"They're just jealous." Troy and Abed said in unison, as the study group's strange bickering over sexual remarks went on, Troy placing his hand near Abed in what he hoped was a comforting way.

"Alright, alright," Jeff said, outstretching his hands, "Maybe we're not a family. Maybe it's more complicated, because unlike a real family there is nothing to stop any one of us from looking at any of the others as a sexual…prospect…" He curled his fingers into fists. Maybe…that wasn't the right thing to say.

The group took a moment for that to sink in, and then…well, they looked at each other. In perhaps, a sexual prospect.

Pierce looked at Shirley, who looked away in immediate discomfort. She glanced at Jeff, who thought, Er, awkward, and looked over to his right. He and Britta locked eyes for a moment, until she looked to her right, at Abed, who wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, his mouth in a tight line. Nu-uh, Britta thought, and looked across the table at Annie. Annie smiled sweetly, and tilted her head. Britta began to do the same, then she realised, and gasped. Annie gasped similarly, and looked to Troy, who raised an eyebrow, then shook his head. He turned to glance at Shirley, who nodded, and Troy considered it for a moment. Annie sighed, Unbelievable. Then locked gazes with Pierce. Um, no, and she rolled her eyes over to her right. Jeff. Annie softened, wondered if Jeff had ever really thought of her that way. If he had, well, maybe…they could be together? Vaughn was sweet, but he wasn't…Jeff. She knew that if she broke up with Vaughn, they would probably never speak again. But with Jeff, he couldn't, because they were in the same study group, and if he broke up with her, that would be awkward. So he would have to stay with her, right? Jeff smiled at her. Wonderful Annie, he thought. Uncomplicated. He felt a stare across from him. He looked, and then…

Abed wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at him, like he had at Britta, except now he had a mischievous smile on his face.

Moment ruined. Annie noticed.

"Why are we even talking about this?!"

A/N: Well, I was watching some more Community, and this seemed similar to the other thing I wrote.

This is from 1x15, by the way, which is the episode where Annie starts dating Vaughn, and Pierce tries to be funny.