My second fanfic ne~ BOREDOM ROCKS!(sometimes) TEHEHHEHE

A/N: the italize words are the ghost of past of Mari (they communicate through telepathy)

The bold ones are the thoughts of Mari

Sometimes do you wonder what your purpose here is on earth? Are you tired of not knowing your purpose? For a certain introvert like Mari, sometimes she often wonders what her purpose is. She can't remember anything except her name. She's tired of waiting for an answer. Unfortunately she don't know where to start finding her purpose.

It's tiresome isn't?

Mari narrowed her eyes a little. "Where are you?"

You want an answer, but alas, you can't find one…

"Who are you?" Mari asked, sharpening her senses.

What you only remember is your name….you don't have your memories, you incomplete, a hollow marionette….

"What are you talking about? I do not know you, you don't answer any of my question and yet you speak like you knew me at all….Tell me then, stranger… Where did you get this vast knowledge about me.?" Mari asked, getting suspicious.

One must not need a vast knowledge to know everything about you Mari Ming Onette… It's a common knowledge to know this information about the Princess of Cownat, the fallen Kingdom.

"Prin…cess?" Mari asked, clearly didn't understand anything at all.

You're a princess, the last person who carries the royal blood. The only hope for the fallen kingdom….yet….she knew nothing but her name….

"What are you talking about?"

What I am talking about is about you Mari…you're the last hope…you held the crystal that could revive and restore the Cownat. You're the only hope….


That's your purpose Mari, to become the savior of the Fallen Kingdom…..

A hollow image of a girl appeared before her. She also has a pair of mismatched eyes. She looks like Mari. The only difference is her hair is longer than Mari and has a blue gem on her forehead.

I am the ghost of your past Mari. I fought Duel and sealed the crystal inside my body….your body…You lost your memories and now I think it's the time to let you know… You're the person we are waiting for….

"….Is that my sole purpose in this world?" Mari asked hesitantly. The hollow figure nodded.

"What do I have to do then?"

Revive the fallen kingdom using the crystal that's sealed inside you…..


Sacrifice the most precious possession you ever had….

"What is it?"

Life….Sacrifice your life Mari….that's the only way…

Mari nodded. "Okay, I understand…." She said, closing her book.

The hollow figure said nothing and opened a portal.

"Wait…." Mari said, opening her book once more.

She flipped to the page that was blank. She stared at it for seconds and closed her book again. She softly muttered a spell and the book vanished. The ghost of the past stepped inside the portal. She trailed behind her. Then the portal vanished.

If this is my purpose then…I shall do it…..If this is my role then I would play it…. I shall and I should…..

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