Puella Magi MADOKA Magica

Since this series has Madoka's name inside, Homura shouldn't be the only cool character in the series, right? Slightly AU, and purely MadoHomu

"Madoka, let's hyave some coffee and an expensive hotel. If you know what I mean..." Sayaka strolled towards Madoka and winked while shaking her booty.

Madoka glanced up, her eyes scanned over Sayaka from head to toe before continuing her homework. "I have things to do, if you don't mind me, please get away from the sunlight that is shining on me to emphasize my coolness."

Sayaka looked hurt as she bounced away.

Homura then came in with and sat right infront of Madoka, combing her hair through her fingers as she gave a plain look over at Madoka.

"Tonight is the night." She said.

"I know." Madoka swiftly placed her pen on the table and glanced at the sunlight, the orange light casting down at her face. "That's why I am trying my best to push Sayaka away, even if it hurts her now." Madoka closed her eyes in silence before standing up.


Madoka looked down at Homura and blinked.

"Then why aren't you pushing me away?" Homura continued.

"Because we're suppose to fight together, why would I be pushing you away?" Madoka raised an eyebrow.

"You cared for Sayaka, that's why you pushed her away, not wanting her to get hurt. Then what about me?"

It was then Kyubbi suddenly appeared and bounced on Madoka's shoulder, interrupting what Madoka was about to say.

"I think you should prepare yourself. I can sense it's coming."

"Why do you sound so concern? You actually want us to win? What a surprise." Madoka gave a withering look at Kyuubi.

"Because this is me."


"In...the...end... Things ended up like this"

"Kaname-san!" Homura looked down at Madoka as she whimpered.

"You... are strong... you're not suppose to cry..." Madoka whispered.

"The reason...why I didn't push you away-" Madoka softly smile as she placed her hand on Homura's and gave a tight squeeze.

"Kaname-san... Don't say anymore, you need to rest!" Homura squeezed Madoka's hand back.

"-is because I want you by my side, forever..." Madoka afforded a faint smile and continued. "I'm not good without you..."

Homura gasped.

At the moment, Madoka's hand fell.

And the time repeats



Does Madoka even sounds cool here? I'm trying to write her as a calm and stoic character but there might be some errors some where. So. yeah.