A little known fact about Andy was that she'd grown up with a very privileged upbringing. While it was true she grew up in Ohio and that her parents were normal, the same couldn't be said for her uncle. After a car crash that killed both her grandparents, both her father and her uncle were orphans. Naturally, being the youngest at 6, her father was adopted fairly quickly, but her uncle Wlliam had to wait another year before he was adopted by a very wealthy couple. The Harrison's gave their child only the best, no matter what he wanted, so when all he wanted for his 15th birthday was to find his brother they helped any way they could. It was hard, but they found him and the two never lost contact again.

Unlike normal rich kids his age, William never relied on his parents to support his future, gaining a full ride to Yale on his own. He did however, ask his parents to invest in his technology company; Red Dot. Starting out at the young age of 25, no one was quick to take a chance on him. That was, until a world famous inventor that was tired of following everyone else's rules figured he had nothing to lose and joined the budding company. Together, over the next 8 years they changed the technology game and became the countries leading innovators when it came to anything from laptops to hospital equipment.

When he was 27, he fell in love with a woman named Jennifer Fuller, and within two years the were married with a child on the way. The week before his son was born, he bought a small resturant that was to be his son's when he came of age. By the time his son Michael was two, the small restaurant had become several.

Over the next 14 years, he doted on his son and, two years after Michael's birth his niece as well, until the unthinkable happened. Andy, along with her aunt jennifer and Michael were in a fatal car crash. Jennifer was DOA and Michael was barely alive as they rushed the him to the hospital. Andrea, thankfully was fairly uninjered, only having broken two ribs and her right arm. She and her family were crushed when they heard Michael never made it out of the ER alive. In a fit of sorrow, William almost sold his company, but it was Andy the made him see that wasn't what his son would have wanted. From that day, he did everything he could to groom Andrea to take his place when he's gone.

When Andy told him she wanted to become a journalist, he understood it was something she needed and paid for all her schooling. When she refused to let him get her a job, he was naturally reluctant, but followed through with his promise not to help. It wasn't until he heard about her departure from Runway that he finally told her about his cancer. When he told her, he made her promise to make Michael proud, to be the best she could be no matter what career she chose. She spent his last four months at his side,until late in the night, he passed away in his sleep.

Andy spent a week holed up in her uncle's penthouse, before a strong wave of understanding and determination washed over her. Pulling out her cellphone, she made a choice that was going to change her life.

"Jessica? Yes, this is Andy. I need the contracts."

No more then 20 minutes later, two smartly dressed lawyers were at the door with a large envolope. Once inside, the three spent the next few hours going over the contracts the would give her all that her uncle had build, she just preyed she could make him proud. While going over everything her uncle had been planning to invest in, one thing caught her eye. There in black and white was unfinished forms to become a silent partner of Runway. With a slight sigh, she sat it aside and finished going over and signing contracts.

"Andy, if you don't want to go through with the partnership, I can go ahead and arrange a meeting with Irving, so you can hash it out,"Jessica said, seeing the last unsigned contract.

With a sigh, Andy nodded her ok,"thank you, Jess. You guys can go, just call me tomorrow once everything has been filed," she said tiredly.

After showing the lawyers out, she took a quick shower and went to bed the new CEO and owner of a multi-billion dollar company and several smaller ones.

The next morning, she got up with a smile on her face. I soon faded when she realized you couldn't keep living in her uncle's penthouse without crying every five minutes. After getting dressed in a black costom Armani dress that flaired at the waist, she headed to her uncle's old office. When she stepped into the building, everyone parted like the Red Sea so she could get to the office. With a shake of her head she walked to her new assistants desk.

"Gia, can you look into some listings for a new place for me? I don't want anything bigger then a five bedroom, nothing too flashy with a nice sized yard." she asked, getting a nod from the girl who was already looking into it.

Sitting at her desk, she saw Gia had already gotten the department evaluation reports and they were sitting neatly on the large oak desk. About half way through themnicked knocked once before coming in and handing her a folder along with a remote. Wordlessly, she turned on the TV on the wall and flipped until she came across the news.

"Reports were confirmed this morning of who would be taking over Red Dot inc. and several smaller companies owned by the late business tycoon William Harrison. According to our source, his niece Andrea Sachs will be taking over. After interviewing several employees, it became clear that this was already planned by Harrison. Reports say that he had been training her since she was 12, and by 15 he left her in charge while he was away on business. The company's VP Richard Tompson thinks this was the best choice the late tycoon could have made saying quote,

"I've known Andy since she was 15 and she is every bit of the leader her uncle was, I've seen her go out of her way to help people solve problems when she could have easily ignored them, but don't let her shy eager nature fool you. She's every bit of the terror her uncle was when upset, I've seen her scare men twice her size and age with one look, not a glare, or a evil smile. She will just look at you, and it's so unnerving that you have no choice but to be scared. Knowing when to use your power and when to use a softer touch is a skill most adults rarely have, but Andy does and it's going to take her far in life,"

It would seem Andy has a bright future ahead of her, and we wish her the best. I'm Terry Jackson signing off with CNN news."

Andy smiled at her VP's kindness before turning to Gia,"that went well. Ok, while I'm going over the listings, you can take your lunch hour."

The blonde smiled gratefully,"thank you Andy, see you in an hour."

Two hours later Andy's head shot up towards the door when Gia walked in with a message in hand and a small scoop of coffee ice cream.

"Here's the information on your meeting with Irving, and something to help you get through it,"Gia said with a wink before leaving to call her driver and traval assistant.

With a sigh, Andy got her bag and headed down to the car with one more sour look at Gia's amused face. After a stiff greeting between her and her other assistant Steven, they headed to their meeting in a loaded silence. It was no secret that Steven hated Andy after she embarrassed him during his internship. By the time the got to the hall leading to the meeting, Andy was struggling to remain silent as she ignored Steven's smart comments under his breath. On the edge of snapping, she entered the room only to bite back the smart comment when she saw Miranda's shocked face.

"What is she doing here Irving," she breath, jerking her head towards Miranda.

If anything, he looked as irritated as she she felt,"she insisted she be present during any meeting involving Runway."

"She is sitting right here, do not speak as if I'm not in the room," Miranda said,cool blue eyes as sharp as her tongue.

Andy's head turned to look at Steven when he made a smart comment under his breath in Russian that sounded a lot like 'rich assholes' trying to be sly, not knowing Andy understood every word. Almost as if she hit a switch when he locked eyes with her, her whole face went from polite to stoney in seconds. He gulped as he was given the famous 'Man Eater' stare. After a few seconds, he started sweating and shifting his feet.

"I'll g-go get m-more coffee," he stuttered,before flying out of the room at break neck speed.

Andy leaned back in her chair with a smirk, silently patting herself on the back. I still got it, she thought smugly, before guilt settled in at embarrassing him again. With a sigh she turned to look at a bored Irving and an impressed Miranda.

"Now, about your partnership I-"

"-why on earth would you think I woud even consider becoming a partner of Runway of all things," she asked, disbelief clouding her face.

"What is that supposed to mean, Andrea," Miranda asked, icy glare in place.

Andy didn't back down, she wasn't her assistant anymore,"just what it sounds like, why whould someone like me even be involved in a fashion magazine, when I've got plenty on my plate."

"If you back out, I have grounds to sue," Irving said smugly.

All politeness left Andy in a wave of protective anger,"try it and I swear on my uncles's grave I'll destroy every magazine this company owns, starting with your crowning jewells; Runway."

"You wouldn't dare," Miranda growled, shooting ice at Andy.

"It's not my choice, I don't want to, but I've got to protect my own, Miranda." Andy sighed, feeling bad for what she said.

Wavering under the twin glares he got, Irving in a rare display of the brain he has agreed to drop the contract. Leaving the room as quickly possible, Andy turned to look at Miranda for the first time in four months.

"... I'm sorry I threatened your magazine, Miranda. I won't let him try to bring down all my uncle built."

"I understand, Andrea," Miranda said curtly, before following Irving out the door.

With a sigh, Andy made her way back to her car. It would seem Miranda hasn't heard the news yet, but she will soon and Andy couldn't wait.