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Chapter 4

Somehow he managed to cozy up to the two girls at the bar and kept himself from gouging his eyes out. Their mannerisms were near copies of each other and annoying only mildly described it.

For some reason they seemed vaguely familiar. Lip biting, blushing, weird pauses in speech and breathing but the worst part was the obsession with touching their hair. A combination of running their fingers through it and grasping it while they trailed off forgetting completely what they were talking about.

He found it all a bit snobbish and pretentious.

When one of them reached over to touch his bicep, he fought to keep his lip from curling in disgust. His body stiffened while he struggled to not pull away—knowing if he did his use of them as a distraction would be for naught.

Finally he saw his opportunity; Leah and Jade were heading to the bathrooms. Smoothly he bought the girls a round of drinks and excused himself. Before he left he gestured to the pack and may or may not have told a small lie when he said they were all single and the girls were just their sisters.

That was the thing about hokwhats—they thought if there was more than one native in a room chances were they were related. They never assumed differently.

He calmly walked toward the bathroom. Tamping down any anxiety he had as he knew his pack would sense it. He thanked the gods little Seth Clearwater was too young to go out with them. Had that been the case—there was no way his plan would work.

Seth Clearwater may be one of the youngest pack members but you mess with his sister and there would be hell to pay. He had proved that earlier today when he confronted them. Even his oversized feet had been shaking in his work boots.

He put his nose to work and dedeuced which bathroom they had gone into. The club featured four single stall unisex bathrooms; two on each side of the hallway. The doors were made of black wood frames with glass in the middle.

When the door was unlocked you could see right into it but once the lock was turned a fog filled the space between the two panes of glass—obscuring any outsider's view. Even if you stood directly in front of the glass all people standing outside could see were shadows. And he was almost sure what he planned to do was illegal in the lower 48 states but he didn't really care.

He waited patiently, leaning casually against the wall across the one he knew they were in. His senses tuned to the sound of their voices though they were muted by the backdrop of thumping music. Her scent lingering in the air—something he could pick out from all the varying scents in the club. Wildflowers and juniper.

The door opened and his hooded gaze took in the flaring of her eyes and nostrils. Apparently he wasn't the only one affected by the other's scent. He wondered how much of her wolf lingered underneath—

"Jacob," she said softly, her mouth lingering open on the last syllable.

He pushed away from the wall, effectively barring her routes of escape. He nudged her backwards into the bathroom. In his periphery he saw as Jade's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock.

"You've been avoiding me," he accused. "Plus there was your display from earlier." His eyes held a possessive look in them and she couldn't help but whimper at his display of dominance. Her stupid wolf was all for it.

Why couldn't she be around when Leah actually needed her? It would have been nice to have a warning that the pack and imprints had showed up. Or that Quil was sniffing around Jenny like a golden retriever.

She continued to move backwards as he advanced. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she knew that she was being boxed in and there wasn't a route of escape. The back of her legs hit the cool counter and her heart galloped in her chest. His eyes raked her body; the heat of his gaze made her quiver. Her breath came in shallow gasps.

His eyes gleamed brightly and a smug smile curved his lips. His nostrils flared and she knew he could smell her arousal and fear. The sound of the door clicking shut startled them both. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter but she wasn't sure whether it was to keep herself calm or to stop her base urges which craved to grab him and tear his clothes off.

He turned on his heel and snapped the lock into place. The fog quickly dispersing between the panes of glass which effectively hid them before he turned back to her. He stalked over to her, his fingers gripping her hips and lifting her onto the counter.

Her skirt rode up at his actions; the thong she was wearing wasn't enough to protect her partially bare skin from the coolness of it and she gasped. His hands burned a trail along her legs, starting at her knees and moving upward to her thighs. His actions two-fold; partially to spread her legs apart so he could move between them and the other more primitive; a desire to simply touch her skin. His thumbs and fingers bit into her skin, nearly hard enough to leave a mark.

And they both understood the reason why—he wanted his mark on her skin but would she let him?

Once she was opened wide to him and he took the final step which had his hard cock pressed firmly against her. The scent of her arousal flared, rising upward to tease his senses. He was moments away from ripping the small fabric barrier between them and thrusting inside her waiting heat.

His fingers clenched on her hips, leaving tiny bruises in their wake as he tugged her lower body forward. In response she leaned back, trying to get her bearings. Her head fell back with her movements and exposed the long, smooth column of her neck.

Leaning forward, his lips and nose touching her neck, he murmured, "Why? You knew it was me."

"I don't know," she confessed. The confession half-truth, half lie.

He nipped her flesh, his tongue darting out to soothe the sting. "Oh, I think you know," he growled as his hips ground against her center setting her on fire.

She was lost in a haze of sensuality. He hadn't been the only person she had slept with in the past few years but he was definitely the one she remembered. Her hands gripped his hair; holding his head to her neck. It wasn't until he started to pull her panties down that she froze.

His nearness always seemed to wake her wolf up. She always knew she was in there somewhere, lingering and waiting for something. And the thing she was waiting for—Leah wasn't sure she was ready to fully accept.

Her wolf picked out a familiar heartbeat that's tempo had suddenly increased. Danger lingered in the air—shit, she had completely forgotten about Jenny. Too focused on Jake and his presence to realize that she had broken the very first rule—never leave one of them alone.

She shoved hard against his shoulders, pushing him away from her. "Stop—I need to go to Jenny."

Her shove caused him to stagger backwards leaving just enough room between them for her to hop off the counter. She tried to stride past him to the door but he tugged on her arm; pulling her back into his arms. She struggled against his hold.

Her wolf was torn between protecting human Leah's friend and submitting to the desire he roused in them. Internally she yelled at her wolf—calling her a bitch in heat and telling her to get her priorities together. It took what felt like hours but was only seconds and she was finally able to get the hold she needed to have on her wolf.

She growled lowly; her eyes flashing with lupine rage unbeknownst to her and she twisted out of his arms. "Keep it in your pants, Black. I didn't come here asking you to molest me."

With those words she turned her back to him but he was right behind her. Pressing his firm body against hers; his hot breath fanned her neck. Her hand faltered on the handle.

"We're not done," his tone oozed a dark promise. One she knew she would delve into soon enough.

As she pulled the door open, he skirted around her. His large body hiding her from view as his long arm grabbed Jenny and pulled her to him. She could see it in his demeanor that Jenny's distress wasn't just from the fact they had been separated but someone had been bothering her.

The person out in the hallway was stupid enough to try and protest. "Hey! We were…"

The words cut off by Jake's hand around their throat. He barely used a fraction of his strength but the sudden stench of fear that wafted her way made her gag. With his other arm, he pushed Jenny behind him.

"When a girl says leave her alone—do me a favor and listen," he growled.

He released the guy's neck and stepped back to close the door. Once again there was the soft snick of the door closing but this time the click of the lock was tremendously loud. Turning, he rested his back against the door and watched as she hovered over Jenny.

He recognized it for what it was. Leah's wolf—and he was sure her wolf was much closer to the surface than she had ever let on—was attached to the younger girl. Jade—Jenny—Liz, whoever—whatever you wanted to call her was part of Leah's life and therefore Leah protected and mothered over her.

His arms crossed over his chest while he waited for her to be done. One would think the girl's fear and Leah's concern for her would tamp down the remaining lust surging through his veins but instead it did the opposite. Leah's soft whispers and murmurs; her hands and fingers ghosting along Jenny's flesh as she looked for damage—had him hardening once again.

He didn't mean it the way it came out. The need he had for her was too strong. The feelings she roused in him felt otherworldly—unnaturally natural, if that was even possible. His voice coming out in too rough of a timbre and startled Jenny, whose heartbeat picked up as she backed away from Leah and bumped into the wall.


Leah opened her mouth to protest; the protest was swallowed by his body crashing into hers and shoving her backwards until she ran into the counter. His mouth slammed into hers. It could hardly be called a kiss—it was lips, teeth, and tongues battling for dominance.

His hands pressed to her sides, lifting her up. This time once she was seated on the counter; his hands didn't slowly or reverently caress her flesh. Her thighs were wrenched apart; her panties torn from her flesh before she even thought to protest his rough handling of her.

Two of his fingers thrusting inside while she tried to find something to hold onto; his shirt in her way. She needed to feel his skin underneath her hands. Her fingers and nails ached to cleave his flesh, leaving signs of her destruction of his skin. A reminder that he was hers. She nipped at his lower lip; hard enough to make him bleed and when he pulled away to gaze at her curiously, she pushed on his arm.

"Shirt off," she demanded.

He ripped his shirt up and over his wide shoulders past his neck and head. Once it was off, he dropped it. Her hands threaded in his hair pulling his head back down to hers. He was in awe and slightly shocked at her aggressiveness as he met her ferocity.

As soon as he thrust his fingers back inside her he maintained a swift rhythm as his thumb bumped against her clit with each thrust forward; finding out exactly why she wanted his shirt off. Her nails clawed at his skin. He hissed in pain and pleasure. The scent of her and him—their arousal and his blood were strong in the air.

He didn't dare glance at the reflection of them in the mirror—knowing without looking they were both animalistic in their actions. The muscles of his abdomen clenched as her hands traveled along his sides and then swept across his lower abdomen to stroke the skin along the top edge of his waistband.

At her teasing, he pumped his fingers faster and harder. He knew she was close though she was holding back. His mouth moved to her jaw, her neck, and the gentle sweep of her collarbone. His lips and tongue sucked and laved the flesh and he was especially careful not to leave a mark. He vaguely remembered the bridesmaids' dresses.

But still she managed to hold back and he knew she was at the edge and—damn it, he was going to make her come before he fucked her.

It was really as simple as that.

Her fingers toyed with the button on his jeans; alternating slipping it free and buttoning it back up. She was impossibly slick, her juices dripping to drench his hand. He had had enough. Growling, he thrust a third finger inside her soaked channel. She clenched around him; small tremors at first that soon increased in strength and volume.

He curled his fingers and felt that bit of spongy tissue, knowing it was connected via the same nerve pathways as her clit. She had taught him that and he was nothing if not a quick study. And even though she was on the edge, she still found one way to surprise him.

The button she toyed with slipped free with ease and his zipper was jerked down; her hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him. She tried to tug his body closer to hers but his wide stance helped him maintain his balance.

"I don't think so, Leah," he told as he pressed his thumb firmer against her clit. His tongue licked a spot behind her ear. "You're not getting what you want until you give me what I want."

Her response was a whimper of need and frustration.

"Come on, sweetheart. You're so close—just let go," he begged.

His teeth nipped at the spot he had licked on moments before. His fingers curled; mimicking a 'come here' motion as his thumb attempted to draw lazy circles on her clit. Her hand tightened around his cock; her motions jerky as she tried— and failed to get him to give into her.

He sucked hard on her skin. Hard enough to leave a definite mark; breaking contact to harshly whisper in her ear, "You want my cock?" His breath impossibly hot as it fanned against her.

"Yes," she hissed.

"Then come," he commanded; his fingers twisting as she clamped down on him. The keening cry which broke free as she came was silenced by his lips. He didn't give her a moment to catch her bearings because as soon as he was able to he pulled his fingers from her and brushed her hand away. That same hand wrapped around his pulsating length, holding himself steady as he thrust inside.

It felt like coming home.

Jacob Black wasn't afraid—he craved this feeling. As much as he hated imprinting; he missed the feelings it gave one. Completeness, acceptance, and purpose. But he wondered if it felt anywhere near the same for her as it did for him.

He stopped his need to shake his head to clear his thoughts. That would have freaked her out. He knew it without doing it; remembering every moment he had been privy to her thoughts. The times when she tried her hardest to hide her pain—the bitter disappointment she felt as she blamed herself for Seth phasing, her father's death, and even—Sam's imprint on Emily.

He wasn't completely sure but he thought he had some clue as to the underlying theme to her misery—the reason her bitterness spewed forth much like the venom that had changed Bella into a frozen version of someone he thought he knew. He doubted any of them understood—besides for him.

Leah Clearwater loathed weakness—and not just any weakness but her own. Even more she hated the tears that stung her eyes. Why her? Why him? She would end up fucking this up—just like she had everything else. There was a fatal flaw in her that made her destroy the things she cared about.

She buried her face into his neck, breathing in his scent. Allowing the smell of the forest and ocean that lingered on his skin to calm her; it was all she wanted and needed but yet—it was too much.

His thrusts were slow and measured. Despite the roughness of his initial entry; this was the very opposite. It gave her the time she needed to come down from her first climax. Her legs rose to wrap around his hips and he subsequently tugged her forward; the angle of penetration changing.

The slow and sweet build-up to her next climax began.

She was startled by his invitation. In the midst of everything over the last ten—fifteen—fuck she hoped it hadn't been longer than that—she had completely forgotten about Jenny. Jesus, she had clawed the hell out of his back and chances were with his fast healing; the wounds were completely healed over.

"Come here, kitten," he called. "I'm sorry if we scared you."

She raised her head and glanced over his shoulder at her friend. Jenny stood there—frozen, mid step; her heart beating irregularly. She recognized the haze of desire in the younger girl's eyes. Breathing deeply, she caught the additional scent of arousal. The entire time he managed to keep up his rhythm of thrusts; his head slightly turned to Jenny.

His hands remained glued to her hips; helping her maintain the precarious position she was in. She looked at him and back at Jenny and back to him again. A silent conversation happened between the two of them.

The decision she knew was in her hands. He didn't mind either way but he wasn't averse to making sure Jenny was taken care of. She gazed at Jenny again, reaching a hand toward her.

She watched as Jenny blinked rapidly as she came out of her daze. The smaller, cool hand grasped hers and she gave a little tug and pulled her closer. Jenny gazed shyly at her and so she nodded.

She leaned to the side while Jake leaned the opposite way. It wasn't something they had done other than a few times and even then it had only been for show. Never real.

The two girls lips meeting in a soft kiss. Their hands changed position while they interlocked their fingers together, strengthening the hold. It didn't take long before Jenny's other hand was wrapped around the back of Leah's head, holding her in place.

He tried to maintain thrusting but it was too difficult to concentrate and even more so at the first flash of two pink tongues circling and tangling together. He paused. She grizzled.

"Give me a sec," he whispered too lowly for Jenny to hear.

Timing his movement just right, he managed to lift Leah up and back a bit more on the counter so she wasn't so close to the edge. It freed up his hands. One reached down to stroke her nub. His other hand reached around, sliding along Jenny's ass to pull her closer.

Once she was in range, he pressed his fingers along the seam of her jeans, right where she needed it. He could feel her heat and wetness; the layers not thick enough to mask it.

It was during this moment that he thanked the gods for their messed up ideas. Apparently, he had just discovered an even better purpose for all those werewolf gifts he had been given. He wondered if his ancestors would approve of this.

Who cared at this point? Not him, he decided.

The girls mewled in satisfaction. Their clasped hands separated; Jenny's hands slipping under Leah's loose top. He watched as Leah deftly undid a few of the clasps holding Jenny's corset top together until her pale rounded mounds spilled forth.

He watched them caress each other. Their touches became more frantic until they needed more. Leah's hips jerked towards his as she made her desire known. Jenny writhed against his hand trying to get more friction. When she stumbled and had to grab his arm to keep from falling; he knew it was time.

He pulled his hands from Leah and Jenny at the same time. Both protested and he chuckled. Their kiss broke and leaned forward to nip Leah's lips.

"Help me."

The simple directive understood as her hand reached down and undid Jenny's jeans. They were practically painted on her skin but somehow he managed to slide his hand inside them.

He cupped her from behind; his middle finger plunged in while his first and ring fingers spread her outer lips. He was pleasantly surprised when Leah's hand joined his only from the front.

His other hand reached down to lift Leah's leg up. Once she was wrapped securely around him; he began to thrust. Inwards toward one while outwards to the other. In and out. A rhythm nearly as old as time.

It didn't take long for them to the three of them to be incoherent. Their movements weren't smooth or organized. Jenny came first, sagging downward; her hand gripped Jake while her forehead rested on Leah's shoulder. Her cry of pleasure a soft exclamation.

He was torn between holding Jenny up and finishing with Leah. Leah grabbed his hair, pulling his attention to her.

"Finish it."

He pulled his hand from Jenny and placed his arm around her waist. The action pulled her closer to him and allowed him to support her weight. She clung to him, breathing heavily while he thrust into Leah.

Leah's hands grabbed his shoulders; her fingers digging into his skin. It didn't take long before the snapping rhythm of his hips was bruising her and sending her over the edge. She clamped down around him as she cried out.

He was more than ready to follow her but he remembered the importance of discretion. He had no desire for the pack to know—at least not quite yet what they were up to. Thrusting hard and fast, he came as close as he could before pulling out and coming into his palm.

His movements were too quick for her to realize at first what he had done. But once Jenny moved away and began to straighten out her clothing and handed him a few paper towels; Leah looked at him quizzically. A single eyebrow raised in his direction while he cleaned up.

He moved his hands to her waist, kissing her lips gently as he lifted her off the counter. He murmured against her lips, "The pack."

Her shocked inhalation explained it all; she had forgotten about the pack. And sadly enough it wouldn't take much for them to deduce what they had been up to. Blushing, she straightened out her skirt as he picked his shirt off the floor and pulled it over his head.

Apologetically he handed her ruined panties over to her. He expected the blow to his chest that followed. She tossed them in the garbage before growling at him.

"You owe me a pair of panties, Jake."

"Maybe I like you better without them," he responded with a smirk.

She glared at him. But he wasn't cowed. His stance remained cocky before turning away so he could unlock the door. His hand turned the handle but he made no move to open the door. The fog disappeared and leaving them open to the view of anyone outside.

His final words poignant, "I'd avoid the guys if I was you and make sure you shower when you get home. I'd throw those clothes in the wash too. I don't need to kick your brother's ass over a misinterpretation of a situation he wouldn't understand. I'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart."

And then he was gone.