Chapter 1: The beginning

"OH. MY. GOSH." exclaimed Sky at the sight that overpowered all her senses, "Um, Sammy, remind me what we're doing here again?"

"Wow. Have you forgotten already? We got invited to this party by Josh." replied Sammy as fear, excitement and bewilderment took over her thinking ability.

"OK. What are we going to do though? I mean, I can barely move!" Sky yelled over the music that made her head feel as though it were about to explode. Sky's right, thought Sammy to herself, although now, even thinking was becoming difficult. Sammy gave out a small yelp as they were forced through the door by drunken, shirtless teenagers. Sammy looked over to her friend, but only to see her gawking at the amount of sweaty bodies and beer bottles being thrown dangerously around the room.

"I think we better leave..." yelled Sky as she turned around cautiously to wrestle through the doorway.

"Oh no, you don't! You are staying right here with me until this party is declared over! There's Josh. I'm going to go dance!" replied Sammy. So much for not leaving each other's sides, thought Sky as she pushed her way through the crowd to the kitchen/bar. Compared to Sky, Sammy was having a wonderful time, getting drunk and dancing with Josh.

"Thanks so much for inviting me and Sky. She's a bit quiet but she's OK once you get to know her. I promise." Sammy slurred as Josh twirled her around with his hand.

"That's OK. It wouldn't be the same without you. Come on. I want to show you something, somewhere quieter." replied Josh, also slurring a great deal. As Sky sadly watched her friend being led by her boyfriend upstairs, her jealousy quickly turned to fear and her veins were filled with adrenalin as she heard the unmistakeable sound of police sirens just outside. She could hear the sound of running and screaming as she searched for the back door. Just as she realised that she was being closely followed by a police officer heavily armed, she pounced at the door and ran out into the front yard where other teenagers were being arrested and shoved into the police cars. She ran all the way out to Miles road, about a kilometre away from Josh's house and 5 kilometres from her house. I just hope that Sammy's OK, thought Sky. Her caring thought quickly turned to dread as she realised that it was probably way past 11, her curfew. Even though she was 17, and was perfectly capable to make her own decisions, her mother would still wait by the phone every night she was out, and she would never fail to tell her daughter this when she arrived home. Sky walked home with a heavy heart. Even though she hated her mother, a part of her always felt guilty when she caused such worry in her. This thought made her walk even slower, when she should've been sprinting for dear life.


When she eventually reached her beautiful white Victorian house, a half smile crept onto her face. When she noticed that her mother had been gardening that day, she held onto the slim hope that maybe her mother would be in an OK mood. Wrong. Deadly wrong. She definitely wasn't in a better mood. In fact, she realised she was probably angrier than when Sky had to break the news to her that she had let pieces of newspaper go up the exhaust fan during her ITD class, resulting in a replacement that cost $40 000. When she had told her that, she looked like she was about to have a stroke, but now... Now, she looked like she was going to drop dead.

"Sky Crystal Kipriano! Where have you been? It's now 3 o'clock in the morning! I've been worried sick!" bellowed her mum in such a voice that probably woke up the whole neighbourhood.

"I know Mum. I've been worried sick! I waited by the phone for hours! I was going to call the police! You know what time your curfew is, its 11 o'clock not 4 in the morning!" said Sky in a mocking voice that was meant to replicate her mothers. Now she had done it. Now she had pushed her mother's buttons too far, and now she's stuck on overdrive.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 2 MONTHS! NO PARTIES, NO SLEEPOVERS, NO ASSOCIATION WHAT SO EVER. NO COMPUTER, TV OR... OR... PHONE!" screamed her mum. Even though she was standing a metre away from her mum, she could feel her breath on her face and she could tell what she had eaten for dinner ten hours ago.

"Whatever." Said Sky as she tried to act coolly and tried to hide her anger to avoid another 2 months punishment. She turned and stormed up the stairs two at a time to her room. The only exchange between them was the slamming of Sky's door, just to prove how angry she was.