It was a lovely March night. In the Forever Hearts talkshow, the stage was fully decorated with sakura blossoms. All of the audiences were really excited because the show that night was a special.

From the two sides of the stage, walked out two hosts of the show, and they were, obviously, two characters from two different anime series.

"Good evening everyone." - Said one. - "I'm Umino Iruka and this is my co-host Tendo Soun. We hope all of you are dressed in your best kimonos and have the most cheerful smiles on your faces, because tonight, in the beautiful color of sakura blossoms, let us welcome the guests of tonight's show: My beloved former students from the Ninja Academy, Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuga Hinata!"

From one side of the stage, walked out two said teenagers fine dressed in kimonos, holding hands. The audiences gave an "aww".

"Umino-kun, let's not forget my students from the Anything-Goes Martial Arts Dojo: Tendo Akane and Saotome Ranma!"

After his loud announcement, the two martial artists - also dressed in kimonos - walked out onto the stage, hand in hand. Another "aww" from the audiences before a booming round of applause.

"Now, the guests please take your seats. Let the show begin!" - Said Iruka.