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Chapter 2 – It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

"That's quite an interesting story." Professor Oak sat down opposite of the group. "It poses so many questions. How would you children know of Pokémon, why were Latios and Latias sent to pick you up, and where did all the cookies go?"

Marquis smiled as she patted her stomach, "Those were some good cookies. Thank you for your hospitality."

Professor Oak laughed and sat up, "You're quite welcome! It's an honor to meet such a fine group of young men and ladies."

"Excuse me Professor Oak," Legend placed his tea on the table, "I'm curious, how many Pokémon are in the Pokédex?"

"I suppose its no surprise that you know about that." Professor Oak stood and walked over to his desk and pulled out a small red box. "There are currently more than 600 entries in the Pokédex including legendary Pokémon. Trainers all over the world that are recruited by professors like myself are all tasked with gathering information about various Pokémon using this Pokédex."

Leo looked up from his tea bright eyed and eager, "That means you have information from the Unova region!

"Yes!" Professor Oak beamed, "its so fascinating to see you young mysterious children grow so excited about Pokémon even if you've never actually seen a Pokémon. Would you like to see one?"

"We just did." Zero crossed his arms.

"Don't be rude." Rhyme fixed her hat and stood up, "We'd be honored if you showed us a Pokémon Professor Oak."

"The honor would be mine young lady," Professor Oak smiled as he offered his arm to Rhyme to which she politely accepted.

The rest stood up and followed Professor Oak to another room where 15 pokéballs sat.

"Pokéballs!" Leo ran forward eager to see what was in them.

"I've never seen someone so excited to see balls before." Marquis giggled as Zero smacked her head. This was probably not the best time for dirty jokes.

"Yes," Professor Oak released Rhyme's arm, "These are the starter Pokémon that we professors give to our trainers. We usually only give them Pokémon from the area, but I just received these from the different regions. The most recent shipment is from the Unova region. I have a wonderful idea! I believe it would be a good idea for you children to become Pokémon trainers!"

"Yes! I accept the job!" Leo jumped up and hugged Legend, "I mean we're all accepting the job! Who wouldn't want to be a Pokémon trainer?!"

"You know for once I agree with you Leo," Zero looked inquisitively at the Pokéballs, "I assume you'll tell us which are which."

Professor Oak smiled, "Of course! You have to choose a Pokémon to travel through any region, it's dangerous to go alone so you must choose one of these. You'll see the Pokémon displayed on the monitor, although in the past I usually just let the trainer go with instincts."

"I know that feel." Marquis looked at the monitor that displayed the different Pokémon, "Gen 1 users had to guess and restart the game to get what they wanted."

"Oh that's right!" R.H. looked up at the monitors, "I still have no idea which one to pick."

"Oh that's quite all right we can explain it to you." Legend smiled at R.H.

After a small rant from the three boys and a few corrections from Professor Oak the six were finally ready to choose their Pokémon.

"Ladies first," Legend outstretched his arm towards the girls.

"That means Zero picks first right?" Rhyme teased and earned yet another glare from D-Zero.

"Be nice." R.H. lightly tapped Rhyme's head. "Why don't you boys pick first since you probably know what you want more than we do."

"Why don't you pick first Leo," Zero buffed his nails on his shirt, "Don't want you to have an accident there."

"Well all right I will," Leo looked over at Legend who nodded and then stood in front of the monitor and waited.

"Well pick one!" D-Zero tapped his foot.

"I can't decide." Leo hung his head.

"Maybe we should let the girls pick first." Legend patted Leo's shoulder, "Go ahead ladies, this may take longer than I thought."

"Um alright," R.H. stepped forward and moved through the balls until she stopped on Squirtle. "This one."

"Are you sure you want this Pokémon?" Professor Oak moved the ball forward from the case.

"Yes," R.H. smiled, "I like turtles."

"This is a male Squirtle from Kanto, a water type Pokémon," Professor Oak handed R.H. the ball.

"Thank you," R.H. held up the Pokéball, "How do I release him fro-," a light shot out of the ball and a turtle suddenly appeared on R.H.'s face.

"Squirtle!" the Squirtle cried out and held onto R.H.'s face as she ran around the room until Professor Oak pulled him off. "Squirtle squirt!"

"Phew!" R.H. thanked Professor Oak and held up the surprised Squirtle, "You're a bit too hasty. Sorry if I scared you!"

"Squirtle!" Squirtle smiled and put his hands up and hugged R.H.'s face.

"My turn," Rhyme stepped forward and scrolled through the Pokémon balls and stopped. "This one is cute. I would like this one."

Professor Oak nodded and pulled out the ball, "This is a Torchic from Honnen, a female fire Pokémon. Female starters are so hard to get a hold of so you're a very lucky young lady."

Rhyme took the ball and held it outwards and released the Pokémon. A small orange bird looked up at Rhyme. Rhyme knelt down and held out her arm. "Torch!" The small bird hopped onto her arm and beamed as Rhyme stood up. "She clashes with purple, but makes up for it with her jolly personality."

"Two down," Marquis scrolled through the Pokémon, "My turn. And I want this one!"

"A male Chikorita from Johto," Professor Oak chuckled, "This grass Pokémon is a bit naughty are you sure you want him?"

"Of course! Naughty minds think alike!" Marquis let her Chikorita out of its pokéball. "he's so cute!" Chikorita walked forward and looked up at Marquis as she held her hand out. Chikorita sniffed her hand and smiled, "Chiko!" Chikorita ran forward and nuzzled at Marquis' back pack and started munching at the cookies Marquis hid in one of the pockets. "Like I said naughty minds think alike!" Marquis pulled off her pack and opened the zipper to more cookies and held the Chikorita as she fed him cookies.

Professor Oak laughed, "I think you ladies choose the perfect counterparts for your journey. Have you boys decided?"

"I have!" Leo ran forward and scrolled through the Pokémon, "I want the Chimchar!"

"Well you certainly know what you want!" Professor Oak took the pokéball, "This is a naïve male from Sinnoh are you su-,"

"Yes he's a fire Pokémon!" Leo threw open the Pokémon ball, "I choose you Chimchar!" The orange flamed monkey fell out and tumbled out of his pokéball "Chaar!" It yelled as it bumped its head on the table legged. "Heh heh, probably a little too excited on my part." Leo helped the Chimchar up and petted his head.

"Okay, you can go D-zero," Legend smiled.

"No, I'm still deciding." D-zero squatted in contemplation, "You can go Legend."

"Okay then if you're sure." Legend moved up and scrolled and stopped at the Treecko, "Excuse me Professor Oak can you tell me about this Pokémon?"

"Of course!" Professor Oak pulled down a set of stats on the monitor, "It's good to see a trainer take the proper research before deciding to choose a Pokémon. This is a female Treecko from Sinnoh, a grass Pokémon. She has a relaxed nature."

"I choose her then," Legend accepted the pokéball from Professor Oak, "I'm sure of it." Legend opened the ball and the Treecko yawned, "Treeecko."

"Hello Treecko." Legend held out his hand and the Treecko nuzzled it and moved forward and lay her head on his foot and yawned as Legend scratched her head.

"Okay, I've finally decided," D-Zero moved through the remaining pokéballs, "I want the Oshawott. Samurai Otter. Possibly the best choice for a starter Pokémon."

"He has a sassy nature and may be difficult to train, are you sure you want him?" Professor Oak moved through the pokéballs, "The Piplup will probably be easier to train."

"I can handle training him. I'll have you know I'm very good at training them in this game."

"Well, if you're sure." Professor Oak handed D-Zero the pokéball.

"Besides if its anything like dog-training it should be easy." D-zero released the Oshawott from its pokéball. Oshawott stared at D-Zero. "Hello there, I'm D-Zero your new trainer," he said as he held out his hand. Oshawott stared at the hand put his own paw up and slapped the hand down, "Osha" it grumbled as it turned away from D-Zero. "Fine then, we'll work on it." D-Zero stood up.

"So what now Professor Oak?" R.H. stood up from the chair.

"I've alerted the other Professors from all the other regions and they're all excited to meet you. I've also received word to meet with the museum curators in Pewter city. They are really quite fascinated to learn about you all and your contact with the two legendary Pokémon!" Professor Oak lead the group to another part in his lab, "I'm going to give you all Xtransceivers so you can all communicate with each other. I'll also give you some pokéballs to start with; you may encounter Pokémon that you want to catch. And now you're ready to begin your journey!"

"Professor Oak!" A young lab aide burst in through the door, "Professeor OAK!"

"Yes, yes Henry what is it?" Professor Oak turned to face the frantic aide.

"That professor guy is out there! The one that Professor Juniper warned you about!"

"Henry I need you to call the gym leaders, see if any are around the area," Professor Oak ran towards the door, "I'm sorry children, but there is something I must take care of!"

As he ran out the door the girls looked at the boys and the boys looked at their Pokémon.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle ran forward charging for the door.

"Oh I'll lose weight with this one," R.H. ran after her Squirtle, "Squirtle wait! Come back here!"

As R.H. sprinted off after her Squirtle Chikorita squealed and ran after them thinking it was a game. Torchic ran after them thinking it was all good fun. Chimchar grabbed Oshawott's arm who begrudgingly ran along with him. Treecko jogged after the group, not really in any particular rush. The teenagers really didn't have much choice but to chase after their newly acquired Pokémon.

Yet, instead of a good game, the team came across Professor Oak opposite another man in a lab coat. Squirtle slowed to a stop and R.H. stood behind him. The group caught up and faced the unknown opponent.

"Friends of yours Oak?" The man smiled at the group. He looked to be almost 6 feet with a bald head, glasses, and a brown goatee. He wore an orange shirt with khaki pants and a crisp white lab coat.

"Leave them out of this," Professor Oak spread his arms across the group.

"Oh don't be rude Oak," the man outstretched his arm for a handshake, "I'm The Professor. It's a pleasure to meet you all. May I ask where you all are from? You don't look like you're from the Kanto region."

"I said leave them be you charlatan." Professor Oak looked back at the group, "Put away your Pokémon children. This is an evil man who can't be trusted."

"So they are different?" The Professor's grin grew, "I would love to study more about you children. Let us start with your Pokémon skills. Tell me which of you would you say is strongest?"

"Get out of here." Professor Oak looked back at the group, "Run before he has a chance to battle you. You're not prepared to fight an adversary such as this."

"Who are you anyways?" Leo stepped forward, "Why do you call yourself The Professor?"

"Ah!" The Professor laughed, "A contestant! How delightful. I suppose I should tell you that I am man of science! In truth I seek the meaning of life itself! Simply put, I study Pokémon."

"This man performs twisted and cruel experiments on Pokémon and sometimes even their trainers!" Professor Oak stepped forward. "He is no man of science."

The Professor laughed and pushed his glasses up. Several shadows came out from seemingly nowhere and surrounded the group. "Now then little boy, shall we have our battle?"

Leo was pushed forward and followed by his Chimchar who growled at the shadows. "I don't want to fight you!"

The Professor laughed and nodded to one of the shadows who pulled R.H. out of the group.

"Hey quit that!" R.H. shoved and kicked, but the shadow just pulled her harder. Squirtle yelled as another shadow appeared and held the struggling Pokémon in its arms.

"Leave her alone!" Marquis struggled to get out of the shadow's grasp and Chikorita tackled the shadow only to be knocked back. "Chikorita!" Another shadow appeared and picked the feisty Chikorita up by the leg. "Stop it!" Marquis kicked out of the shadow's hold and ran to rescue her Chikorita only to be grabbed by the legs by another shadow.

The others struggled against their shadows, their Pokémon fighting to free themselves and their trainers away from the shadows. But it proved to be too much and soon the Pokémon were held in shadow-like balls and their trainers locked by more shadows.

"As you can see, you don't have a choice little boy." The Professor took a pokéball from his lab coat.

Leo clenched his fists and Chimchar growled with anticipation. "My name is Leo," he said as he tightened the jacket around his waist, "and you're gonna regret this."

To be continued…

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