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Edward's POV

Three day's ago my family and I held a birthday party for Bella. Everything was suppose to go perfectly, but I everything that I didn't want to happen, happened. The very horrible thing that could have happened, happened.

She had been opening her gifts from the family and suddenly she got a paper cut. Everything was ruined in mere seconds. Jasper's bloodlust on top of everybody else's caused him to go for her. She could have died, she could have been killed. We got Jasper out of the house as Carlisle cleaned her up, it wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't shove her back too hard to get her out of the way just incase Jasper flew into me. That of course caused the blood flow to be much worse.

Her arm cut open, causing more of her sweet intoxicating blood to flow out, and the smell to waft around the house intently. Everybody tried to fight it, but it was too much, which is why we all left the house and Carlisle the ever suppressed vampire to stitch her up.

I dropped her off at home right away. I knew we couldn't stay, we had almost killed her. Jasper had almost killed her, not only that I hurt her as well, shoving her like that. It wasn't safe for her to be around us any longer. We were a danger to her and her life being on the line constantly wasn't fair for her. I knew I couldn't put her soul at risk being around us. We had to leave.

Which leads me to the events that are happening at this very moment.

The family stayed away from her for three days, Alice staying home from school as well as myself. The family had packed and got everything ready for the move. They stayed home waiting for me to arrive back at the house. They knew what was going to happen. I was telling Bella we were leaving.

And that I did. She was so heartbroken and it hurt me badly to do such a thing to her. Tell her such lies, that I didn't love her anymore, that she wasn't good enough, that I didn't want her, that she was merely a distraction and for her to forget about me. I left a soft kiss upon her forehead and ran home leaving her behind.

Once inside the house I collapsed on the couch covering my face with hands. It hurt, killed me practically to leave her. But it was for her own good, for her own protection. I wasn't sure how long I laid there ignoring my families sad voices, telling me it would be alright as they passed me to take things outside to the moving vans and our cars.

Then the back door burst opened, broken off its hinges crashing to the ground. Everybody including me ran to the kitchen to take a look at what happened.

" You weren't all going to leave with out saying goodbye were you?" The sweet voice of Bella asked.

She stood before us as if she knocked and somebody opened the door. But the question was how the hell did she break the door down?

" What the fuck?" Rosalie muttered as she glared at her

Bella glared back staring at her.

" Shut up, bitch." She spat at Rosalie causing all of us to jump at the evil tone of her voice.

Rosalie didn't even snap back at her. She merely snapped her lips closed.

What's wrong, why cant I speak?

Her voice sounded panicked in my mind as I listened to her thoughts shout out at me.

" What are you doing here?" I blurted out in shock.

Bella looked at me and she smiled a sweet smile, but the look in her eyes was anything but sweet. Her doe like brown eyes were replaced with cold dark blue ones and they made me flinch back at the hate that they held.

" Go be a dear and sit down in the living room. Don't get up until I tell you to." She told us looking at each one of us separately.

I had no choice but to go sit down in the living as she told us to. It wasn't that I wanted to, I just instantly did as she told, I had no control over my body. The others thoughts were frantic.

As we all set down Bella finally came into the living room with a shit eating grin on her face, looking positively delighted.

" Bella what's going on?" Esme asked her as calmly as she could.

" Yes what is going on" Bella mocked, " Do you know annoying it has been playing a defenseless klutzy human? You probably don't. I wasn't even expecting to come into this town having such great entertainment, but it got old fast. Thank God, Eddie here broke up with me. I was nearly bursting to rip his limbs off just to get rid of him." She nearly shouted out.

" What on earth are you talking about? Playing human? Bella are you alright?" Alice cried out

" Oh shut up." Bella snarled at her, " Your lucky I put up with god awful makeover's and your Martha Stewart clothing. You never shut up, and your voice is so annoying it nearly makes my ears bleed. How Jasper puts up with you is beyond me." She said in a exasperated voice

She paced back and forth in front of us, pausing every now and then to look at each one of us and would giggle.

No matter how many times we've tried to get her tell us what was happening, asked her how many times why we couldn't move and pleaded for answers. She just got tired of it telling all of us not to speak unless she gives permission. We had no choice but to shut up.

My families frantic thoughts kept screaming at me, and I couldn't do anything about it.

" I haven't been human for some time now. Going on 856 years as a matter of fact! Did you know your not the only type of vampire out there? I bet Carlisle did. That's the kind I am. Burn In the sun, can be killed when staked in the heart, that sort of vampire. The older you are, the stronger you are, more powerful. I just so happened to have the years on my wonderful self to hold such strong compulsion on you, sticking to human blood also helps. Makes things more powerful." She ranted on, " You see, I was just going to make you forget me, and go on with my life. But I sort of tend to hold grudges, I leave, I don't get left behind. That's where you, Eddie, messed up. I'm going to have my fun with all of you." She chirped and stood up.

We watched as she walked out the front door that had been already opened from earlier, and started bringing things back in at a speed much faster than any of us ever moved. She threw things in the dining room and then came back in the living room and stood in front of Rosalie.

" You don't mind if I take some of your clothes do you? I mean some of it isn't so bad, unlike Alice's shit. You actually have a good sense of fashion, something I actually like about you." She spoke.

Rosalie couldn't answer her, her thoughts were screaming at Bella to not touch her things, but she couldn't answer.

" I'll take your silence as a yes, thank you! I mean, I'm only asking because you wont need them, so why waste it?" Bella cheerfully said and asked, then went back into the other room.

I heard her going through things, clothes and shoes. Once she picked out what she wanted, which happened to fit into four duffle bags, she went back out the front door with the bags and I heard her open up the trunk of a car.

" I'll be borrowing your lovely car, Carlisle. Hope you don't mind." Her voice carried into the house.

You just had to bring a psycho into our lives didn't you Edward. When all of this is over, I'm ripping you apart, and you'll be begging for me to burn you to pieces. Rosalie's thoughts snarled in my mind

I rolled my eyes at her and focused on listening to what Bella was doing outside. I could hear her shuffling around in the garage. Whatever she was doing I wasn't sure of, but Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle was sure she was taking the money we had hidden out there.

Emergency money.

Bella came back into the house and put her hands on her hips and looked at us thoughtfully.

" I'm a bit hungry, and since Charlie already has been taken care of, I cant go back there. So I'll be bringing my company back here. If your good, I might share." Bella said sternly.

We couldn't do anything but listen to her leave, and sit here not talking, not moving.

Jasper's mind was going insane. He was freaking out, trying to move, but nothing was working. He eventually gave up, and pushed as much calm as he could out at everybody. As we all sat and waited.

From the time on clock, almost two hours had passed by time we heard the familiar purr of Carlisle's car came driving back down the driveway. Bella's heartbeat was indeed mixed with three others. As they got out of the car you could hear two girls and a male with her.

My god, is that Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, and Mike Newton? How could I not see this? Alice asked me through her mind

It's not like I could answer her back.

The four of them came into the house, Mike, Lauren, and Jessica emotionlessly, and Bella smiling happily.

" Go join the others on the couch girls, I'll get to you in a minute." She told them

They did as she told them, and in a flash she had Mike's neck tipped over as her face contorted demonically and her teeth grew into fangs. Her eyes landed on me as she sank her teeth into his neck, and drank deeply, moaning as she did so.

His body dropped lifelessly to the ground as she let go of him when he was drained of his blood.

" Ah, so good." She moaned as she wiped her mouth with her fingers and licked them clean.

She grinned wickedly as she looked over at all of us. No doubt seeing our pitch black eyes, the smell of the fresh blood causing our hunger to strike. Her grin got bigger as she stopped at Jasper.

" Are you hungry, Jasper? It's too bad to have such delicious blood so close, yet not close enough." She giggled

Lauren and Jessica's bodies dropped next to Mike's on the floor not to long after him.

Bella's POV

I wasn't expecting their blood to taste so good, especially Lauren's. My body was buzzing happily. I felt refreshed having fresh blood instead of those dreadful blood bags I stole from the hospital. The last time I had fresh blood had been months ago, after I set Victoria's frizzy haired ass on fire. I was celebrating her death of course, success in my kill, so it's only right I rewarded myself.

It felt great finally being myself again. Pretending to be human got so boring so fast. I really meant what I said to poor little Edward, I really was going to just make them forget. I was going to leave Fork's gracefully and quietly, oh well.

He just had to be a dick and break up with me in the woods! If I had been human and really loved him, and he broke up with me and left me in the woods…I'm sure I would have been heartbroken. You know, broken crying with snot running down my nose pathetically, like a normal human girl would react.

If he would have just broke up with me normally, I wouldn't have had a problem leaving after that. But of course not.. Now I had to bid Forks farewell on a drastic note. At least I'm finally leaving, might as well go out with a bang.

I made sure I got enough gasoline before I brought my dinner back to the Cullen's house, such a shame it's going to be ruined. I took an arm full of the containers and started squirting the flammable liquid in different rooms all over the house. Once I finally reached the living room where my new Ex-boyfriend and his wonderful family sat compelled, I took the last container and poured it generously on them.

Their eyes were comical, I couldn't hold back the giggles that came out of my throat.

" Oh don't you worry. It will be over before you know it! Figured I'd be at least nice enough to help you burn quicker…" I soothed them, not that it worked.

Once it was all finished I drove Carlisle's car towards the end of their drive. I ran quickly back towards the house, lit the rag that hung out of the liquor bottle, and threw it through the open door and watched for a few minutes as it all lit up in flames.

It's just so sad his family had to go with them, I mean they weren't even going to say goodbye…not that I was going to either, well I would have, but they wouldn't have remembered it.

Oh well, they annoyed the fuck out of me anyways.

I'm not really an evil person, well I have nasty reactions to some things, but I'm not evil, I swear. My temper just gets the best of me, and I just lose it.

I hopped back into Carlisle's car, got myself out of Forks, and out of fucking Washington. I stayed here to long, playing human shouldn't had gone on as long as it had. Thanks to Compulsion, nobody in Forks or La Push was going to remember Isabella Swan, chief of police daughter.

I wonder what Stefan was up to, it's been awhile since I've heard from him.

Mystic Falls, I hope your ready for me!

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