Blue Visits Final Chapter

Disclaimer: I do not own Blue nor the X-men or Marvel of course. All three have papers to prove it. (ThyAwesomesword note: All will be revealed in this chapter!)
"My name is Blue, how are you?" Blue asked me when I woke up in the basement

"H-how are you?" I asked

"MY NAME IS BLUE, HOW ARE YOU!?" Blue screamed in my ear

"Ouch, okay, okay I not that good, why did you kidnap me?" I asked

"Well you see I'm bad at writing, so I just kidnapped many random people hopefully you can write." Blue smiled

"M-me too." I said in a whisper

"Well here is Seven chapters." I looked over it

"I-it says what I'm saying!" I screamed

"Of course, I've already seen all that will happen." Blue giggled

"Uh, can I spilt Chapter VI in Seven pieces?" I asked

"I don't care...Just write it!" Blue screamed

"NO!" I screamed

"Well then you'll have to talk to my whip..." Blue giggled

"Fine I'll write this stupid story." I said

"H-how do you call my story stupid...You'll pay, ouch!" She said and a bowling ball hit her


"Hehehe, I have a plan..." Blue laughed evilly

"What's your plan?" I asked

"Well you see I am a super smart...I have a mission to capture and hug people, but really what I want is for my fave characters to play out their adventures in my basement...but that will be I'm going to get Wolverine and Pyro on my side...and I don't know who will want to destroy me..." Blue growled

"Uh, you're not bring the whip yet are you?" I asked

"No, not yet, not as long as you behave..." Blue said

She did get both on her said she wanted Evo Gambit and Sabortooth to follow her...she planned for him to destroy it...but he didn't even know it, she made him forget, because he wouldn't trick Evo she then told him to go to the forest after she erased his mind...what she didn't plan for was he finding out that he was going to die, she got Wolverine on her side easier than she thought she would, she just got him drunk...let's show what happened both times.

What happened with Pyro

"Hey wait a minute...aren't you Pyro?" Blue asked him

"Pyro, the greatest mutant in the world, the best fire monk, an enemy to all firefighters, I have many names also, Psychopath." Pyro said proudly

"I'll stick with Pyro." Blue said

"Most people stick with Psychopath but whatever." Pyro giggled

"Can I offer you a drink or something?" Blue asked

"A, um Juice I guess, would be nice, Sheila." Pyro said

"Thank you is a beer." Blue handed him

"O-kay." Pyro looked at it and drank it (Pyro's note: I just didn't want some thirteen year drinking because of me...I had drank before that don't believe Remy!)
"Well how was it?" Blue asked

"Bad, you should never drink." Pyro said as he grabbed the other eleven beers in the twelve pack

"Ha, I'm like Seventeen." Blue giggled

"Really, you look Twelve." Pyro said

"Well, if you don't say sorry I won't give you more beer." Blue smiled trying not to go off

"I'm sorry." Pyro said crying at her feet "I mean pff, I don't like beer anyways." Pyro said as he got up

"Better, anyways I have a will involved fire." Blue said

"FIRE!" Pyro screamed happily

"Yep, and all you'll have to do is trick your old pal Gambit and Sabortooth to follow you so I can capture them." Blue whispered in his ear

"N-no, he's my friend, not Sabortooth, but Gambit is." Pyro whispered

"Oh I didn't want to have to do this." Blue said and hit him with a forget-what-you-just-saw-and-or-hear-stick and then whispered to go to the forest later

What happened with Wolverine

"Deadpool's coming...I want to ask will you help me." Blue asked with Puppy eye look

"Little girl, what are you doing in a bar?" Wolverine asked

"I-I'm seventeen." Blue said through her teeth

"Yeah, your a little girl." Wolverine said drinking

"Here's a thousand beers." Blue said he drank them and actually got drunk

"O-o-k-ka-a-a-a-a-y w-w-wh-h-h-h-h-h-ha-a-a-a-a-a-at-t-t-t-t-t-t-t d-d-d-d-d-d-o y-y-y-y-o-o-o-o-u-u-u-u-u-u wa-n-t?" Wolverine asked

"Wow, I don't think that's even possible, what am I saying he's immortal...I want you to trick Deadpool and Gambit into coming here." Blue said

Anyways they came up with the plan to get them captured...and we go back to where we are now.

"L-let us out!" Gambit screamed

"I'm getting tired of this." Sabortooth got up and George came in...he is a gorilla, he has grey fur

Sabortooth launched himself at George, George hit him in his forehead, Sabortooth go up and kicked George in the privates, George hit him in the chest, Gambit and Pyro went out side and Comics Gambit was laying there with his coat.

"I don't care, she gave me my Coat, I don't care anymore." CG said

"Oh great, he went insane." EG said

"I am here." Trucker said and Wolverine just laughed at him

"I'll go help Trucker he's my friend." EG said

"No let me do it." Pyro said

"Why?" EG asked

"I am Pyro, the all Mighty, nothing can stop me." Pyro said with his chest out

EG and I shrugged and ran off as Pyro helped him...we almost got away in till Blue got to us.

"Where do you think you're going?" Blue asked mocked

"No where!, I'm never going to die from a bullet!" Pyro said in the background

"Good you can stay here and be my boyfriend." Blue giggled

"Never mind." Pyro said with a disgusted face

"Well non of you are going anywhere." Blue said and then we all heard a scream

"I'm getting that 4500000000!" Deadpool screamed

He then shot her with her worst fear, water.

"No, I'm melting, I'm melting!" Blue cried and to my surprise turned into a poodle of water

"She'll be better in a while, let's destroy her way of getting to us and leave." Deadpool said and we all ran out (including Trucker for some reason) and Pyro destroy them, everyone got back to where they belonged and we all lived happily ever after...wait Blue will be returning in another story named "Blue the Superhero." look for it.

The End.

Wait let's show Pyro destroying them first and what Blue did.

"Die you stupid Portals of fear!" Pyro screamed bushing the portals into thousand of pieces


Blue riding on George who had put handles on his head and a seat on his back, he was going Eight-Five MPH when the portal just when the portal closed.

"They left me behind." Wolverine muttered

"You did betrayed them." Blue said

"That's sure." Wolverine agreed

The End for real this time.