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Chapter 10: The Broken

"No one said we'd give them to you." Hakkai remarked.

"You have any idea how insinuating that sounds?" Tokusa joked.

"You know…" Gojyo twitched. "I'm not gonna be satisfied until I kill this sneering bastard. Like hell I can just politely leave this place after coming so far."

"You're having a pretty tough time here." Sanzo snorted.

"Shut up, you stinking monk!" Gojyo snapped.

"So, let's just hurry up and take care of things." Goku complained.

"What're you acting all cool for, you runt of a monkey?" Gojyo teased.

"Shut up, you stubbly water spite!" Goku shook him off.

"I suppose this is about the way it should be." Tokusa shrugged, the pair renewing their argument.

"Morons." Sanzo muttered. "What's so funny?" he glared as God burst out giggling.

"I mean, you guys make it sound like you're so strong." God replied. "But you're kind of a sorry bunch. It's just too ridiculous. You with the golden hair, you're a Sanzo Priest, aren't you? Give it up. It's not your thing. Did that make you mad?" he chuckled, jumping back to dodge Sanzo's gun shot. "Maybe I was right on the mark."

"Bastard!" Goku cursed, summoning his weapon and jumping in to attack their opponent.

"Good thing I dodged that." God appeared behind the boy.

"Goku, get down!" Hakkai fired his blast at the wall.

"Oh man…" God stood on the rubble. "You better pay for that."

"I told you it was dirty to just keep running away." Gojyo growled.

"I don't want to hear that from you." God scolded, dodging Gojyo assault. "You're coming after me five-on-one."

"All you do it talk big, too!" Goku retorted.

"Get serious, dammit!" the males chorused.

"I guess I have no choice." God shrugged and summoned his palm-sized rod. "Just for a bit, okay?" with a single wave, he sent his prayer beads pelleting towards the quartet.

"Dust Storm!" Tokusa's attack managed to counter the bead shower, though a number of the bead still made their way into their targets.

"Happy now?" God taunted. "Are you finished already? Looks like a bead got stuck in there." He approached Tokusa. "Poor thing." He held his hand over her arm to force the bead out. "There, it's out. Did you think you could win if all five of you banded together? It's so sad, don't you think? People who think they're strong… that's how you've live all this time, isn't it? Acting like you're so cool and spurning people's help… say, have you heard the phase 'to hold nothing'?" he squatted by Sanzo. "It's just something I picked up from my master. And you guys got too attached to things like living and winning. That's why…" he grabbed Sanzo's Scripture. "You're not qualified to call yourself a Sanzo Priest. Say, I bet you never even dreamed you would die in a place like this." He claimed the Scripture. "That holds for everyone, you know. Even if you think you're prepared for the worst, when that critical time comes, you still reject death. You don't want to die, right? How pathetic. Oh?" he wondered. "Are you too far gone to hear already? Farewell, Sanzo Priest."

"You let your guard down!" the downed Tokusa glared at the gloating God. "Nature's Fury!"

"You…" Gojyo brandished his weapon. "Stinking bastard."

"What a surprise." God remarked. "I guess you should never underestimate the tremendous vitality of bugs. Still, you barely made it onto your feet, right?" with an incarnation, he sent both wounded fighters into the wall. "Then you should just quietly stay on the floor. You know? Bad boys and girls need to be punished." He pulled the Hana no Tama off Tokusa's neck. "Should I destroy this?" he gripped the diamond-shaped crystal in his palm. "What's this thing?" he demanded, Hakuryu fluttering into his face and forcing him to drop the gem.

"Transform, Hakuryu!" Gojyo barked, pulling Sanzo to his feet. Loading Sanzo into Jeep, he moved Hakkai and Goku into the vehicle.

"What are you doing?" God demanded.

"Getting out of here, dammit!" Gojyo snapped.

"That's playing dirty!" God glared, going after the fleeing group.

"Vine Crush!" Tokusa's last-ditch attack tied God down, giving Hakkai the opening he needed to fire his attack. "Just keep driving!" she barked to Gojyo in the driver's seat.

"If I weren't in such bad shape, I could have treated him sooner." The bed-ridden Hakkai looked at his bandaged hand, after hearing the barkeeper's words.

"Your ability to heal work by sending your chi into the other person to speed up recovery." Tokusa reminded. "Do that the way you are now, you'd be the one kicking the bucket. Then, I'll be very pissed."

"How's Goku?" Hakkai changed the subject.

"That idiot's being the hardest to deal with." Gojyo sighed. "He won't let anyone treat him. He goes on a terrified rampage if anyone tries to touch him. And he hasn't even eaten anything or spoken a word."

"A wounded creature, is it?" Hakkai mused. "Goku has always been so powerful. He's probably never tasted such absolute defeat before."

"Absolute, huh?" Gojyo wondered.

"We lost, didn't we?" Hakkai reminded.

"You guys do know Sanzo isn't going to take this lying down, right?" Tokusa remarked. "And speak of the devil." She sighed, the noise in the next room indicating their leader had awoken up.

"You know, that last attack…" Hakkai looked at his mate after Gojyo and the barkeeper were out of earshot. "It looked kinda of… kinky."

"Gojyo said the same thing." Tokusa mumbled, flushing in embarrassment. "Not my fault that I can't choose what my attacks look like."

"I know, I was just teasing." Hakkai smiled.

"You're so lucky you're injured right now." Tokusa growled, the underlying threat left unsaid as Hakkai laughed nervously.

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