I was bored, hypo and crazy. Wrote a really quick story. Hope you like it and have some giggles. ((:

"Ha! In your face Richard!" Lizzie jumped from her seat on the beanbag and started to dance around Richard whose face bore a similar resemblance to a child whose ice cream had just been knock to the ground.

"Watch it Bennet," he growled and futilely attempted to whack the back of her knees. Elizabeth just darted away in a giggle.

"You're playing a hopeless game Richard," Darcy's voice grumbled from the couch his voice muffled by a pillow he'd pressed his face into. He continued in a dreary voice, "if you really want to beat her try Mario cart. She's hopeless," after a pause he added, "Maybe then I'll get some peace and quiet."

"He's delusional! Don't listen to him!" Lizzie exclaimed blocking Richard's leap for the CD stack. "Lack of sleep, definitely lack of sleep. Last time I versed Darcy…"

"I defeated you eight out of nine times," Darcy entered the conversation once more his voice tinged with annoyance, "Now can you please be quiet?" Lizzie huffed and poked her bottom lip out. Richard frowned at the two. He knew his cousin's relationship with Lizzie was sound but he also knew that Darcy was terrible at video games. Especially Mario Cart. She would have to be terrible.

"Look Lizzie! Dead flying dinosaur!" he shouted and sprang to his feet in the direction of the window behind Darcy.

"What!?" she screeched, seizing the moment when Lizzie took a step to the left he tackled her with a war cry.

"Ha! Beat that Bennet!" he yelled and proceeded to sit on Lizzie who thrashed beneath him.

"Get off me you fatty! You need to lose some weight! Daaarccyy!" she cried and wiggled some more to get out from underneath Richards weight.

"You started it Lizzie. You should know not to beat him on the play station. Especially at Black Ops." Darcy mumbled into the couch once more. Lizzie huffed again and poked her tongue out at her boyfriend.

"You're a misogynistic, hypocritical, lazy dog Fitzwilliam Darcy!" Lizzie accused. He didn't respond.

"Got it Lizziebee! Guess who's going down!" he got off of her and plunked back down in his beanbag, throwing a controller at Lizzie. She caught it before moving back to Darcy and sitting heavily on his stomach.

"Lizzie!" he exclaimed picking up the pillow from his face and starting to hit her with it. "Do you have no respect for the dead?" Lizzie fended off the pillow by bouncing on his stomach. He groaned and feebly tried to push her away.

"You deserve it. Now Richard is going to win. Just because you were stupid enough to get drunk last night doesn't mean I'm not allowed any fun. Why can't you hold your liquor like Richard? Or even Collins?!" she stared at him in mock anger before her face split into a grin at his glare.

"Collins is a babbling fool…"

"Who can hold his liquor!" Lizzie interrupted earning a hoot from Richard.

"Darcy's never been able to drink. He'd be out by the first when he was a kid," Richard grinned, evilly eying his cousin. Darcy glared at the two of them before stuffing the pillow back over his face.

"I'm Toad!" Lizzie squealed. Darcy groaned.

"I'm Princess Peach!" Richard shouted excitedly. Lizzie stared at him oddly. "Errrhh, ummm I mean Princess Peach has a pretty cool kart…"

Lizzie once more stared at the pink go Kart with a crown on the side with a frown. Richard as saved by the front door swinging wide into Darcy and Lizzie's apartment.

"Are you guys playing Mario Kart?" Charlie asked excitedly spotting the screen.

"Yeah, wanna play?" Lizzie grinned. Charlie dashed around the couch and settled on Lizzie's vacant beanbag.

"I'm Princess Peach!" he shouted. An awkward silence prevailed as four pairs of eyes swung to look at him. Even Jane seemed a little uncertain how to react.

"Errr I mean, she has pretty cool hair…"

More silence. Charlie flushed a deep red before noticing Richard's angry glare.

"I. Am. Princess. Peach." Richard growled. Charlie's eyes turned scared before surrendering. They didn't call him colonel for no reason.

"Fine! I'll be Mario." He grumbled switching characters.

"Yeah mustaches are awesome," Lizzie grinned bouncing on Darcy's stomach.

"Lizzie…!" he moaned. She froze and patted his cheek non-to gently.

"Jane, are you going to play?" Lizzie asked completely unaware of the threatening glares Richard was shooting at Charlie. Jane just shook her head and seated herself in the rocker.

Lizzie examined Darcy's sleeping, form her head tilted to the side, a small smile on her face. He was so cute. Her hand reached out and poked him in the cheek, wanting to see his eyes. They flew open in surprise and she giggled. They seemed to frown at her but then softened once they met her sparkling green ones. He shook his head and closed his eyes once more, sighing.

"Ready, set, go!" Richard announced.
"Hey I wasn't ready!" Lizzie cried hurriedly getting her character to race around the track.

"Richard stop pushing!" Charlie whined letting a bomb explode on Lizzie's kart.

"Damn it," with clumsy thumbs she tried to right her character but failed. Instead she decided to hide out on the track and wait for her companions to come around again. She cackled quietly, ignoring Darcy's quiet grumbling.

"Yes!" Richard shouted jumping to his feet making exaggerated moves with his body as he guided his character around the track at the same time Charlie let out a cry of despair and moved his thumbs deftly around the controller trying to keep up with Richard.

"Yeah, Lizziebee you can't catch me! Neither can you, Princess Peach stealer," He scowled. Lizzie didn't reply only waited. Just a few more seconds.

"Ha!" Lizzie laughed, no cackled as both Charlie and Richards karts spun out and over the edge.

"Bennet!" they both cried turning furious glares in her direction. Her eyes widened at their anger and she screeched throwing her controller at Richards knee and hearing him yelp and diving onto the other side of Darcy who startled from his light sleep.

"What in the name…?" he was cut off by two ferocious battle cries and a Lizzie burying herself into his chest attempting to wiggled under him for protection.

"Darccy!" she squealed, her voice muffled by his shirt.

"You're going to pay!" Charlie yelled and simultaneously Richard and he jumped at the couch landing heavily on Darcy who groaned heavily in synchronization of Lizzie's scream.

Darcy felt nothing but two heavy men jumping on him and Lizzie's petite body burying further underneath him every second.

"Oww!" he complained as a knee jabbed him in the thigh and then a hand in his throat. He silently cursed the day Elizabeth Bennet walked into his life. This was all her fault.

"Stop!" he cried. Everyone froze except Lizzie who poked her head out from beneath the dog pile on the couch. Lizzie timidly looked between the three faces near her. Richards was an angry scowl, Charlie's was a mischievous frown and Darcy's was an annoyed canvas.

"I am going to bed. You are all going to stay right where you are till I leave. Understood?" he asked with force. The two men nodded.

"Don't leave me!" Lizzie cried and jumped onto his back, her only form of protection against the two crazed men, as he staggered from the couch. He only just managed to keep his balance before he stumbled into their room with her face pressed into his neck.

"You can let go now," he told her grumpily. She shook her head. He groaned and just collapsed onto their bed with Lizzie still attached to his back in a tight grip.

"You lost, Bennet!" two voices chorused through the door in hearty laughs.

"No I didn't," Lizzie shouted back.
"Lizzie!" Darcy whacked her head with a feeble hand.
"Ooo! Sorry!" she whispered loudly.
"Uh-huh," he mumbled. "Just don't be annoying," he added.
She bit his ear.

So I was really bored and wrote this…It was just going to be a one shot really, but if anyone likes I'll write a few more chapters about random things the Pride and Prejudice gang get up too. Tell me what you think ((: