. We were going to this school called Nottingham High School.
"Same here!" Nate yelled.
"Same- Bird!" Jase yelled excitedly.
"You guys are going and that is final! The record label says you have been giving them way to bad of press. Your attitudes are out of this world. We have tryed everything physically possible and nothing. So until you get your act together you will be going to Nottingham High."
"You can't make us! We can ruin your life! You can be fired, and then you wont have anyone else on this entire freaking plannet to manage! We can ruin you!" I said with a smile on my face.
"Ha! Oh how you are so wrong! Yeah, your mothers gave me immunity from anything you threaten or plan on doing to me due to this little clause in out plan."
"You will not do this!" Nate yelled so loud it could have blew up the Hoover Dam.
"Oh yes I can, and there is nothing you can do about it!" I watched as Dave smiled. "And leave your Diva selves. Its not very attractive I have heard." With that he spead away, we dtood there with our mouth agape.
"I CANNOT BELIEV THIS!" I shouted. He could at least of let us driven our cars here! There was absolutely no need to abandon us here!
I felt an overwelming rage building inside of me, I wanted to blow like one of the stupid little tea kettles. I looked over at Nate who was standing there with the same expression I was. Then an idea struck me. Who am I? Shane Gray of course!
"Guys, guys. Lets make the better of this," I pointed over to a group of girls who looked to be like cheerleaders. "Maybe we'll find some hot fans." I smiled
"Shane, my bro you may be right!" They both smirked.

Before we could finish out converation we heard a loud noise. We watched as 3 of the most awesomest sports cars came speeding through the school gates.

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