Owl, Horse, Shark!

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Note: 3 dots is a time skip.

Chapter 1: Mobile Phone

Dino stood in front of the mirror with his shirt tucked out as he scratched his fingers through his dishevelled blonde hair and boy, it was messy. His brown blazer was dirtied and his green trousers were the same. He let out a small pout and puffed his cheeks when suddenly his bedroom door opened. "Hey, Dino. You ready yet?" Dino's father's right hand man said while standing at the door.

"Y-yeah," Dino stuttered, "j-just give me a couple of seconds." He reached for his brown backpack and zipped it up as it sat next to his bed. Dino smiled as he picked it up and ran towards Romario.

Romario watched Dino fiddle with his school bag as he walked down the concrete stairs of the Cavallone mansion. "Dino, you better shape up as the next boss of the Cavallone Family…"

"Don't worry, Romario! I'm 15 now and I can take care of myse-" he suddenly slipped on the edge of the stairs and face planted on the ground. Romario sighed, "You say that but you're still tripping over stairs…"

Squalo sat in the back seat of the car looking out the window, gazing into the beautiful town of Pace. He heard his father in front of him babbling aimlessly about some big 'kidnapping'. Squalo sighed and pulled out his phone, pressing down several buttons with his thumb.

Minerva skipped across the bridge while twirling her red side braid around her finger. Her petite black tie bobbed up and down in the same pattern her satchel while it was strapped to her shoulder.


Minerva turned around and leaned forward on her toes to see her best friend Squalo. Her hand moved up to her head – either because she was saluting or because the sun was in her eyes – that, Squalo couldn't figure out. She shouted all the way across the bridge, "Morning Squaloooo!"


Minerva fell silent as Squalo walked over to where she was and stopped. She pulled out her phone from her pocket and checked, "Oh yeah….you did."

"EXACTLY." Squalo shouted as he suddenly kneed Minerva in the stomach. Her body went up with it and dropped her phone as she fell to the ground on her knees. She doubled over and started coughing as Squalo towered over her. "Have you learnt your lesson yet?"

She continued to cough until she replied bluntly, "No." Suddenly Minerva leaped off her feet and punched him right in the nose, "SHARK PUNCH!" Squalo stepped back and placed his hand on his face and growled at her.

Dino watched them from the end of the bridge laugh and chase each other to class. He reluctantly walked across as Squalo chased Minerva up the stairs, she was giggling and having so much fun. As he walked across the bridge, he couldn't help but notice a mobile phone on the ground.

"Whose is this?" he mumbled to himself. He kneeled down and picked it up. A little owl hung from the pink and blue phone. He picked it up and put it in his pocket while looking around.

"Superbi Squalo, apologise to Minerva Saggezza at lunch for assault," Signor Fesso scolded Squalo as he sat up straight on his seat with a small and twisted tissue up his bloodied nose. He sat with his fists clenched on his knees.

"She hit me too, that makes us equa-"

"SILENCE!" Fesso interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

Squalo stood in front of Minerva's desk while she sat down looking up at him. He shut his eyes as a sign of annoyance and sighed, "I'm sorry my dear childhood best female friend Minerva of the Saggezza Famiglia for kneeing you in the stomach this morning."

Minerva looked at him blankly when he opened his eyes to see her reaction. She simply tilted her head and blinked her large purple eyes twice in an attempt to look cute – which she succeeded in. Squalo turned his head away to hide his small blush when Minerva started giggling. "Hey Squalo, look who's blushing again!"

He faced her again and snarled at her, the blush still highlighted on his face. "Dammit Minerva! I'm gonna kill you!" Minerva burst out in laughter on her seat so much she held on to her stomach.

"Excuse me," they heard a voice from not so far away. Minerva stopped laughing and then looked up to see Dino walking up to her desk and he stood next to Squalo.

"Aren't you Useless Dino?" Squalo asked.

"Squalo! Don't tease him!" Minerva poked her head outwards a little.

Dino put his hand into his pocket and then pulled it out again. What Dino held in his hand startled and surprised Squalo and Minerva. Dino lowered and opened his hand, showing Minerva a pink and blue mobile phone. Squalo turned to Minerva, "You didn't lose it did you?"

"Now that you mention it….I think I did…"

Squalo sighed and looked at Dino again. However, instead of his usual easy going nature, his blonde hair shadowed his eyes and his face expression was blank – as though he was forced into something that he felt guilty of.

Minerva reached her hand out, "Thanks Dino. If you didn't pick it up someone woul-"

Suddenly Dino closed his hand and quickly pulled his hand away, his hair still shadowing his eyes. Minerva stuttered, "I….is something wrong?"

"I'm not giving it back to you," Dino said.

"Oi, c'mon give the phone back," Squalo demanded.

"In one condition?"

Minerva's smile faded and soon her face grew serious, "What do you want?"

Dino gritted his teeth and hesitated. Then the words slipped out, "W…will you be my friend?"

Minerva's face lost the seriousness and she looked and him blankly, innocently. Her lips kept moving but no words came out, she moved her hands around in random gestures. "W-wait. So..friend? As in friends that you make in your childhood or…?"

"Yes, just a friend," Dino's hair no longer shadowed his eyes and he was smiling.

"Yeah sure, why not," Minerva tilted her head and smiled. Finally, she reached her arm out, "Phone please." Dino gave her phone back when she clutched it tightly, stood up and suddenly punched him in the face.

Dino fell to the ground and scrambled back to his feet, holding his cheek, "What was that for?!"

Minerva's fist didn't waver and stayed right where it was, "When you become friends with Minerva of the Saggezza Famiglia, you're in for a boy and boy type friendship full of punches and insults." Squalo smiled and so did Minerva. Then Dino did too.

WOOHOO! New story already! How many ideas do I have…seriously?! How long is there usually when someone finishes a fanfic and then writes another new one? Anyway, this is my 3rd fanfic for those who haven't read my fanfics before. I've written a YamaxOC and then another GokuxOC story.

For those who know me, I'm not focusing on romance this time. Because to be honest, I've always wanted a friendship where we can insult and hit each other without grudges. Which is what I have now because I stopped becoming so agitated easily and I'm really happy for that. These days I can tease my friends without hurting their feelings.

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