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Chapter 1: Pokemon Are Real?

The sun beat down on the six students as they wandered around the desert mountain, the dry air sucking the sweat out of their bodies, and the dust stinging their eyes. They'd been wandering around the mountain for a good two hours. Sure they had water, but in 98 degree weather, how long would they last? It was supposed to be a normal field-trip. A "save the trees" type field-trip except since it was the desert it was more like "save the cacti." Yet, the six students were split into two groups and neither knew the other was on the other side of the mountain, looking for the same sound.

It started with a small wail, like a wounded creature, but only more sorrowful than fearful. The girls were the first to notice. The three thought it would be close and only planned to venture 10 minutes away from the school group, but somehow it turned into one hour and they were compelled to keep walking. The tallest in the group, Rhyme, stood 5'9" and had her head covered with a lovely purple sunhat and wore capris with a half-sleeve purple shirt and purple tennis shoes. The second girl, R.H. had short flaming red hair and wore a green cap on her head with jean shorts, a bright green shirt, and green converse. The last girl, Marquis wore a blue fedora, mid-thigh shorts with a blue vest shirt, and hiking boots.

"I don't think we're getting any closer to it," Rhyme looked in her backpack for her sunglasses, "And I don't want to put these on and risk getting a tan line on my face."

"You and your face," R.H. retorted, "It'll be fine, its getting louder so we must be getting closer to it."

"I think both of your faces are getting closer to it," Marquis lagged behind the group, "Its so hot, why do they insist we go out into the wilderness like this?"

"It's not that bad, its really nice out here." R.H. readjusted her cap and kept walking.

"Speak for yourself," Marquis muttered under her breath.

On the other side of the mountain three boys wandered looking for what they thought was a wounded animal. The first was Leo who wore a red shirt, glasses, and jeans; he also had a jacket his mom made him bring, but he wrapped it around his waist. The second boy, Legend wore a green T-shirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes. The last was D-Zero who was dragged into looking for the sound, he wore a black shirt with a lightning bolt on it, jeans, and black converse.

"You realize," D-Zero complained as he pushed his light brown hair out of his face, "That the further we walk away from the camp, the longer the walk back will be!"

"Oh hush you," Leo made a mark on a rock, "It might be a person who went hiking and got injured."

"Oh yeah?" D-Zero pushed the same strands of hair out of his eyes, "then why are we the only ones out here?"

"Maybe they don't have as good hearing as we do." Legend smiled as he patted D-Zero's back. Despite the immense heat, Legend looked fresh and cool. That annoyed the heck out of D-Zero who glared back at Legend.

"Hey, who's over there?" Leo squinted and covered his eyes with his hand.

"Maybe it's a mirage," interjected D-Zero, "That's it! We've gone far enough! We're now hallucinating!"

"That sounded like D-Zero," Marquis pulled out a set of binoculars from her back pack, "Yep, that's D-Zero."

The two groups walked closer to each other until they met in the middle.

"So what're you guys doing out here?" R.H. smiled

"We heard someone crying out," Leo looked out across the desert.

"But we haven't found anyone yet," Legend took a drink of water

"We figured it was an animal," Rhyme looked up towards the mountain.

"Either way we're way too far from camp," D-Zero clasped his hands behind his head and looked up at the sky.

"And its almost lunch time," Marquis's stomach growled and everyone looked at her as she patted her stomach.

That's when the cry became louder. The six looked and after a small debate decided that it was close and coming from the mountain. After some climbing they found skid marks, it looked like a plane crashed. The group sped up the mountain, afraid that maybe what they heard wasn't one animal, but multiple, or the sound of an engine.

"There's no debris," Marquis panted, "It can't be a plane."

"Well what else is big enough to crash like this?" Legend helped D-Zero up across a large walk.

Rhyme sped her pace a good 6 feet ahead of everyone, anxious to see if there indeed was a plane crash near the area.

"Um," Rhyme stopped mid climb, "what is that?"

"What's what?" R.H. caught up with Rhyme "Is that a bird?"

"Describe it!" Marquis panted, "I had a friend who took ornithology!"

"Okay," R.H. called out, "It's a large gray and blue bird. Its wings look more like jet wings and they're blue, its face is blue, it kind of looks like a blue mask. There's also a large gray teardrop in the middle of its head."

"That doesn't fit any descriptions that I know." Marquis caught up and the three girls stared at the bird as it wailed for help.

"It looks hurt." R.H. stepped forward and knelt beside the giant bird. It watched her as she gently placed her hand on its wing. Rhyme and Marquis knelt beside her and placed their hands on the soft wing. The giant bird let out a small wail and placed its head back onto the ground.

"Poor thing must be thirsty." Rhyme pulled out two water bottles and a container of granola. She carefully took out the granola out and poured the water into the plastic container. She walked slowly towards the bird and placed the container by its head. The bird lifted its head, sniffed the water and began lapping it gingerly.

Marquis inspected the wing and found a small cactus embedded on the underside of the wing. "I think this is what's hurting it. I can pull it out, but it'll thrash out so you guys need to hold it down."

"Holy-," gasped Leo.

"Crap," finished Legend.

"Latios?" D-Zero's mouth stood open.

The girls turned and looked at the boys. "You mean," R.H. stopped petting Latios, "You know what this is?"

"I swear Leo, you slipped LSD in my latte this morning," D-Zero pointed at Latios, "because that is a Pokémon."

"Wait a minute," Marquis looked up at the boys, "Pokémon is a game."

"The boy is right."

"What the-," Rhyme stepped away from the bird.

"I apologize, I didn't mean to startle you."

"Was that the Pokémon?" R.H. looked up at the boys.

"Yes, I can understand your speech and speak to all of you through your minds."

"Telepathy," R.H. gasped wide eyed.

"This is not possible!" D-Zero tugged at his hair. "I mean it's a Pokémon! A real life Pokémon!"

"I realize you don't have Pokémon here," Latios shifted his weight, "Yet, somehow you know of us. Perhaps that is why we were sent to bring back humans once more, but I was separated from Latias and I cannot fly with this in my wing."

Marquis walked towards the front of Latios as he stared at her, "I can take that cactus out of your wing, it'll hurt, but you'll be able to fly again. Does this mean I have your permission?"

Latiosnodded, "Yes, I'll try not to struggle so much."

"She's crazy!" D-Zero turned and shouted, "I'm crazy! We're all nuts! That's a real Pokémon!"

"Shh!" Leo hushed D-Zero, "Just calm down, we'll figure it out later, just help us hold him down."

The boys all held Latios down while Rhyme and R.H. held up the wing as best as they could. Marquis steadied herself and petted the underside of the wing. "It's got big spines, so I'll make it as quick and painless as possible. Ready?"


Marquis reached down and with one giant tug pulled the cactus out from the wing. Latios moved forward and gave out a cry of relief. The girls laughed as the boys fell on the floor and Latios flew up into the air. He gave out another cry of joy as a smaller red bird flew towards it. They circled each other in the air before finally landing beside the group.

"Thank you for helping him when I could not get to him in time. I am Latias." Latias nuzzled Latios.

"Awwwwww," the girls all cooed at the sight.

"Excuse me, but," D-Zero moved towards the birds, "Does anyone else think this is insane?!"

"Perhaps we should explain ourselves," Latios hovered towards D-Zero, "We were sent to bring humans from your world back to ours. Years ago we were sent to bring life to our world and your kind was one that we brought with us. We've been looking at how your world has grown without us and would like to bring you back to our world with us. How is it that you know about Pokémon?"

"It's a game series here," Legend pulled out a DS out of back pack, "You catch them in the game, but honestly we're really surprised that you exist."

"There's always more to the story than we can guess," Latias looked over the group, "We would like to bring you with us and show you our world and perhaps find answers to our questions."

"We can't just leave," Legend reasoned, "I mean we're technically at school, and our parents would miss us."

"You needn't worry about that," Latios looked at Latias, "We can make it so time here pauses while you're gone. Won't you please come with us?"

The six looked at each other and thought for a moment. A chance to explore a world that only existed in games? A world far beyond their own across space and time? Who could say no?

"No!" D-Zero started making his way down the mountain, "Absolutely not! We don't know that this is real! I mean a Latios! That's not even a regular Pokémon, that's a legendary Pokémon! We don't even know what they're planning!"

"Stop being such a baby and take a chance for once will you?" Rhyme crossed her arms over her chest.

"Baby?" D-Zero stopped and faced Rhyme, "Baby? I don't believe this. I'll go just to prove to you who's the baby."

"Fine," Rhyme looked at Latios, "I'm going if the baby is going."

"I am not a baby!" D-Zero climbed back up, "I'm definitely going if she's going."

"Will you two cool it?" R.H. pulled Rhyme back, "I mean this is a serious decision."

"We can't just do it out of spite." Legend pulled D-Zero back.

"Let's do it." Leo said, "I mean he said they could bring us back. Plus how many other people would give for the chance to become a Pokémon trainer?"

"Its got to be a time-space continuum type deal." Marquis thought out loud, "Think Narnia and Doctor Who. Heck maybe if we're lucky we'll get back just as this dumb field trip is done and we can go home and have dinner. I really haven't played Pokémon since Red, Blue, and Yellow so I'm a bit behind in this game, but it could be fun."

"But," Legend thought, "How do we know that we'll come back?"

"We don't," R.H. smiled and patted his shoulder, "But it'll be fun."

Legend nodded, "I guess it couldn't hurt."

"Its settled then." Latias flew up towards the sky.

"May we meet again." Latios flew up after her and the two danced in the air in a blur of blue and red. As the swirled a massive dust tornado encircled the six as they huddled away from the walls of the tornado. The birds cried out in joy as a blinding light appeared and covered the teenagers. Then everything went black.

"Marquis! wake up!" Rhyme shook Marquis awake while R.H. shakily stood up. Leo and Legend helped D-Zero up from the ground. The six teenagers surveyed their surroundings. They seemed to be in small town and the people stood all around them gasping and pointing.

"Stand aside, let me through!" An older gentleman in a lab coat pushed through the crowed to look upon the six teenagers. "My goodness! Where did you six come from?"

"The sky obviously." D-Zero retorted as he steadied himself.

The man laughed, "How clever! Obviousness is the key to understanding. Come with me to my lab, we'll get you six settled down and find out exactly what brought you here in this state."

"But," Rhyme dusted off her hat, "Who exactly are you?"

"Oh forgive me!" The man stuck his hand out, "My name is Professor Oak. You're in the Kanto region. Welcome to the world of Pokémon!"

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