Chapter 3

Tsuna opened his eyes and saw that the plane had already landed in Japan's airport. He was already back. Beside him slept Kyoya. On his other side slept Kusakabe and on the taller man's lap slept Reborn in his baby form. Yes, the ex-Arcobaleno, it seemed, had missed his baby form and left Italy as a baby. It became a sort of ability for them now, to revert back into a baby even though they could already begin aging at last.

Kusakabe almost fainted the first time he saw Reborn turned to a baby and his reaction brought much entertainment to everyone, much more to Reborn what with all his sadistic tendencies. But Kusakabe stopped his nervous breakdowns when Kyoya made him experience what true nervous breakdown meant. And he literally fainted after that. When he woke up next, he never reacted to Reborn's age shifting anymore, again, much to everyone's amusement.

Well, back to the present. On the other side of the airplane's aisle sat Ryouhei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto. Gokudera was sleeping while leaning on his lover's shoulder while Ryouhei was leaning on the aisle. Yamamoto was looking out at the window, obviously enjoying the view now that they had landed. The baseball player turned and when his gaze met Tsuna's, he smiled. Tsuna smiled too.

It had been almost a month before they were able to come back to Namimori what with all the paperwork that Tsuna had to fill in and sign for property damage. Xanxus met Soju on his way that fateful night and the two had battle it out until half of the building was destroyed. On the other side, Cedef and Nexus fought until all the abandoned warehouses nearby were destroyed. Even Tsuna's Double X-Burner created so many explosions afterwards and they had to immediately evacuate the place. Taki and Tsuna's other guardians battled it out too. He didn't want to elaborate the places that were destroyed. Just thinking of them was already giving him headache. Yes, them. There were too many destroyed places and he didn't want to name them anymore. Gio's three subordinates were killed by the Vongola members and only Gio went through the harsh and scary treatment of the Vindice.

The brunette could still feel apprehension when Vindice was present, but he was not as cowardly as back then that he had to cower anymore. Even Mukuro's smirk vanished when the bandaged mutts arrived. Not that anyone could blame him.

Tsuna and Kyoya never talked about the confession that whole time too. The young Decimo was too engrossed in how to restore order within the Vongola Famiglia and its allies that he was almost always buried under his paperwork. Kyoya, on the other hand, always remained distant from the mansion, what with all the 'crowding' that happened there after the incident. Tsuna's lips twitched into a smile when he remembered how Kyoya was having hives every time he had to eat with everyone.

Tsuna also went under psychotherapy in these last few weeks, by the ninth and his father's order, to treat him from any kind of psychological trauma. His therapy wasn't finished yet, and he still feared being touched so carelessly, but he was improving. He was not using X-Burner out of instinct or when surprised anymore. Yes, he used to use the technique even inside the mansion every time someone would dare surprise him. He was not freezing anyone who dared touched him from behind with Zero Point Breakthrough too. And, he was not using his cambio forma and wreck havoc anymore every time anyone made him remember what happened. He would flinch and still pale tremendously, but he would not lash out anymore. That was definitely an improvement, right?

And the Vongola Famiglia was very much cooperating in his therapy too, though if other people asked them, they would say that it's because the Vongola Decimo in a rampage was worse than all Varia members going all out. Imagine the damage that had to be paid for. The Vongola mafia would become poor before his trauma was over.

And thus, they all returned to Japan. After the flight, Tsuna rested some more days in his house. Gokudera and Yamamoto visited him regularly so he was not at all bored. And much to his surprise, even Kyoya visited once, though that was when Gokudera and Yamamoto were not able to make it. And all they did was drink tea and sit quietly in the brunette's room.

Tsuna felt giddy because it was the first time Kyoya went to his house, though he didn't show it. Being a mafia boss for years made him stop wearing his emotions on his sleeves, though he did not clammed up either. Or maybe, one could say that he just matured. The raven drank his tea quietly and Tsuna still didn't have the guts to ask the raven why the latter was there, sitting inside the brunette's room as if it were his own.

Kyoya could see that Tsuna wanted to ask why he was there, but was afraid to voice it out. It might have been nice to see more of his boss's suffering when it came to him, but he thought that just for once, he would make his motives clear. "Tsunayoshi, if I don't see you at school tomorrow, I'll come back here and bite you to death in front of your mother."

Tsuna's eyes widened at that. The implication of those words was quite scary and he didn't dare imagine it. "Of course, Kyoya." He chuckled nervously.

The only thing that the young Vongola liked in all that had happened was the fact that Kyoya started using his real name while addressing him. Of course, the raven still sometimes used his favorite term 'omnivore', but Kyoya nevertheless called him 'Tsunayoshi' when the raven wasn't pissed off.

"Hn." Kyoya sipped his tea again. After that, he stood up and left, but not before patting Tsuna's head even though the brunette flinched at the contact. He was still not used to being touched.

After that afternoon, which Tsuna would never forget, he already went to school. The first thing Tsuna noticed was the fact that everyone seemed awfully behaved. It was kind of creepy.

"Juudaime!" He turned around and saw Gokudera and Yamamoto running after him. When they neared, Gokudera also pointed it out, though with some explanation. It seemed Kyoya was overly annoyed at the fact that the rules weren't followed in the last few weeks that he was away. The students didn't wear proper uniforms and gangs were fighting all over the place everyday. And thus, the President of the Disciplinary Committee immediately punished everyone and bit them all to death.

Tsuna and the others chuckled. It was so like Kyoya to do that. And he sighed. It didn't matter that Kyoya didn't return his feelings. The mere fact that the raven didn't avoid him, appear disgusted, or bite him to death was enough for him. Kyoya didn't change the way he treated Tsuna too. If ever, Kyoya was even acting nice and quiet in the time that he was in Tsuna's room the day before.

It was lunchtime when the brunette saw a note in his locker. It said 'Meet me at the rooftop after lunch. I'll be waiting.' It didn't say anything other than that. Tsuna immediately thought that it was some kind of prank again. After all, to everyone in this school except maybe Kyoko and Kusakabe, he was still basically Dame-Tsuna. Would he go or not? But what if it's important?

"Tsuna?" Yamamoto called as they headed back to their room. Their boss had been too distracted the whole lunchtime that he barely heard Gokudera's stories about UMA. Yes, one of the things that Gokudera liked about the rain guardian was the fact that Yamamoto had never gotten bored or tired of his stories about aliens and the supernatural. Yamamoto would even ride on his antics sometimes, and it pleased Tsuna to see them getting along so well. When it came to UMAs at least.

"Ahh…" Tsuna stopped in his tracks he looked at his worried guardians. "I think you can go ahead. I'll be there later." He heard Gokudera's call but he didn't turn back anymore. He'd just explain later.

He headed towards the rooftop and when he opened the door, the sight before him made him sigh. It was a really nice day. The white clouds floated lazily, giving slight covers on the sky. The sun was bright too, but not that hot on the skin. And yet, and yet, the scene before him was just too… "Using Roll against ordinary students is overkill, Kyoya." He sighed again.

Kyoya, who was currently holding an almost unconscious student by the hem of his collar in midair, turned over his shoulder to see the new arrival. "Oh? Are you going to challenge me to a fight, too, Tsunayoshi?" Circling the raven were unconscious bodies of students who, Tsuna thought, probably disturbed his sleep or any of the sort. Really, Kyoya never changed in all these years. If any, he only became even scarier and more moody… and not to mention more handsome.

"Kupiii!" Roll, when he saw Tsuna, ran towards him and snuggled on his feet. It hurt… Tsuna knew that Roll was unlike his master, who was insensitive. If he said that Roll was kind of hurting him with those spikes, the hedgehog would surely cry and who knew what Kyoya would do to him.

Kyoya watched in amusement as Tsuna struggled to maintain his cool despite the fact that the hedgehog was pricking his skin with those spikes. Roll was surely overly excited to see the brunette that it had forgotten that it had spikes all over it as skin.

"What are you doing here, omnivore?" Kyoya asked. "If not to challenge me to a fight."

Tsuna sighed again. "Who would want to challenge you? And it seems you reverted back to calling me omnivore again." He looked at the unconscious students and it dawned to him. "Are they all here to challenge you? I mean, is there someone who might not be… uh…"

"Is there someone who looks like he called you here?" Kyoya smirked as he dropped the now unconscious student to the ground before him and faced Tsuna fully.

Tsuna's eyes widened. "H-How did you know?!" But the raven merely shrugged.

Tsuna looked down when he noticed that Roll was doing its best to get his attention. He chuckled before he leaned down and carried the hedgehog. The brunette was like Kyoya in the fact that they both like small animals so much.

"It's often said that the boxes mirror their master's inner self." A voice made the two of them turn.

"R-Reborn!" Tsuna exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" And that question was voiced not out of curiosity. Tsuna was just used to saying that every time, even though all these years Reborn had always been everywhere Tsuna was.

"Ciaossu!" Reborn smiled, though it looked like a smirk to Kyoya. The ex-baby, who was now a baby once more, was surely messing with him again. The prefect's eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"So you mean the boxes mirror their master's inner hearts…" Tsuna said as Roll continued to snuggle at him, making Kyoya stiffen even more. "Ah! I know now! So that's why Nuts is so weak and cowardly outside battle. He's mirroring my heart huh... That's it!"

Both Reborn and Kyoya sighed, but for different reasons: Reborn in exasperation and Kyoya in relief. The small hit man voiced. "Well, I'll be leaving you two now. Try to think outside the box, Dame-Tsuna. Why do you think Kyoya knows about the note?" And after that, he disappeared. Kyoya growled and everything that pertained to Reborn's words disappeared from Tsuna's mind when he heard the prefect's signature growl.

"Kyoya?" He called.

"I wrote the note. Is there a problem with that?" Kyoya glared at him.

Tsuna raised his hands in a surrendering manner. "N-None at all!" Roll continued to snuggle him, pricking him more. Ouch! "E-Eh, why did you call me again?" And then he remembered what Kyoya had been talking about ever since earlier. "Don't tell me he called me here to challenge me into a fight?! He kept on asking if I came here to challenge him, but was it actually the opposite?!"

Kyoya sighed. For all the feelings the brunette harbored for him, Tsuna could be dense sometimes. He walked towards the brunette, who stiffened at the close proximity, and he stopped. "Do you fear my presence, Tsunayoshi?" He asked coolly. Tsuna immediately tried to relax, but his stance remained stiff. "I won't do anything that you don't like."

Tsuna looked up at Kyoya's gray eyes, which spoke of nothing but the truth. And with that, he let his stance relax in Kyoya's presence. He still stiffened even when it was only Yamamoto and Gokudera, but they understood… what with all the trauma that he experienced. Kyoya raised his hand and patted Tsuna's soft hair. Tsuna closed his eyes. Right now, it was Kyoya that's touching him… There's no reason to feel fear… There's no reason to panic… There's no reason to whimper… It's Kyoya… It's Kyoya…

"Tsunayoshi," Kyoya called, which made the brunette open his eyes again. "Do you trust me?"

Tsuna smiled before he nodded. "Of course, Kyoya."

"Then close your eyes." Kyoya said coolly, watching as Tsuna closed his eyes. He savored the sight first, admiring everything – the way Tsuna's eyelashes brushed against his cheeks, the petite face, the cool expression, the slightly flushed cheeks due to hot weather, and the luscious lips – before he leaned closer. "You can push me if you want."

"Eh–mmph!" Tsuna stiffened greatly when cold lips captured his soft ones. He was afraid for a while, remembering everything all over again, but Kyoya was gentle. He's different… He's different… He clutched Kyoya's uniform to steady himself and also to prevent himself from pushing Kyoya away. He'd never forgive himself if he did that.

Kyoya nibbled at his lips for a while, holding his back gently with one hand so as not to make him feel trapped, while the raven's other hand was gently guiding his jaw. The prefect sucked the brunette's lower lip for a second before he ended the kiss. When he opened his eyes, he was glad that Tsuna didn't pale and tremble in fear. The brunette was actually blushing madly, which boosted the prefect's ego a bit.

He repeated the kiss two more times, each was gentle and full of reassurance and caring, not of possessiveness and lust. On the third kiss, Tsuna shyly returned his kiss. And he couldn't help but smirk.

"You love me, right, Tsunayoshi?" Kyoya asked smugly. Tsuna glared at him weakly for his smug attitude before the brunette nodded. "Then don't inconvenience me by disappearing from my sight ever again. And don't you dare confess to anyone else. I'll make sure to bite you both to death if that happens. And I'll bite to death anyone who dares confess to you too."

Tsuna chuckled and he blushed. "Is this the Kyoya Hibari-style of confessing?"

"Hn." He nibbled at Tsuna's lips one more time. He licked Tsuna's lower lip and the brunette hesitantly, at first, opened his mouth to let him in. Kyoya gladly did so, still careful and gentle in everything. He didn't want to scare the omnivore from the kiss. He would take everything slowly.

Tsuna whimpered when Kyoya explored his mouth, not because he was afraid, but because it felt good. And this time, there was no pill to force him to feel this way too. This was how he really felt. Slowly, he circled his arms around Kyoya's neck and pulled the raven closer. It had been a while when they broke the kiss and both of them panted for a while as they recovered their breaths.

Kyoya dared to hug Tsuna tightly, feeling relief when the latter didn't whimper or struggle. "Only herbivores feel annoying feelings, Tsunayoshi." Tsuna looked up and saw that Kyoya looked serious. "But… carnivores sometimes feel them too. Sometimes." Tsuna chuckled at that. Kyoya patted his head again before they walked inside the building once more, side by side and hands brushing once in a while. Hibird sang the Namimori University anthem and nestled on Kyoya's head. Roll remained nuzzled on the part in between Tsuna's shoulder and neck, and Kyoya was giving the animal weak glares, unable to give full glares at the cute little animal who kept on stealing Tsuna's warm neck.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Kyoya, you said I have an offense." Tsuna voiced when they entered the door to the Reception Room.

"Hn." Kyoya answered as he sat down on the couch. "Come here."

Tsuna arched an eyebrow, but immediately complied when Kyoya growled. He sat beside Kyoya and quietly scanned the place with his caramel eyes, not that he hadn't been here before. In fact, Tsuna and his guardians had been almost as familiar to the room as Kyoya was that it was almost kind of scary. Yes, the brunette and his other guardians were almost always in detention that they were almost always called to the Reception Room.

"Uh, so… what's my offense?" The brunette Vongola asked again as he looked at his beloved's face. Kyoya merely yawned and stretched beside him. Roll was now asleep on the brunette's other side and Hibird was also snoozing on Kyoya's head.

"Your offense?" Kyoya reiterated. "I wasn't able to sleep tightly these past few days because of your annoying face in my mind." Tsuna blushed at that while Kyoya yawned again. "Your punishment… Lend me your lap while I sleep, or I'll bite you to death."

"Eh?" Tsuna exclaimed but it seemed his voice was not heeded when Kyoya suddenly fell sideways and onto his lap without another word. Tsuna blushed deeply when the raven nuzzled on his lap, eyes closed. And after some minutes, Kyoya was already dozing off.

Tsuna could only chuckle as he continued to blush. Kyoya would always be Kyoya no matter how many years passed. He tentatively brushed Kyoya's hair with one hand, fearing that he'd wake the prefect up. He remembered getting bitten to death several times for disturbing the raven in his sleep, and it wouldn't be cool to be bitten to death while in the middle of lending his lap. Despite his actions, however, Kyoya continued to doze away in his own dreamland. And Tsuna was sure that Kyoya would still bite people to death even in his dreams.

As he brushed his hand on Kyoya's hair, Tsuna couldn't help but notice that Kyoya's hair was as silky as his own. And he found himself wanting to touch it more and more…

He leaned forward and kissed Kyoya's forehead. And the latter still didn't even stir. "I love you, Kyoya…"

"Hn. I'll bite you to death if you're lying." Kyoya voiced suddenly, which made Tsuna almost jump. He would've done so if only Kyoya's head wasn't on his lap. "Don't disturb me…"

"Of course." Tsuna smiled as he brushed his hand over to Kyoya's hair again, only for it to be captured by bigger hand. "Eh, Kyoya–"

"I'll bite you to death…" Kyoya voiced sleepily as he intertwined their fingers together and this time, he truly slept soundly. "Don't ever leave me again… Tsunayoshi…" He mumbled in his sleep and Tsuna couldn't help but feel a pang of pain in his heart.

He didn't think he'd hurt Kyoya, and also the other guardians, with his independent action that afternoon. But that was past now, and it wouldn't be good dwelling on it. What's important was the fact that he was here now, together with Kyoya.

He used his other hand to brush Kyoya's hair as he felt his own eyelids get heavier and heavier. He gave Kyoya's forehead one last kiss before he too dozed off in his own dreamland.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Back at the rooftop, it seemed, not everyone was actually asleep.

"What was that!?" One of the students sprawled on the floor who pretended to be unconscious asked. "Did you see and hear that?"

"Yeah. Clearly." His companion gulped. They would make sure to not mess with Tsuna any time in the future. It would be troublesome if they were bitten to death by the President of the Disciplinary Committee after all.

The two shared knowing looks. They were the only witnesses on how the great Kyoya Hibari confessed his feelings to the school's Dame-Tsuna. And it was way too endearing, if not for the fact that Kyoya would kill them if he learned that they knew.

What all of them didn't know was the fact that a certain shadow wearing a fedora and carrying a pistol was also carrying a camera and was grinning sadistically. On the screen of the camera were two males, one with raven hair and one with brunette ones, kissing just beside the wall of the rooftop. The shadow would do everything to have it published in the infamous mafia newspaper and let the whole world know about it. But of course, he'd have to do it tomorrow because he still have to get a picture of another lover, one with spiky raven hair and one with gray hair. The two were surely doing something somewhere in the bushes. Their leader was unaware that the two of them never went to the classroom after his departure.

In the Reception Room, oblivious of some sadistic plans, the two males who had just now became official lovers were already dreaming of each other with much indecent contents. Neither was aware of the headaches and embarrassment they would face when the news would spread throughout the whole campus and the whole world the day after they became lovers. Though if anyone could read minds, they would know that both lovers would secretly like the fact that everyone knew they were officially lovers now.

Iemitsu would cry a river and Nana would be so happy she would invite everyone and have an immediate feast. His other guardians would also be thoroughly shocked and only Lambo would be able to eat as much as he wanted. All of them would be happy for their boss, though. But Gokudera would surely spout some crap about Kyoya and his attitude. But for now, the two oblivious lovers were happy in each other's warmth and were dozing away in each other's embrace.




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