Tugger was kept in Macavity's warehouse for a long time. But for how long, Tugger didn't know. He had become numb from the countless beatings he received, and he no longer dreamed of escaping. He continued watching for the tuxedo tom, but never saw him.

Tugger heard whistling coming from the hall and pressed up against the small barred window. Mungojerrie was strutting by, oblivious that one of his friends was trapped inside.

"Oi!" Jerrie yelled as a pair of paws flashed out and grabbed him. He slammed into the door and found himself staring at Tugger. "Tuggah?"

"Jerrie!" Tugger said happily. "You and Teazer work for Macavity?"

Jerrie nodded sheepishly. "Whot ore yah doing 'ere? Everyone ot the junkyoird 'as been looking fah yah!"

"Macavity tom – napped me," Tugger said. "Please Jerrie, get me out of here."

"Oi con't," Jerrie said sadly.

Tugger deflated. "Well, at least can you help me with something?"


"What's that tuxedo's name? The one who executed that queen?"

"Ah, thot's Mistoffelees. 'e's Macavity's son." Aha! So that was Misto! "Why ore yah osking?"

Tugger shrugged. "Just wondering. Listen, tell Munk where I am the next time you see him."

"Oi would Tuggah, but Macavity 'as moine ond Teazah's moinds undah surveillance. 'e probably knows Oi'm tolking tah yah."

"Great…" Tugger muttered.

"Tell yah whot, Oi'll bring yah something good tah eat whoile yah locked up 'ere, alroight? Teazah woll be by latah." Tugger nodded and Jerrie left. As promised, Teazer stopped by and gave him a few pigeons.

Tugger leaned against the wall. Where was Misto? He desperately wanted to speak with him.

Misto stood in the center of his room, levitating his bedroom furniture. He was redecorating, and he also needed to get the familiar Maine Coon off his mind. Misto's magic used to wear him out, but his father helped him, and now he was much stronger. He was able to use his magic without getting tired, which he found useful.


Misto was startled and the furniture landed to the ground with a 'thud'. His fur puffed up three times his normal size and he whipped around, baring his teeth. Macavity stepped back a few feet, giving him room. Misto regained his posture and smoothed down his fur. "Yes?"

Macavity smirked slightly. "We need to talk." He sat down in Misto's office chair and Misto sat on the desk "You seem distracted lately. Is there something on your mind?"

Misto hesitated. Maybe his father wouldn't like hearing that Misto was thinking about a tom. Oh, what the heck? "Well, it's just that I ran into one of your prisoners today – that Maine Coon fellow."

Macavity propped his feet up on the desk. "And what about him?"

"He…he seems really familiar to me, but I'm not sure why. Like…I've met him before." He glanced at Macavity. "Have I?"

"Let's not worry about him for now," Macavity said, ignoring Misto's question. "We can worry about him some other time. Right now I need for you to train the newest henchcats."

Misto sighed and stood up. He followed Macavity out the door but they parted ways. He remembered that Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer spent half their time at the warehouse. They lived with a different group of cats, the Jellicles, who lived in the junkyard. Maybe they knew who this Maine Coon was.

Tugger was asleep when he felt a paw grab onto his head fur and yank him up. He no longer cried in pain. He learned it was best to keep his mouth shut or else he would get beaten. He was dragged along a hallway and they entered a room. Several henchcats stood in the room and smirked at the wasting tom. Tugger was thrown in the center of the room and the henchcats moved closer to him. He wasn't sure what was going on, though. Maybe a new form of punishment?

A henchcat yanked him up and punched him in the gut several times before another henchcat moved in. Punches, scratches, and kicks were surrounding him. Tugger didn't dare move, and he took the pain from every strike he received. Blood oozed out of his nose and he had a massive headache. The torture didn't last long, however, when they heard a voice at the doorway. Tugger sorely lifted his head to see Jerrie and Teazer.

"Oi, we're 'ere tah toke 'im bock tah 'is cell," Teazer announced.

"We ain't done here," a henchcat growled.

Teazer lifted her hands. "Oh, alroight then. Oi'll jost tell Macavity yah disobeyed 'is ordahs."

"Wait, wait." The henchcat said frantically. "Don't tell him. Here, take him." He pushed Tugger towards them. Jerrie caught him and held him up. They left the room. Jerrie and Teazer helped him slowly walk back to his cell, supporting his weight.

"Why'd you do that?" Tugger asked.

"Because yah a friend!" Teazer said. "We aren't gonna let thot 'appen tah yah."

"But won't you get in trouble?"

"Nah," Jerrie replied. "Those 'enchcats ore dumbah thon a sack of potatoes. Look, we con get yah out of almost every punishment."

"Really?" Tugger asked hopefully.

Jerrie nodded. "But only some. Os long os Macavity doesn't give yah the punishment 'imself, we con 'elp yah. Alroight?"

Tugger nodded. "Have you by chance seen Misto anywhere?"

"Misto? No, we 'aven't. Sorrah." Tugger frowned. They entered his cell and helped him get comfortable. They left, leaving Tugger alone with his thoughts.

He had to find Misto. But how?