Salutations! This is IsabellaWinxSirenix a.k.a. WinxMagiaDiWordGirl once again, back from a four-day hiatus with the fifth and definitely final book in the Radiance series, Ashes of a New Horizon! Hope you like it, even though this is probably going to be the most melodramatic one in the series. I know, I didn't think I was capable of even more angst either. Anyway, this is a terribly short prologue, but I didn't know what else to write. On with the story!

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The Light of Hope spun uncontrollably in the dark, abandoned warehouse, occasionally letting off sparks of energy as it concentrated on its task. The mini-sun illuminated the lifeless, mutilated corpses littering the ground, serving as painful reminders of failed experiments. For three long, grueling days, Lexicon's essence had been slaving away at this impossible goal, and yet it had to try.

What many people didn't know was the Light of Hope was actually a conscious, intellectual being, capable of thought and emotion. For sixteen years, this power, which had been cut off from any life form since the beginning of time, buried deep in the planet's core, had finally found the freedom it had so often yearned for. That freedom came in the form of Becky Botsford, a girl with a pure, love-filled heart who had shown the Light of Hope all that life had to offer. It had grown so accustomed to the idea of having a body that to be stripped of one, as had happened three days ago when Becky died, left it confused and yearning for another one. And yet, the Light of Hope missed, actually missed, Becky's warm, reassuring smile, her carefree joys, her valiant bravery on the battlefield, and most of all, the profound, perpetual love for the young man named Tobey. Then, another new emotion crept into its mind: guilt. It felt guilty at not being able to conquer the Shadow Phoenix, failing the girl who had given him everything. The Light of Hope, evolving to a higher level with the capability of emotion, had to rectify its mistake, to finally make everything right. And now came the chance to do it.

Buried in the very core of the Light of Hope, there lay an evolving fetus, one it had worked on laboriously, struggling to re-create an entire person from just a single strand of DNA. That DNA, which had been preserved from Becky's body as the Light of Hope left it for the last time, was the blueprint from which this ancient power had begun to construct its masterpiece, a living person. While it was a creating force by nature, tremendous, meticulous effort and precision went into this project. Every single strand of hair, every drop of blood, every nervous cell had to be envisioned with the utmost precision, otherwise the entire body would collapse. The Light of Hope had attempted it many times over the past three days, yet all had failed. Still, it had hope that this creation would work. It had to.

Then the chocolate brown eyes of Becky Botsford flickered to life.

So yay, Becky's alive! I think you all guessed that from the summary, but that's how. I know, I know, she didn't really fake her death, but I thought 'Lexicon's source of power creating a genetic carbon-copy from a strand of Becky's DNA by accelerating the growth of an average fetus by 9000% with the applied anatomical quantum physics' was a bit too lengthy for a 384-character summary. :D I'm reverting to the every other day update pattern, so expect Chapter 1 on Thursday.

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