Hey guys. I'm writing a lot these days, I just haven't been able to find inspiration for SC and AATF yet. A reviewer (leeleelayla5) actually asked me to write a Puckleberry story about Puck and Jake with a side of Marley+Jake. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

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"I've got a brother." Puck blurted out.

Rachel's eyes widened and she sat down heavily on her bed, pushing the phone closer to her ear.

"Huh?" She questioned, rolling her eyes immediately at her eloquent response.

"I've got a fucking brother Berry," She winced when she realised just how upset he was.

"Oh Noah!" She sighed, closing her eyes.

"He did it again! To another family." He bit out through gritted teeth. "The sperm donor went and did it again!"

Rachel could practically see the tears falling down his face as she heard his breath staggering on the other end of the call.

"How did you find out?" Rachel asked quietly.

"Blaine told me. He goes to McKinley. He's been in Lima this whole fucking time Rach!" He growled.

Rachel heard a bang and the telltale hiss of pain. She shook her head wearily hoping that he hadn't broken his hand on whatever he'd punched.

"Rach, what do I do?" He whispered brokenly after a few moments of silence.

"Talk to him?" She suggested without conviction.

He chuckled darkly and she knew that her suggestion hadn't helped.

"I'll be home in a week Noah." She promised, surprising herself.

His sigh of relief was louder than he probably intended.

"My last class of the semester ends in a few days. Then I'll be home for a month." She continued, wrapping a blanket more securely around her shoulders.


"We'll figure this out. Together." She promised.

"Thanks Rach."

Rachel twisted the blanket between her fingers as she tried to clamp down on her curiosity.


Ah failure. She had never been able to control her stronger impulses. Which explained how often she had ended up kissing Noah in the past few years.

"Hmm?" He hummed in reply.

"Why did you call me about this?" She worried belatedly that he'd be offended by her question. "Not that I don't want to help and I'm always happy to hear from you," She assured him before biting her lip anxiously. "It's just that we haven't really talked since I left. I'm a little surprised that you would want to talk to me about all of this."

There was silence and she wondered if he had hung up on her. She was just checking her phone when he answered her.

"You were the only person I considered calling." He answered honestly. "You were the only person who gets the shit with my dad. I just...just-" He trailed off uncertainly.

"You just what Noah?"

"I just didn't know what to do," He paused before whispering, "I've missed you."

Rachel gasped at the way that his words made her feel.

"I've missed you too Noah." She admitted; surprised by just how much she meant it.

The two of them lapsed into a comfortable silence that was filled only by Rachel humming one of his favourite songs. She lay back against her pillows, softly singing the words to 'Be here now'. She heard him making himself more comfortable in what she assumed was his bedroom as she switched to 'Shelter'. She smiled when he joined her for the chorus, so quietly that she could barely make out the words.

"Tell me about New York." He breathed out tiredly.

So she did. She told him about her vocal classes and how much she missed singing solos. She told him about Carmen's lack of comments despite being clearly impressed with her talents. She regaled him with stories of her dance teacher who was a complete drunken nightmare. She felt relief when he laughed. She became more animated and overdramatic as she shared Cassandra's latest one-liners about her dance technique.

"She calls me Schwimmer Noah! As in David Schwimmer of Friends fame."

"What a bitch." He murmured while trying to rein in his laughter.

"You have no idea Noah! The woman hates me!" Rachel exclaimed to more laughter.

The two of them talked for another hour before Puck reminded Rachel about her morning classes. She was startled to realise that it was after two A.M and she had to be up a few hours later.

"Thanks for calling Noah. I've really enjoyed catching up with you." She bit her lip nervously before pushing back her nerves. "You can call me tomorrow night again if you'd like."

She could practically see the grin on his face as he agreed to call her the next night.

"Sweet dreams Princess." He said sweetly before hanging up.

Rachel grinned up at the ceiling, feeling more like herself for the first time in months.

"So I have this opening gala thing that I have to be at on Friday night. But I can ask Isabella if you can tag along." Kurt announced as Rachel breezed into the coffee shop and sat across from him at their usual table.

She grabbed the drink that her friend had ordered for her and took a sip, willing it to warm her cold body. It wasn't even quite winter yet but New York had cooled considerably.

"Friday night?" Rachel questioned, taking another large sip of her latte. "I'll be back in Lima by then."

"Lima? Why the hell will you be in Lima?" Kurt asked in horror.

Rachel shrugged in discomfort under his scrutiny.

"Rachel, Hanukah isn't for another two weeks! I thought you wanted to spend as much of your holidays here in the city as possible!" Kurt exclaimed, before leaning forward and placing his hand on her forehead.

Rachel smacked his hand away from her head and rolled her eyes at his dramatics.

"I changed my mind." She stated evenly.

"What could possibly have changed your mind?" He asked with suspicious eyes.

Rachel watched as her fingers shredded the sleeve on her to go cup.

"Did you happen to meet Jake while you were hanging around McKinley?" She asked causing Kurt to raise an eyebrow at the seeming change of subject.

"Jake? Yes." He answered, sighing when Rachel raised her own eyebrows inquisitively. "He tried out for Glee. He had a temper tantrum when Schue stopped him early. What about him?"

"His name is Jacob Puckerman." Rachel replied quietly, watching as her words sunk in.

Kurt mouthed her words soundlessly with wide eyes.

"Oh." He said, zoning out.

Rachel finished off her drink and checked her phone. There was a text from Noah asking about her day. She smiled and texted him back before clearing her throat to bring Kurt back to the present.

"Wow. So Puck has a little brother. And the kid has some crazy anger issues. Now that I think about it I'm surprised I didn't suspect it in the first place. The similarities are startling."

Rachel just nodded as she read Noah's reply. She was about to text him back when Kurt continued speaking.

"While that is certainly juicy gossip..." He trailed off until she looked up at him. "I don't really understand why or how that affects your holiday plans."

Rachel pursed her lips as she thought out her answer.

"Noah called me. He was really upset and before I knew it I'd promised to be home the day after classes end." She said quickly.

She watched warily as Kurt's eyebrow's disappeared into his hairline.

"I didn't know that the two of you were so close." He said with a hint of accusation.

Rachel tried not to roll her eyes as her friend bristled across from her.

"We aren't. Well we haven't talked all that much until last week when he called. We've talked every night since actually but-" Rachel bit her lip anxiously. "We've always cared about each other and I understand how he feels about his dad. So he called me and he's always been there for me. So the least I could do was return the favour. I don't mind going home early."

Kurt just stared at her and she closed her mouth.

"So let me get this straight. You're going home early to Lima to spend time with Puck?"

"Kurt this really isn't a big deal. Noah and I are friends and he's going through a hard time."

"Does my brother know about this?" He asked curiously.

"This is none of Finn's business. You knew perfectly well that we haven't spoken since we broke up at the train station." She sighed in irritation. "He doesn't get to keep our friendship from happening anymore."

"Do you still love him?" Kurt asked and for a moment Rachel wasn't sure who he was talking about.

"Finn? No." She answered and for the first time they both believed it.

Kurt stared at her for a moment and a smile overtook his features. Rachel gulped anxiously as he flashed her a smile worthy of the Cheshire Cat.

"Puckleberry is back on! Finn can eat his heart out." Kurt mumbled excitedly.

Rachel just rolled her eyes.

Puck stood awkwardly at the baggage claim. He was suddenly regretting his offer to pick Rachel up from the airport. Her fathers would have been happy to pick her up but he was just so damn excited to see her. And now the luggage track was moving which meant she would be walking into sight within moments and he felt like an idiot for being nervous. He was scrubbing a hand anxiously over his newly shaved scalp as she walked around the corner.

"Shit." He whispered, nerves forgotten.

She looked incredible. She had done something to her hair and her clothes were a bit more mature. She walked confidently out of the gate in a way that Lima Rachel wouldn't have. Her face broke into the most beautiful smile as she saw him standing there. He worried about her ankles as she broke into a run towards him in the highest heels he'd ever seen her wear. He caught her as she threw herself at him and held her as tightly as he could without hurting her.

"Noah!" She exclaimed against his shoulder before inhaling his scent.

He grinned before spinning her around happily. She giggled as he laughed despite the amusement on the other passengers faces. He placed her back on her feet and pulled away to get a good look at her.

"You look fucking great Rach." He announced bluntly.

The blush that crept up her cheeks and across her chest was the hottest damn thing he'd seen since she left.

"Thank you!" She said breathlessly. "You look nice as well! I'll admit that I miss the Mohawk but I'm undeniably attracted to the facial hair. It suits you."

His breath caught as she unconsciously ran her hand along his jaw line. He knew that forgoing a shave this week wasn't a big deal. His mother had huffed every time she'd looked at him this week.

"Let's grab your stuff B. I'm sure your dads have set up some crazy welcome home dinner theatre." He announced, stepping back out of her personal space.

She nodded because she was probably expecting something of the like. She seemed pleasantly surprised when he carried her luggage out to his truck for her. He helped her into his truck and she leaned forward to turn up the heat as he walked around to his side of the vehicle and hopped in.

He turned on the radio and told her to find something she liked as he turned on his truck and pulled away from the airport. He tried to keep his eyes on the road as she fiddled with the dials before settling on a station. She had barely leaned back against the seat before she was humming and then singing along. The two of them didn't talk much on the trip back to Lima, just sitting in comfortable silence broken only by their voices joining in with the radio. He found himself disappointed when he realised that the trip was over. He pulled into her driveway and turned off the truck. He quickly got out and ran to her side to help her out. The smile he got in return for his chivalry was blinding as he grabbed her bags from the bed of the truck. He carried her things to the house and stood back to watch as her fathers ran out of the house exclaiming happily. They pulled her into big hugs before turning to face Puck. Hiram Berry pulled him into a hug as well.

"Noah! My boy! Thanks for picking up our little girl." Hiram said loudly.

"Yes Noah! Thank you very much." Leroy added before gesturing them into the house. "We're just about to have dinner. We set the table for four. You'll stay won't you?"

Puck thought about refusing but he saw the same look on all three Berry's faces and sighed with a grin on his face. He couldn't say no to Rachel and apparently he couldn't say no to her fathers either.

"I'd love to."

The songs mentioned were 'Be here now' and 'Shelter' by Ray Lamontagne. Let me know what you think so far please. Thanks!