Chapter 8- Please?

"Sammy, please. Let me help you." Sky had been pleading with Sammy for quite a while now.

"Sky, drop it. There's nothing you can do" said Sammy in between sobs.

" I've got to go. I'll see you at lunch." But Sky didn't receive an answer. Sky had maths next. It seemed to drag on and on. Instead of paying attention to algebra and trigonometry, she couldn't take her mind off Sammy. Little did she know, Mr Gumner had been calling on her for a little while now.

"Sky, you will not find the answer out the window." bellowed her grump maths teacher.

"Sorry Mr Gumner." replied Sky. The class started laughing. Sky was yearning for the end of class so she could talk to Sammy. Suddenly, the bell went off. Sky packed all her books up and ran out the door, ignoring Mr Gumner calling out her name. She shoved her books in her bag and sprinted out the hall and into the sunlight. She was momentarily blinded but quickly recovered. She set out to search for Sammy but could not find her anywhere. She looked at the Sports hall, at the music room, at the canteen, at the library, and even at the oval. She resorted to asking everyone that passed her whether or not they knew where she was. Finally, she gave up and climbed up the stairs to her favourite spot; on top of the double storey classrooms. She always ate lunch up there when she was alone. But she found that she wasn't the only on up there. She jogged up to the group of students and pushed her way to the middle. She found Cody standing next to her.

"What's going on?" Sky was starting to get worried.

"Um, well, it's... it's Sammy. She's going to jump." replied Cody.

"No, no, Sammy would never do anything like that. No way!" Sky said, in a state of utter disbelief.

"Go take a look for yourself." Cody pointed at the edge of the building. Sky clumsily pushed through the crowd, not even excusing herself for her bad manners. But, sure enough, Sammy was standing on the edge of the building, dangerously teetering over the edge. Her eyes were red and puffy and had obviously been crying. She had bruises all over herself and had cuts on her arms.

"Wha... what are you doing?" Sky felt like hurling, her insides and turned to jelly, she couldn't breathe. "Sammy, get DOWN!" screamed Sky. She started crying and yelling at her.

"You don't understand. No one loves me. Not even you. You want to know what the message read?

No one loves you. You are not wanted in the world. You are poor and ugly. You don't deserve to live. Cody only dated you to make you feel bad once he dumped you. No one would even notice if you were gone.

No one loves me Sky! So why bother going on with life." Sammy cried and screamed at the 20 or so kids around her.

"I love you Sammy. Please. Please don't do it." screamed Sky.

"I love you too. I always have. I was forced to dump you. I'm sorry. Please get down" reasoned Cody.

"You're liars! ALL of you are liars! No one loves me! They say life is short, so live it to the full, but for me, it will be even shorter." Sammy jumped. As all the kids ran to stop her, they saw her hit the ground and go limp. Sky crumpled in a heap on the floor and everything went black. Sammy was dead.