Chapter 3

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Emmi POV!

I opened my eyes slowly to see that I was on Becks bed, I rubbed my eyes and looked around to find no one, but I noticed the door was open. I crawled off of Becks bed and walked over to the door, I saw Beck and Jade talking by his car. I decided now would be a good time to play spy, I quietly walked behind the car but before I could hear anything they were saying, Beck shouted

"Emmi I know your there" I walked over to Beck and Jade with a big grin on my face.

"Hi" I replied innocently, Jade scoffed.

"No spying, okay?" Beck asked calmly. I did one big nod.

"Okay good, do you wanna go to the park before you go to Tori's house?" Beck questioned.

"Yeah!" I said while jumping up and down.

"Okay go put some things in a bag to take to Tori's" Beck responded and with that I darted in the house to my pink room. I pulled out another Disney princess bag, not knowing where the hello kitty one is. I opened my bottom drawer on my night stand pulled out my mini water gun, silly string and I found an old cookie in my drawer and decided to eat it (it tasted strange) I also packed my dog stuffed animal, markers and a note pad.

"Em you coming?" Beck shouted from outside, I quickly grabbed a minnie mouse sweatshirt and my bag and ran outside. Beck locked up the house and did the same for his RV. We all got into the car and drove to the park with only a little conversation between Jade and Beck.

"YAY, were here!" I screeched when I saw the park sign.

"Ugh there's millions of kids here" Jade said in a disgusted voice, beck just sighed. Once Beck parked we all climbed out of the car and I ran over to the slide, when I was climbing up the steps I saw Beck and Jade talking and holding hands on a nearby bench, then they kissed! Yuck, my face scrunched up into a disgusted look.

"Hurry up!" some boy screeched from behind me since I had stopped half way up the steps, I just turned around and stuck my tongue out, he gave me a mean look but I continued knowing it was a bad idea to fight on the steps.

Sliding down the slide was fun, as soon as I got off the slide I ran over to Beck, who was still kissing Jade.

"Cuse me, but are you done swallowing Jadeys face?" I asked while stamping my foot.

He looked down at me and chuckled "May I help you" he asked sarcastically.

"Can we feed the birdies, pleaseeeee" I asked dragging out the please.

"Em we didn't bring anything to feed them, why don't you play on the swings?" he replied.

"Fine" I huffed and ran towards the swings. Of course there was a line, I waited for which felt like forever.

When it was finally my turn on the swings I went over to the swing someone was getting off but someone took the swing, it was the same boy from the slide.

"Hey! That's my turn" I shouted to the boy who was getting on the swing.

"Not anymore it aint!" he shouted back. This boy was a bit bigger than me and he was wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt.

He now stood in front of me and pushed me down but I quickly recovered and stood up, I kicked him in the leg, not hard of course I mean how hard could I kick somebody? I guess pretty hard.

He started to scream and cry, Oh no this was definitely backfiring, I thought quickly and I sat down on the grass and rubbed grass stains on my knees. Then I started screaming as well then came the tears. (I was pretty good at it by now)

A lot of kids had gathered by now but I still continued crying and screaming, so did he. I took a quick thought this definitely looked bad for the boy, he was bigger than me, he was standing I was on the ground and personally I thought my tears were better even though his were probably more real than mine.

Then a bunch of adults rushed over, Beck and Jade probably hadn't even noticed. A lady asked me who I was here with.

"Be-beck" I stuttered through my sobs, I was really proud I was keeping this up.

"Okay where is Beck?" The lady asked gently, I pointed to a bench, where yup I was right kissing again. The lady looked over with a mad look on her face.

"Is he your brother sweetie?" the lady asked, geez so full of questions. I just nodded slowly. The lady picked me up and said "Okay let's take you to him". The first thing I thought was stranger danger since this strange lady picked me up, but I let it slide.

When we got closer to them Beck and Jade looked up and as soon as Beck saw me he shot up with a worried expression on his face.

"What happened" he asked quickly taking me from the lady.

"It seems your sister was in a fight with a boy over there and ended up being pushed over but maybe it wouldn't have happened if you were paying closer attention' the lady snapped, what a grouch! I didn't mean to get Beck in trouble but he kind of deserved it for ignoring me and swallowing jades face.

Beck gave the lady a confused look before she walked off.

"Wow, you got told by a Mommy" Jade stated jokingly. Beck just laughed it off and looked down at me.

"Are you okay?" He asked me while looking at me in his arms.

I just nodded.

"Okay it's time to go to Tori's house anyway" Beck stated, Jade groaned but Beck just gave her a look. I cuddled Beck while we walked to the car and he placed me in the back seat. I must have dozed off because next thing I know we were pulling into a driveway, Beck opened my door and grabbed my stuff.

"Come on Em" Beck said trying to sound excited, I groaned and closed my eyes, Jade scoffed, Beck sighed and picked me up but I was being stubborn so I kept my eyes closed, I was not in a good mood.

"You coming?" Beck asked Jade.

"Nah I'll stay in the car" Jade replied with a hint of sarcasm. Beck walked off and I peeked my eyes open and seen a door on a porch, patio thing but quickly squeezed them shut before I heard Beck knock on the door.

"Oh hey guys!" Tori said enthusiastically after she opened the door.

"Hey, sorry were a bit early but we had a little mishap at the park" Beck replied.

"That's fine, what happened at the park?" Tori asked.

"Well, apparently Emmi got into a fight with some kid" Beck answered.

"Yeah and they were kissing, but it looked like they were swallowing each other's faces" I butted in, Tori giggled and Becks face went red.

"I thought you were asleep" Beck asked accusingly.

"You thought wrong!" I retaliated in a grouchy voice.

"Someone's in a mood" Beck said sarcastically, he put me on the ground and handed me my stuff, Beck kneeled down to my eye level and said,

"Be good for Tori, OK?" he said before giving me a hug.

"Okay" I said slowly.

"Thanks again for watching her" Beck said to Tori.

"Hey, no problem" Tori replied while smiling, Beck gave Tori a big smile than left and I stepped inside after Tori and she shut the door. I ran over to the big orange couch and plopped down. I looked over to Tori who was just standing awkwardly by the door and she looked quite nervous. I smiled at her and she smiled back, maybe she isn't as bad as Jade says she is.

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