Blue visits…Magneto, Gambit and Sabortooth

Disclaimer: I don't own X-men but I do own Blue.

Blue: No one owns me!

Me: Hello I'm kidnapped in some blonde girls basement and she wants me to write and upload this story for her oh no not the whip.

Blue: Not act has if you don't like doing what I tell you to and if you don't you will be punished.

She slowly sneaked over to the tree, there he was with his beer and cigar in his mouth, of course he would be he's Wolverine, she moved over to the tree and moved up it waiting for her attack, she sat up and stepped on one of the branches and fell she brushed off her shirt and backed away slowly.

I'll get you next time Wolverine next time. Blue Said

Wolverine and Rogue stared at her has she backed away and then started talking again.

She then started running who else was on the 'get' list she had to get one of them today or this whole thing would pointless, then she remembered Magneto would be perfect.

He was just sitting eating a twelve pack of Taco Bell what a sick man keeping it all to himself oh well.

She walked slowly forward and began her jump she put all her strength in this one jump and jumped and his back and 'got' him.

Why did you just hug me? Magneto asked

Mags I know you had a hard life but I'm just too much of a Romy fan to let you mess up. Blue said and then kicked him in his pants.

This one wouldn't be like the rest this one would have her love in it because it's Romy she means Remy, he's her favorite she loves Remy he is the coolest of cool, he makes Wolverine look like a wuss her words not mine, The Wolverine movie is the only one (other than X1) movie she would watch and the end of X3 when Wolverine's skin is piled off.

She had to get this one done quickly or she would end up beating him and Rogue back together and it's just not right to mess with love it has to happen on its own even know it's hard again her words not mine she just has me kidnapped her basement writing and upload this for her adventures, she then began in her jump move she hit his back and toke of his coat, and started running.

Who was that and where's my coat? Remy wondered

Sabortooth he would rip her into millions of pieces if she just hugged him that's why she had to steal Gambit's coat because if he went after someone he would go after an immortal who hasn't just broke into their worlds, she jumped on him and ran has fast has she could.

Bye Vicky Blue Screamed.


Me: How do you like this story that some crazy girl made up?
Gambit: Um you should have kill off Magneto that would have made the story much funnier.

Sabortooth: Why does everyone think I would fall for that I could have totally smelled her.

Blue: Well everyone this is the best story ever made if you ask me!
Next time she will hug…

Wolverine, Rogue and Deadpool?