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Chapter 1

He had always known that the little omnivore had a thing for him. No, it wasn't just a thing for him. It was actually that kind of thing. And it irked him to no end. Wasn't it enough that the omnivore almost always caused trouble in Namimori and even had to drag him to many of their annoying brawls? Did he really have to annoy him, Kyoya HIbari a.k.a. Hibari, also known as the President of the Disciplinary Committee, with those annoying lovestruck eyes every time their gaze met?

"Tch." He still carried his annoyance up until now. He was already inside his office in the Reception Room and was looking at some of Kusakabe's reports. From an outsider's point of view, it would look like Kyoya was seriously looking at the reports that his subordinate brought him, but on the inside, he had not even read a single line from the reports. His mind was still reeling, still playing the scene that had occurred just a few while ago.


It was past lunch when he went back to the Reception Room. He wanted to take a nap, but then he saw a note on his table.

'Please meet me at the rooftop after lunch. I'll be waiting.' It was only labeled T.S. but he already knew who it was even before his eyebrow twitched in annoyance at the omnivore's nerve to write him a letter. He now wondered if the young mafia decimo, whom he never ever considered as his boss, wanted to fight. What audacity.

Tsunayoshi Sawada. The teen had started as an herbivore. And Kyoya considered him as one. He had not even thought that he would bear witness to an herbivore turning into an omnivore in just a few months. It was during their middle school years that Kyoya became one of that herbivore's guardians, and he saw how Tsunayoshi Sawada turned from a mere coward and Dame-Tsuna, as everyone nicknamed him, to a calm and cool mafia boss. The clumsiness and weak attitude would immediately disappear in the midst of battle and it was like watching a totally different person. That's what Kyoya respected about the omnivore. That's also the reason why he didn't see Tsuna as an herbivore anymore, unlike the other guardians who were still too much of an annoyance.

Months turned to years and they were now in the Namimori University. Tsunayoshi Sawada, apparently, developed a not so subtle crush on him. It started during their last years in high school. Kyoya was not as oblivious about romance as other people would think he was. And he immediately noticed the way Tsuna's gaze would linger on him, or the longing look he would throw in Kyoya's direction. It was very distracting, not to mention totally annoying.

And thus, the note.

He went to the rooftop and saw Tsuna waiting for him there. Tsuna had beaten him in a fight once, a total defeat at that, and since then, his respect for Tsuna had gotten higher. He didn't want to admit it, but maybe, just maybe, he already considered the male his boss due to that. But begrudgingly still. He was now even considering the male as someone who was slowly turning into a carnivore, albeit a young one.

Tsuna smiled in that annoying way again. It was making Kyoya feel restless for some unknown reason so he never liked it. "You came." The brunette uttered. Of course, his *tch* boss *tch* called him, there was no way he would refuse, right?

"And? What is it that you want?" Kyoya crossed his arms as he voiced the questions coldly. Tsuna was gazing at him nervously and also lovingly again, the only reason why the raven-haired male refused to ever consider the brunette a true carnivore. A true carnivore was never nervous and weak-looking.

Tsuna looked down and sighed before he looked up again, his chocolate eyes warming up ten fold as they settled on Kyoya's form. They lost their young hugeness and innocence now, replaced with a sharper demeanor now that he was older and had already been formally declared as the Decimo, the current Leader of the Vongola Famiglia. "I know you probably already know this, but… I'm in love with you, Kyoya."

Kyoya knew that the other teen felt that way. But it was still shocking to be told to his face. He was surprised on the inside, but he appeared calm and indifferent on the outside, thanks to years and years of having his emotions controlled or suppressed, or rather, lack of that kind of herbivorous feature.

He could see that Tsuna was awaiting his reply, probably waiting for the rejection. His eyes became colder. "And? Don't tell me you want to forge a relationship with me, Tsunayoshi Sawada?"

Tsuna's eyes widened a little before he shook his head. "No, I just want to tell you, Kyoya." Kyoya's eyebrow twitched again. He was still not used to anyone calling him by name. Tsuna had switched from calling everyone by their surname to just calling them purely by name without any honorific. It was the result of the bonds of the Vongola Sky and his guardians, but Kyoya believed that he shouldn't be included in those bonds. It was annoying.

Kyoya was about to correct the other male about the way he was being addressed so casually, but then Tsuna continued. "I just want to tell you. All these years, I've started harboring these feelings." He chuckled weakly before he scratched the back of his head. It was a habit that Tsuna never got rid of. "Reborn actually literally kicked me in the ass for not doing anything about it. He was the one who told me to just let it out and confess."

Kyoya's eyebrow twitched again. So it was the former Arcobaleno that actually made Tsuna confess and not the teen himself? That was rather… irksome. It was even close to disappointing. He thought his boss had more audacity than that.

"Since you chose to be honest, I'll be honest with you too." Kyoya voiced, snapping Tsuna out of his dreamy state. "This feeling of yours that you harbor for me… is nothing but an annoyance. It's truly irksome every time you spend your free time stalking me. It's irritating when you do things that only annoy me instead of making me appreciate your efforts. You're very annoying, omnivore, even now."

He initially thought that Tsuna would chuckle again in that weak voice of his, but what he saw made him lose his cold composure and felt guilt wash over him. Tsuna was smiling. But it wasn't his usual smile. It was pained… His eyes looked like they were crying even though there were no tears coming out of them. And Kyoya knew better than to think that it wasn't his fault.

The raven couldn't take it. He diverted his gaze and they fell on the sky above them. It was starting to darken, like the aura of the man in front of him. It would be raining soon.

He turned around and was about to walk back inside the building when a voice stopped him on his tracks, though he never turned around to face Tsuna again. He knew he wouldn't be able to even if Tsuna forced him.

"I'm sorry if I make you feel like that." The other male voiced. Kyoya respected him even more when it came out quite steady, steadier than the anguished aura that was coming out of the male. Tsuna chuckled again, but Kyoya hated it. It wasn't like his usual chuckle. And that was his fault too. "I know you hate to be with us. I know that it irritates you so much to be dragged in the Vongola business. And then this feeling of mine annoys you too. Don't worry, Kyoya. I won't inconvenience you anymore."

Kyoya walked out of the rooftop without hearing the rest of the other's words. Something was starting to tighten inside him and he couldn't understand what it was nor did he like it. Listening to Tsuna's pained voice was making him feel restless and totally irritated for some reason he couldn't fathom.


And thus, it led to him thinking about it until now that the afternoon class had ended. It had been approximately 3 to 4 hours since Tsuna confessed to him, and yet his mind still refused to obey him and think of something else other than Tsuna's pained and sad smiling expression. The sky was still dark even though it had just rained earlier. He put the papers down and sighed as he closed his eyes. That confession earlier was making him out of focus and bothered in some way. It was annoying. He could feel his chest tighten every time he thought of the omnivore's anguished figure and yet his mind still continued to torture him by replaying the image inside his head over and over again.

He wished he could bite his mind to death just so it would stop annoying him. But he knew better than to hit his head with his tonfas.

He turned his swivel chair around and stared at the sky outside the window of the Reception Office. The sky was still dark.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He went to school early despite the bad weather. As usual, he rounded the entire school first and bite everyone who dared broke the rules to death. He was still a little sleepy too. Tsuna's image tortured him all night and he couldn't sleep much. If guilt was this persistent in making a person suffer, then no wonder there were many people who confessed for their crimes.

When he finished rounding the whole school, a group of noisy students reached his ears and he immediately knew who they were even before he stood in front of them and brought out his tonfas. "Make any more noise and I'll bite you to death."

"Tch." The loud herbivore who liked to call himself Tsunayoshi's right-hand man uttered.

"Gokudera." Yamamoto, another one of those herbivores, actually appeared serious for the first time. And Kyoya immediately knew something was up… again. Especially since the person that he wanted to bite to death the most for disturbing his sleep wasn't present. Even the loud-mouthed Gokudera looked far too grim for Kyoya's liking.

Yamamoto turned to him. "Hibari-san, did Tsuna talk to you yesterday?"

Kyoya's eyebrows furrowed. "Yes, why?"

"Well, did he tell you anything? About the other family?" It was Gokudera who answered this time. His voice sounded impatient and annoyed. The man looked really irked and restless for some reason. "Tch. This sucks. I'll skip class today." And without further ado, he immediately turned around and walked towards the school gate, scaring many other students in the process.

Yamamoto chuckled, though Kyoya could feel that it was strained. "Gokudera is just worried about Tsuna. He's been missing since last night. And even the baby doesn't say anything about his whereabouts. We only know that he pursued the enemy alone."

Kyoya was only listening half-hearted the entire time, but his attention returned fully when he heard the word 'enemy.' He wanted to ask about the enemy, but his pride refused to let him speak. "Hn. That is none of my concern."

Yamamoto scratched the back of his head as he chuckled. "Yeah, I know. Tsuna probably didn't tell you to not inconvenience you anymore." But then his expression turned serious, with hint of concern. "But he could've at least told Gokudera or me…" He sighed before he turned around. "Sorry, Hibari-san. I guess I'll skip school today too." He chuckled before he followed the direction where Gokudera disappeared from.

Kyoya was left feeling annoyed. He kept trying to believe that it was of no concern to him. And yet the fact that he knew nothing of this new enemy irked him the most. Wasn't he part of Vongola too, even if he was just an outsider in their group? Groups and crowd still disgust him. But if it concerned the safety of his beloved Namimori, then he wouldn't hesitate to hang around them to at least get some valuable information.

He walked briskly towards his office with a dark aura surrounding him and many students immediately got out of the way. He was totally left out on this one. And this mess was probably big enough for Tsuna to move alone and leave his guardians behind. The brunette had always been very soft on his guardians and easily got worried over their well-being. He always never considered his own safety first. Just as long as he could protect his guardians and all the members of his Vongola Famiglia, then the younger man didn't mind dying. And that attitude irked Kyoya as well.

If Tsuna was here, he would certainly get a beating from the raven. "I'll bite him to death when he comes back."

And yet, another day passed without any word from Tsuna, or any of the other guardians. And another… And another… Heck, they weren't even at school. It was starting to seriously piss off Kyoya fully. It had been three days and yet no one still tells him what's going on. Usually, they would at least inform him of the happenings even if they knew he would just brush it off. If not one of the guardians, either Tsuna or the former baby would tell him of the newest mess that the Vongola had gotten itself into. But it was the first time that no one came to him, not even Reborn.

He immediately called for Kusakabe. When the man came to his office, he was immediately greeted with dark and deadly aura.

"Kusakabe, I want you to investigate anything that is currently antagonizing the Vongola Family." He simply voiced, making Kusakabe's eyes widen.

"K-Kyou-san, by Vongola… do you mean… the world famous mafia in Italy..? That Vongola..?" Kusakabe didn't know what to think at all. "If I may ask… Uh… why?"

"Just do it, Kusakabe. And do it now." He almost spat out the words, his aura darkening even more.

"O-Of course, Kyou-san." Kusakabe bowed before he scrammed out of the office.

He waited for a whole day for any news about the Vongola and he was already so restless when Kusakabe came. The sun was already setting and the man looked really exhausted and panting.

"Did you find anything?" Kyoya asked as he sat in his chair with his fingers intertwined and his elbows resting on his table.

"N-No, Kyou-san." Kusakabe panted. But then he saw Kyoya's murderous gaze so he immediately added. "B-But I met someone who knew!"

"I didn't think you'll concern yourself about this, Kyoya." A guttural male voice said. The two males turned to the man who was walking towards them. He wore a black suit and a fedora on top of his spiky raven hair.

"Ah, Reborn-san." Kusakabe voiced, before he turned to Kyoya. "Uh, Kyou-san, this is the person I was talking about." Reborn hopped on the table and sat there, feet dangling and gazing directly at Kyoya who was giving him a murderous glare.

"What happened this time, akambo?" He immediately asked, not even trying to hide his impatience anymore. He knew that Reborn wasn't really a baby all this time. But the name just stuck and he refused to ever change it. Reborn didn't seem to mind anyway.

"Everything is mayhem in the main headquarters." Reborn said seriously as he gripped his fedora tightly. "The main Vongola hideout was attacked three days ago and even Varia went down. Even Cedef's Leader, Iemitsu Sawada, is heavily injured. The ninth was in another country at that time, attending some kind of seminar so he was unharmed. But since it's of no concern to Namimori, we figured you won't help us this time so we didn't tell you."

"Tell me everything, akambo." Kyoya's intertwined fingers tightened. His knuckles were starting to turn white from the force. "It concerns me. There are students in Namimori University who have not appeared here for three days now."

Reborn turned more serious. Kusakabe watched the exchange of information silently. He still couldn't see why his Leader was so concerned about the massacre in Italy. It was way too far.

"I'll tell you then." Reborn spoke after a while. "Tsuna went to Italy three days ago, after he confessed to you." Kusakabe's eyes widened at that. Kyoya remained impassive. "He was supposed to go to Italy that morning, but he told me that he needed to do something first, the confession. That idiot probably thinks that he might not be able to tell you anymore, so he chose that time to tell. And then he went to Italy. He's the boss after all. Everybody will be relying on him and his decisions heavily. And the attack on the Gesso Family was planned. I initially didn't tell anything to Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Sasagawa because I know those three are quite impulsive."

"Gesso?" His eyebrows furrowed. Didn't they already defeat the Gesso-Giglionero a.k.a. Millefiore Family in the future when they were mere middle school teens?

"Yes." Reborn nodded. "It seems that they planned revenge on behalf of their family name. And don't get me wrong. Byakuran is not their leader this time. The Gesso family had internal turmoil right now. One faction was lead by Bykuran and the other was lead by the rebels. Those rebels are the ones who attacked the Vongola headquarters after bidding their time all these years. They planned everything carefully, it seems, for them to be able to do that vast of a damage to us."

Kyoya was more restless now than earlier. "What happened next?"

"Of course, the other guardians flew over to Italy the afternoon next after Tsuna's departure using Gokudera's allowance." Reborn answered. "The Gesso Family was defeated when the plan was executed two days ago and their hideout was burned, but it seemed their leader and some of his guardians escaped. And… Gokudera called yesterday afternoon. It seems… Tsuna is officially declared Missing-In-Action. The whole Vongola Family is currently not letting any stones unturned in trying to find the idiot." Even Kyoya knew that Reborn was concerned, even if the former Arcobaleno didn't show it. "So, what will you do, Kyoya?"

"Like you said, it's of no concern of mine." Kyoya said. "It might have been my concern earlier. But since I already know that most of what happened, I'll be able to give the proper punishment when they come back. That's where my concern lies."

"Excuse me, can you please tell me what's happening?" Kusakabe's voice made them both turn to him, like the two males had just remembered he was still in the room. "You keep talking about Vongola and Gesso. I know they're mafia families. But I don't know how Sawada-san and the others have anything to do with them. And more particularly, what does Kyou-san have to do with them?"

"Don't you know?" Reborn asked. "Tsuna is the Leader of the Vongola Famiglia. Kyouya and the others are also part of that family. They are Tsuna's guardians." Kusakabe's eyes widened in disbelief. He initially thought that the fedora-wearing man was joking. After all, he was just a stranger. But then he noticed that Kyoya didn't react badly to the statements. And that only meant one thing. Everything that was said was for real. No wonder Kyoya was so restless these past few days. And he was also too concerned about any news regarding the Vongola.

"…I see…" He uttered. But it still felt so surreal to him. Tsunayoshi Sawada was the Leader of the infamous and wealthy Vongola? How was that even possible? And the most impossible of all was the fact that Kyoya Hibari, of all people, worked under him. It was like touching the sky, or the clouds for that matter. In other words, impossible. But since Kyoya himself confirmed it, or at least didn't deny it to be exact, then it could only be true.

"Kusakabe, I leave the work to you. I'll be patrolling the vicinity." Kyoya stood up from his seat and walked out of the room.

Kusakabe and Reborn both stared at the door even after Kyoya's footsteps were longer in hearing distance.

"He's going, isn't he?" Kusakabe asked the other man.

Reborn let the corners of his lips twitched into a smile. "Of course, no guardian will just sit back and relax while his Leader is missing." Although it might also be for an entirely different reason…

Kyoya walked briskly from his house, where he took his passport and some pocket money, to the gate. Hibird sang the Namimori Anthem as it nestled at the top of the raven's head contentedly. The raven's eyes widened slightly when he saw Kusakabe's motorcycle parked behind the wall of his house.

"What are you doing here, Kusakabe?" He asked.

"I'll be giving you a ride to the airport, Kyou-san." He answered. Kyoya was about to refuse but the other man spoke again. "Reborn-san told me that the more time we spend here, the more time passes by with Sawada-san missing in action."

"Yes, I said that. I'm going to Italy too." Reborn popped out from behind Kusakabe. "Let's go, Kyoya. Or do you still want to patrol the vicinity first?" There was a smirk on the ex-Arcobaleno's face and Kyoya felt incredible annoyance about it.

"Tch." He uttered before he rode behind Kusakabe as the latter gave him a helmet. He was still strapping it on when Kusakabe spoke.

"Make sure to hold tightly, Kyou-san." And before Kyoya could even process what the man meant, the motorcycle immediately roared to life and they drove in such amazing and obviously over the limit speed that Kyoya had to hold the rear of the motorcycle just so he wouldn't be thrown away. He refused to hold Reborn from behind. Ever.

As the breeze brushed his cheeks, all Kyoya could think about was the situation in Italy. Tsuna was a very strong person, not only physically but mentally too. How could he be missing? It just didn't make any sense. He gritted his teeth again. How could that omnivore just confess to him, disrupting his sleep and his daily activities, and then run away just like that? He'd make sure to bite his boss to death pretty badly when he saw him next time.

The flight to Italy was quiet, with Kyoya's aura awfully dark throughout the entire time and Reborn's far away look. Kusakabe couldn't help but sigh. It had been a split second decision when he suddenly said that he would go too. The atmosphere was way too intense for him. The two other males were in his both sides and both were making other passengers cringe with their auras alone. Kusakabe now wished he was really anywhere but sitting in between two males with competing killing auras.

Kyoya was utterly impatient and lashed out at everything that was in one hundred mile radius. He felt very disturbed and irked, and yet he didn't know why exactly. All he knew was the fact that it had something to do with the omnivore that was MIA right now. And that's way more irksome than anything. Reborn called someone from the hideout and the three of them were taken to the Vongola's main hideout in Italy.

The raven had only been here at least five times in the past four years. He refused to come too often because he never considered it his concern. Tsuna and others though were almost always flying back and forth from Japan to Italy.

The others immediately greeted them quietly, especially Kyoya whom they immediately knew was greatly pissed.

Kusakabe was not the type to feel intimidated. But even he knew that the people in front of him were not ordinary. Gokudera, Yamamoto, and even Ryouhei wore serious and scary expressions. They were all distressed because of Tsuna's disappearance. The kid that was always in a cow suit, who was now at least ten years old, was playing with his grenades silently. He was not uttering any word for the first time. Lastly, there was a man and a woman with pineapple-looking hairstyles. The woman looked extremely worried, but the man looked amused for some reason.

"What took you so long, Hibari!?" The booming voice of the Sun Guardian immediately annoyed Kyoya to the fullest, not that he wasn't annoyed in the first place.

"Tch. He thinks that whatever happens to the Juudaime is of no concern to him. That's why." Gokudera voiced with much bitterness. He refused to talk to Kyoya directly.

"Maa, Maa, Gokudera. We should try to do search and rescue operation again." Yamamoto tried to calm the atmosphere.

"Kufufufu. I wonder where Tsunayoshi-kun might be hiding now." Mukuro said. "How can I fight him when he's obviously missing?"

"Shall we have a meeting inside the mansion?" The ninth appeared and led them all inside, away from prying subordinates and away from possible spies or traitors.

Inside, encircling the long table in the dining hall were Tsuna's guardians, Kusakabe and Reborn, the main members of Cedef who were not in the hospital, some of the less injured Varia members, Byakuran and his six Funeral Wraths, and the ninth together with his guardians.

"Tsunayoshi-kun was quite remarkable in making plans." Byakuran said in amusement.

"Oy, don't talk as if you're reminiscing about someone who is dead!" Gokudera said heatedly. Yamamoto tried to calm him down but Ryouhei seconded the storm guardian, making the others blurt out their own comments too. And before anyone knew it, the whole room was already filled with insults, mockery, screams, yells, and idiots.

"Silence." They all went quiet, much to Kyoya's relief, when the ninth spoke the word. "Byakuran-kun, please refrain from uttering such comments. And the others, please, let's try to have a civil discussion about our plan." Most of them nodded and some of them merely snorted.

The ninth knew that he no longer held the power or the authority in the Vongola. That much was obvious when everyone was in uproar over the loss of their pillar and current Leader. But he could still try to do everything he could. Tsuna was like a grandson to him. The kid was much too young to be a boss, but he was an excellent boss who could think up of really good plans. Except that the plans he often concocted only included others' safety and not his own…

"That idiot is awfully distracted during the operation." Squalo blurted out, still refusing to call Tsuna their boss. The other members of the Varia also nodded.

Gokudera was about to comment on his rudeness when it was Kyoya's dark aura that made the silver-haired Varia member silence. There was something extremely deadly about it. They all felt it and were now positively aware that he came here not only because Reborn told him to.

Far from the others' assumption, however, Kyoya's murderous aura was not directed to any of them at all. They said that Tsuna was distracted during the operation… Could it have been his fault?

"Now that you mention it, Tsunayoshi-kun looks extremely upset when he came here." Byakuran said casually as he tossed a mallow in his mouth. "He was exemplary as always. But his attention was nowhere near its usual. It's a war, and yet he dared attack the enemies halfheartedly."

"It's because he lets his emotions lead him. He's truly an idiot." Xanxus still refused to acknowledge Tsuna as the new boss, but it seemed even he was concerned for the other teen. Once again, Gokudera and Ryouhei reacted badly to the open insults. The others were also against Xanxus's words.

"Shouldn't we be planning on how to find him?" Kyoya spoke for the first time. "If this meeting will not be of any help, then there's no use in gathering here right now." He was starting to get hives from too much crowding. And he knew he was only tolerating it because he wished to know where Tsuna might be. He was getting overly restless and his irritation was rising on an entirely new level now, making his aura far darker than normal. He was normally not worried about the brunette because he knew that Tsuna could handle himself. But with the news that the other teen had been too distracted in the fight didn't help at all. It was Tsuna's fault for actually letting himself be distracted. And yet, the guilt ate him from the inside out.

The ninth cleared his throat and everyone's attention turned to him. "Anyone who might want to say anything about the potential location of the Vongola Decimo?"

It was Byakuran who first talked. "I'm pretty sure he entered the Gesso hideout together with me, Xanxus-kun and the other members of Cedef, and Chrome-chan. The others entered from the other entrance."

"Kufufufu… Tsunayoshi-kun immediately disappeared after that though." Mukuro said. "We fought with everything we have while he chased after the leader. I'm sure he should've gone to the mansion's basement. I told him that that might be where the Leader was."

"He's an idiot if he thinks he can win against that fucking leader with only halfhearted resolve." Xanxus added.

"After that, the fight broke out in every direction and the mansion was burned down completely." Oregano, a Cedef member, said.

"If only I was there to protect him…" Gokudera gritted his teeth. Yamamoto consoled him by giving him a squeeze on the shoulder. The baseball guy knew that Gokudera would continue to blame himself no matter what words were spoken to him.

"We raked the whole mansion though. But we didn't see any signs of Sawada-dono. But if he's alive, he should've gone back here immediately." Basil looked depressed. "Sorry, if only we made it our priority to protect him."

"Dame-Tsuna is still Dame-Tsuna. But he will refuse to be protected. And I'm sure he will refuse to just die and leave his guardians and beloved family behind." Reborn voiced for the first time. Kusakabe could only nod. He thought that he had no right to voice anything since he never knew Tsuna personally. He didn't think that Tsuna was this important and influential in the mafia world. He only knew the teen as others knew him.

"Don't you think that he might have been kidnapped, hey?" Colonello asked, and everyone turned to look at him. Tsuna's guardians had an expression that pleaded for an explanation. "I mean, we also didn't recover the body of the Leader and we believe that he was able to escape together with three other guardians, hey. If they were able to take down the brat and fled even before the explosions, then it'd make sense, hey."

"So pathetic, to be kidnapped by the enemy he was supposed to ambush." Xanxus snorted and Mukuro chuckled. Byakuran only puffed more mallows in his mouth. The three of them obviously had one-tracked mindset.

"If that's the case, then where do you think they went, Byakuran-sama?" Bluebell questioned. She was not really concerned about Tsunayoshi's whereabouts since she wasn't part of the Vongola. All she wanted to know was where the hell those Gesso traitors that dared defy Byakuran hid themselves.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

He woke up feeling so exhausted even though he felt that he had just slept for a long time. He kept his eyes closed though, having a feeling that he wasn't alone in the room, or whatever the hell he was. He was in a sitting position and his hands were behind him. His head hung in front of him too. He felt so weak and he couldn't move. Was he tied up? That was not good. He tried to move his hands and knew for sure that he was indeed tied up. But it was no ordinary rope. He couldn't even use his Dying Will flames because the supposed rope was sucking away all of his flames.

He tried to remember the last thing that had happened before he found himself in that situation. It was the raid. He and the others entered the Gesso building from the south gate and they immediately entered into battle mode when several strong family members showed up. He remembered letting his subordinates take them while he continued down the basement. Mukuro said that the leader might be there.

He entered the basement and saw four men in black suits, including the Leader. Gio, the Leader, was the total opposite of Byakuran in physical appearance. He had raven hair and eyes, and he was more bulky and a lot taller than the Gesso's true Leader.

Fight broke out after that. Tsuna was not so unprofessional that he would halfheartedly enter a fight. After all, this was not a mere brawl. This was war. His four incredibly strong opponents made that fact very clear. He was starting to find himself being outdone by the four and driven into a corner. And yet, he couldn't help but remember the harsh words that Kyoya said the day before. That conversation at the rooftop might be the last conversation they would have. Unless there would be a miracle and he would be able to fight on par with four incredibly strong mafia members. Their leader was at least as strong as Kyoya, not to mention that there were other three.

"Tch. I think I will need to take them one by one or I'll be sure to lose." Tsuna thought as he was once again attacked relentlessly by his enemies. His mind reeled for any kind of plan, any plan at all, that might work against these people. But all he could think of were plans full of holes. He could concoct a plan that could defeat the three subordinates, but then the leader would be able to kill him.

"Tch." He voiced again when he was thrown by the Leader's magnified Dying Will flame just as the other three attacked him from different directions.

"Yami, Cambio Forma." It was the Leader's voice. And Tsuna's eyes widened. The whole room was filled with darkness and his senses were rendered useless against it. He didn't know what happened at first, but then he suddenly felt all of his strength being sapped away. His Dying Will flame started to dwindle and flicker until it was no longer stable and controllable.

He tried his best to fight the darkness, of course. He even fired a Double X-Burner just to deliver damage to the enemy. But it was to no avail. In the end, the move only emptied his flame and he fell on the floor unconscious.

Tsuna gritted his teeth. It was way too annoying to be kidnapped of all things. Sure he was the boss and that could happen any time. There was even an instance when he had to rescue the ninth because the latter was taken hostage too. But this was still pathetic…

He tried to open his eyes this time, and found out that he couldn't even if he wanted to. His eyes were bound by that same rope. No, the ones covering his eyes were not ropes but some form of clothing. Only, it had the same effect. It also sapped away his energy and his flames.

Not only that, from the looks of it, he knew he was drugged at least several times before he woke up. He didn't know how much time had passed, or why the hell they didn't just kill him. But he was certain that these people wanted much more than revenge. If it was only revenge that they wanted, then they would've already killed him. Unless… Unless he was to be used as bait in order to kill the others too.




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