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Tony had spent the first day of his new job setting up his office and staring at that odd photo. For some reason it baffled him. He felt as if he was drawn to it, the streaked colors held some familiarity but he still couldn't understand why.

He was heading over to the archive room to do some more research before he got out into the field. A copy of the photo was in his hands as he walked down the halls not paying attention to anything and before he knew it he had collided with something or rather someone. Papers flew everywhere as the two dazed individuals landed on the ground.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there Miss…" Tony apologized and got the first look at the strawberry blonde woman in front of him while he picked up all the papers.

"McKeen." She blushed slightly, "But you can call me Kari."

Tony's eyes widened, the name rang a bell. He took another glance at the woman; she looked so familiar to him.

"Wait a second, you're Kari as in Kari McKeen from West view High in Metroville?" It was all coming back to him.

"Yes, how'd you know? Wait a second, Tony?" she said in slight surprise as she recognized the young man.

"That's me." He said giving her a 1000-watt smile. He remembered the few times that Kari ate lunch with him and Violet. She was friends with the ebony haired girl. He didn't really talk to her much at the time and they didn't even see each other on a regular basis after Vi vanished. He felt a weight of sadness as the memory of the lost girl resurfaced.

"What are you doing here?" She asked trying not to make the situation anymore awkward than it was.

"I was wondering the same." Tony replied.

"I'm working in intelligence as a researcher and computer analyst."

"I'm a field agent." Tony replied gathering the rest of his papers.

Kari grinned, "So you're the new guy. Need help with anything?"

Tony actually blushed faintly, "Actually yes, could you maybe help me find the archive room and find some data on my target?"

"Sure thing Tony. Right this way." She said and led him down the hall.

"Hey do you want to maybe go get coffee or dinner after work gets out?" Tony asked wanting to get reacquainted with the strawberry blonde.

"That would be nice." Kari replied fighting the blush creeping on her face.

"Great! I know this nice little restraunt that serves the best sushi this side of DC." He said excitedly.

"So who's your target?" Kari asked almost tentatively.

"Invisigirl." He stated plainly taking another glance at the photo.

Kari's eye's widened and she let out a strangled gasping noise, but she quickly recovered and tried to act as nothing happened.

"Are you ok?" Tony asked, concerned.

"I'm fine." She said almost too quickly. A sinking feeling filled her stomach and her heart was racing. She was definitely not ok. But she couldn't let Tony know that.

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