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Prologue: The Bullets were Reloaded Once Again

"You've got some guts, laying hands in her ahead of me." Gojyo remarked, kicking one of the men who had kidnapped Seira.

"Who the hell are you?" one of the kidnappers demanded. "Don't get in our…" his threat was cut short when Goku slammed a kick into him and his partner. "You were framing demons for your crimes?" the teen barked. "Talk about underhanded."

"Sis!" Seika ran towards her older sister.

"Seika," Seira blinked. "What are you doing here?"

"Those customers…" Seika replied.

"Damn you for messing with us!" the leader of the kidnappers growled. "I'll kill you!"

"You're annoying." Sanzo muttered. "I'll kill you." Ignoring the knife swipe, he poised his gun at the attacker. "Didn't you hear me?"

"Wha…" Goku gaped, when a wall of vines erupted from the ground, crucifying the three kidnappers. "Tokusa-nee's pissed." He predicted, the nature demoness jumped down from the tree she was on, her trademark 'Vine Whip' already in her hand.

"Hey, this is a joke…" one of the kidnappers gaped as Sanzo's cloak flew off. "A golden-haired priest with a silver gun and a group of four riding an iron car… why that's… Priest Sanzo and company!"

"You three…" Tokusa growled. "Picked the wrong day to piss me off!"

"Now, what should we do with these gentlemen?" Hakkai asked.

"Beat them up, of course." Goku cracked his knuckles.

"Kill them." Sanzo dug his ear. "Kill them now. Kill them right away."

"Well then, I guess we'll clean them up quick." Gojyo grinned. "Master Sanzo's getting sleepy, after all."

"Forget it." Tokusa snapped. "I'm de-balling them."

"Tokusa, I don't think…" Hakkai tried to pacify his on-and-off lover. "Too late." He muttered when Tokusa castrated all three men with a flick of her 'Vine Whip', the men's pained screams echoing through the night.

"Wow, Tokusa-nee's really, really mad." Goku whistled.

"That or she's on PMS." Gojyo joked and paled when Tokusa's whip cracked at his feet. "Kidding, kidding."

"You'd better be." Tokusa glared.

The next day…

"It's Genjyo Sanzo!" the new group of demons ambushed the group, Goku and Gojyo having drew out their weapons. "They're the wanted Sanzo Party."

"Here they are." Gojyo remarked, already jumping into the fray.

"In other words, no matter where we go," Goku hammered the attacking demons with a roundabout kick. "Demons show up like this."

"But it certainly has been a while." Hakkai admitted, charging up. "Since we've had to handle a group like this." His energy blast obliterated another group.

"We have to exercise every so often anyway." Gojyo chuckled. "Or we'd end up getting out of shape. Right, 'Big Brother Taro'?"

"You need to exercise your brain more than your body." Sanzo's bullets took care of his opponents.

"And that's the rest of them!" Goku leveled the rest.

"But there certainly were a lot of them." Hakkai noted.

"With the way they were going on and on about Sanzo," Gojyo added. "It's as good as if they were scattering bait."

"Huh?" Goku blinked. "There's no one around."

"They probably got scared with the numbers we killed." Gojyo guessed.

"Sis!" Seika screamed, held by another demon.

"How's this?" the demon laughed. "I bet you can't fight back now, Sanzo Party! Guess the tables are turned now. First, let's have you hand over the Scripture."

"Oh, brother." Goku sighed.

"We always get idiots like this from time to time." Gojyo agreed.

"You shouldn't be so truthful, Gojyo." Hakkai chided.

"What can you do to us all by yourself?" Sanzo retorted. "Besides, that brat's no concern of mine. I'm not in this to save people."

"But I'll say that any fight you start, we'll finish at a higher cost to you." Gojyo added.

"If that's how you're going to be…" the demon hissed and grew out his wings.

"He's got some good tricks up his sleeve." Sanzo admitted.

"I won't hold back next time!" the demon swore, ready to take off when a sudden slash sliced both his wings off and forcing him to drop Seika.

"You really don't want to threaten a child in front of me." Tokusa glared. "Impaling Roots!" she sent the four root spikes straight into the demon's chest.

"Damn it…" the demon cursed.

"What?" Gojyo blinked, Seika safe in her sister's arms. "He's still alive?"

"These bastards are getting harder and harder to kill." Tokusa growled.

"Of course." Sanzo snorted. "Can't have him dying so easily."

"Why are you bastards so against us demons?" the demon asked. "You may be half-breeds, but you've still got demon blood in you. I know. Why don't you join us demons? As strong as you guys are…"

"Wasn't there a guy who said something like this to us before?" Goku inquired.

"There was." Gojyo replied. "When was that again?"

Sanzo silenced all talk with a shot to the demon's chest, finishing him off.

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