Well, as you can see, here is another story by me. This story has been on the back of my mind and won't go away. So, I'm writing it down.

Sorry, I'm sure you're getting tired of my Rum Tum Tugger/Mistoffelees slash stories. It's really the only stories I like to write, plus, they're my favorite gay couple (besides Munkustrap/Alonzo).


*I do not own Cats, but if I did...oh, think of the possibilities!* :P

Rum Tum Tugger, only a few months old, was happily walking along one of the many paths in the junkyard. He managed to crawl away from his daddy and brother, who were still sleeping back in their den. He started humming a song he had heard a few days ago, "The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles." He liked how Admetus would run around in his Rumpus Cat costume and pretend to attack Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie, who were pretending to be a Peke and a Pollicle.

He spotted a plump mouse scurrying off in the direction opposite of him, and he hungrily licked his lips. Learning from his older brother how to creep up on his prey, he quietly hid until the mouse had stopped moving, and then he pounced. The poor mouse was tackled to the ground and gave one last shudder. Tugger bit into the warm flesh and munched away happily.

When he was finished he looked up at his surroundings. He didn't recognize any of the landmarks since he wasn't in the junkyard anymore. Tugger's ears flattened against his head and he gave a small whimper. He had no idea where he was and he was beginning to get scared. He walked forward, with the slightest hope of finding his home.

He wasn't sure how long he walked for, but eventually found himself in front of a large, abandoned warehouse. The sky grew dark and rain began to fall. Tugger, who hated having his fur wet, ran inside the warehouse. He walked through a short tunnel before entering a large room. He heard a noise from behind him and turned around.

A black cat grinned menacingly and reached out to the young Maine Coon.

Munkustrap awoke with a start. He looked over to see his baby brother's bed was empty. He smiled and went looking for him, hoping to see if he wanted to play a game of Tag. Being a few months older, Munk took great pride in being the oldest, but always enjoyed playing with his younger brother. He swept the den in search of his brother but found he wasn't there. Munk noticed the sky was growing dark and had begun to rain.

"Well…" Munk thought sadly to himself. "There went a good game of Tag."

His father, Old Deuteronomy, had just walked through the door. He noticed his eldest son was acting strangely by the way he was crawling on all four paws. He watched Munk for a few seconds with a puzzled expression.

"Munkustrap, my son, what are you doing?"

Munk looked up. "Dad, have you seen Tugger?"

"He is sleeping in his room."

Munk shook his head. "No. He's gone."

"Gone?" Old Deuteronomy repeated. "Where to?"

"If I knew, I wouldn't be asking you," Munk replied. Old Deuteronomy stifled a chuckle at his son's comment. "Maybe someone saw him."

"Good thinking," Old Deuteronomy praised. He ruffled Munk's head fur. "You will make a wise Protector." Together they walked out into the rain, and noticed the twin mystics, Tantomile and Coricopat, running towards them. "Good morning," Old Deuteronomy greeted warmly. "Have you seen Tugger around by any chance?"

The twins shook their heads. "No," Cori said. "But we know where he is at the moment."

Tugger woke up groggily a few hours later. When he opened his eyes, he started to panic, thinking that he had lost his vision. The room was pitch black; Tugger wished he had a window. The sound of scraping metal filled the room and Tugger turned towards the sound, hissing. Light flooded the room and Tugger squinted at the harsh light. A flaming orange tom leaned against the door frame and chuckled darkly.

"Well, look who I have here," the tom said, his yellow eyes flashing. "This must be Rum Tum Tugger, brother of my greatest enemy!"

"W – Who are you?" The frightened kitten asked.

The orange tom smirked and leaned down next to Tugger's ear. "I'm your worst nightmare," he hissed.

"Macavity…" Tugger whispered, his golden eyes widening. He had heard stories about this tom, and knew that whatever Macavity was about to do to him, it would hurt – a lot.

Before he knew it, Tugger was yanked off the floor and held against the wall. Macavity punched Tugger in the stomach a few times and also in the head. Macavity threw the young kitten back on the floor and repeatedly smashed his head against the concrete floor. Blood oozed out of Tugger's nose and head.

"P – Please!" Tugger wailed, tears streaming down his cheeks. "D – Don't hurt me!"

"Daddy?" Tugger turned to see a kitten with a strange tuxedo fur pattern peeking around the door. The intruding kitten noticed his daddy abusing a maned kitten and he sighed shakily.

"What?" Macavity barked. The kitten cringed.

"There are toms here. I overheard them talking about someone named 'Tugger'."

Macavity's eyes widened and he let go of Tugger, who crumpled to the floor. Macavity ran out the door and the tuxedo kitten took a few steps towards the cowering kitten.

"What's your name?" The tuxedo kitten asked.

"R – Rum Tum Tugger, but you can call me 'Tugger'."

"I'm Mistoffelees, but you can call me 'Misto." Tugger noticed that the kitten wasn't going to hurt him. He was just curious about his father's newest prisoner.

The loss of blood made Tugger feel dizzy. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slumped forward. Tugger could hear the kitten calling his name repeatedly, and saw him run away. Four dark masses moved closer to him, but he blacked out before he saw who it was. The last color he saw was the piercing blue eyes of the tuxedo kitten.