Hey guys I'm so excited to be writing this story, I usually write for young justice but I had a fantastical idea so here I am writing a story for this wonderful fandom. Also for those of you that have seen my other stories don't worry I will update them too this is just a little side project I'm working on. Also is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the incredibles take place in the 70's (because there is no way it is in the present) I noticed the other day when I was watching the movie again for like the millionth time. I could ramble on and on about that but I bet you want to read my story now. Updates will be sporadic and random but I ALWAYS finish my stories so don't worry.

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It had been a year since supers came out of hiding before they started disappearing again. There were no laws against them, there was no opposition, they just started vanishing. As did the secret government agency known as the NSA.

Mr. and Mrs. Incredible died in what seemed to be a nasty car accident; Dash and Violet were put in temporary foster care. Jack Jack was said to be in the car at the time but his charred remains weren't among his parents' burnt corpses. Violet and Dash were put into separate foster homes; both were devastated by the fact. But life went on.

Around a month later Dash ran away from his foster home. Violet didn't blame him; she knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. The blonde speedster was never seen or heard from again.

Tony Rydinger vaguely remembers the day the remaining Parr vanished. Violet was always a puzzle to him. She was different. Unique. A mystery. He had spent a little time with her, both of them went to the movies together once and they sometimes ate lunch with each other. They were friends; they weren't that close but they were friends all the same. Her plum colored eyes mesmerized him, but he tried not to stare. Her ebony hair framed her pale face, the same face that Tony found intriguing.

He remembers the day her family died. Violet in time returned to school, but she wasn't the same after that. Her dim mauve eyes portrayed her shattered spirit and broken soul. She was the empty shell of her former self, resigning herself only becoming a shadow of a wallflower. Eventually she vanished too. Of course there was a search attempt, but the police put no effort into pursuing the missing girl. She was gone and they all knew it. Ultimately she was only a wandering memory, forgotten by many.

Tony still remembers the girl with raven hair and purple eyes. He regrets that he never had the courage to turn their friendship into something more. He regrets that he really didn't get to truly know the girl that always caught his eye. He liked her, he liked her a lot, but she would never know that. From time to time he would think of her; the girl that got away.

It seemed that this was the tragic ending for the story of Violet Parr. That she had vanished off the face of the earth, never to be seen again. A harrowing fate for the young teen, faded out of existence. But this was not the end. It was only the beginning…

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