It had been two weeks since Andy's storm out, and she was still kicking herself for the way she acted. What was I thinking? It's not like she has any feelings for me, at least beyond anger at the way I left her in Paris. Maybe I should just forget about my feelings, that would make life much easier. She sighed, knowing that was easier said then done. Realizing she would be late if she didn't start leaving soon, she called her new assistant into the room.

"Joey, call Gia's office and tell her to meet me down stairs, and call Dannie and tell him we're on our way."

"On it, anything else sweet thing?" Joey asked, smiling at her.

"No, that's it," Andy said with a chuckle.

As she was getting up, her cell rung,"Six! Tell me you weren't rich this whole time and still dressed like you let Stevie Wonder dress you," came Nigel's huff.

"Well hello to you too, sunshine. Listen, I would love to sit and talk and wait for our periods to sync, but I've got to go," she sighed.

"Ouch, you cut me deep Six, I never thought I'd see the day you'd become a baby dragon yourself," Nigel said, and Andy could just see him laying a dramatic hand over his forehead.

"I'm sorry Nige, I'm just running late and my stylist isn't the most understanding person, but he's the best, so I guess it's ok. Listen, your going to the lunchen tomorrow aren't you?" She asked, walking to the elevater.

"Yeah, I'll be there. So will Miranda and her twins, come to think of it." He answered, sounding amused.

"Good, we'll talk then, alright," she asked, getting into the car waiting for her.

"Alright Six, I'll see you then," he said, happy for now.

"Bye, Nigel," she smiled.

"Later, Six." He said, before hanging up.

Andy sighed, watching the huge buildings pass out the window of her car as they drove to the hotel Dannie was staying at for the week.

"No no! It's all wrong! Take it off, i can't even look at you!" Came Dannie's shrill voice, as Andy came out of the bathroom in a off white pants suit with a amber dress shirt underneath.

"Dannie you are such a drama queen," Andy teased, not bothering to go into the bathroom to change.

"Yes, but I make you look fab, so you have to love me," he said, shaking imaginary hair out of his face, before handing her another set of clothes.

Andy playfuly slapped his hand away, then pulled on the next outfit. After pulling on the fitted, boot cut True Religion jeans, she made quick work of the China blue button up. With a squeal, Dannie handed her a chocolate brown blazer.

"Perfect! Now you don't look like you're going to fire the first person that cracks a smile," he cooed, pinching her cheek.

"Why would you say that? I liked that one," and said, pointing to the suit she just took off.

"Sweetie, your going to a lunchen, not a business meeting. There are kids and wives coming, we don't need Andy the boss there, we need Andy the understanding friend. Someone they can trust around their family. And this," he said, pointing at her outfit,"is the perfect look for that. It's classy, but laid back."

Andy let out a sigh, but otherwise agreed, taking off the outfit so it can be put away. With a smile, she turned back to Dannie with a twinkle in her eyes.

"You wouldn't happen to have something to wear to the lunchen too, would you? I'm sure you would enjoy yourself, plus I hear Nigel will be there," she asked, holding in a laugh at his shocked stare.

"You mean..." He asked, mouth agape.

"That I want you to come to a lunchen that could launch your career to unknown heights? That I want you to meet the man of your dreams? Yes, I do," Andy answered, smiling at the tears in his eyes.

"Thank you, Andy! I... I dont know how to thank you, I mean you've done so much already," he got out, hugging her tightly.

"Hey, it nothing. You've earned it," she laughed, squeezing him back.

"I have some shopping to do! Gia, I have the perfect outfit for you in the closet, it's in the teal dress bag. I'll see you ladys tomorrow!" He rushed, giving both air kisses before leaving.

"Who knew you could run so fast in heels," Gia asked, wide eyed.

"You'd be surprised," Andy deadpanned.

"So, how was your date with Miranda? You never did tell me," Gia asked, cutting into her steak as the sat in the restaurant near the Ritz.

"Why does everyone think it was a date," Andy huffed.

"Relax, I was joking. Wait, who else called it a date," Gia asked, leaning over closer to Andy slightly.

"She said her twins thought we were going on a date because we have feelings for each other," Andy said.

"Well duh," Gia said, as if it was obvious.

"What? I do not have feelings for Miranda Priestley!" Andy hissed, stabbing her pasta with her fork.

"Yes you do. Sweetie, it was me you vented to when Lilly and Doug wouldn't listen, it's always been obvious how you feel for her," Gia said, reaching over to get the bit of pasta sauce off of her cheek.

Andy sighed, lifting her hand to hold Gia's in place trying to hold back her tears,"W-what am I going to do? She made it clear that she thought the idea was silly."

"Do you love her," Gia asked softly.

"I... I don't know," Andy replied, looking at her with confused eyes.

"Could you love her?"

Andy looked up at her sharply, fear clouding her eyes,"...yes."

Gia smiled brightly,"then follow your heart."

A disgruntled Emily cleared her throat, drawing both women's eyes to her,"Miranda would like a word," she said, nodding over to the bar where Miranda sat, watching them with an unknown look in her eyes.

Andy stood up, earning a wink from Gia. She winked back, and walked over to Miranda. Sitting next to her, she waved the bartender over.

"Martini, dry."

"Right away, Miss Sachs," the bartender mumbled, scrambling to make her drink.

"Hello, Andrea," Miranda greeted, shifting slightly in her seat.

"Miranda," Andy said, turning to look at her.

"I'm sorry if I've ruined your date," Miranda said, bitterness dripping from her words,"but I felt I should tell you to your face that I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings at our lunch."

"It's fine, really. I was being overly emotional, I hope you don't think that means I won't still help you," Andy said, taking a sip of her drink.

"Thank you," Miranda said softly, before remembering where she was and who she was talking to,"I should go, goodnight Andrea."

"Goodnight, Miranda," Andy said, looking at her for a second, before going back to her table.

"So, is it a good thing or a bad thing that your girlfriend just shot death at me with her eyes," Gia asked, watching Andy blush.

"She's not my girlfriend," Andy mumbled, but she was smiling.

"What did she want," Gia asked, as Andy paid the check.

"To say sorry, actually. I know, shocking right?" Andy chuckled, leading them out into the cold New York air.

"Wow. There may be hope for you yet, Romeo," the blond teased, wrapping her arms around Andy's waist, to get rid of the chill.

"Like you're any better," Andy grumbled, throwing an arm around her shoulder.

"I hate you," Gia grunted, pinching her butt.

"I love you, too Goldie Locks," Andy laughed, heading to the hotel.

Unknown to the playful pair, jealous ice blue eyes watched from a car window as they left until they could no longer see them.