While the two guys exchanged blows, Kagura nervously explained to her brother Kamui about the date.

"So who was that brat you were with? Your boyfriend?" he asked with a smile.

"Y-yeah ..."

"Is he rich? Does pappi know about this?" he asked as his eyes narrowed to a glare which gave Kagura the chills.

"I think he's rich ... About pappi ... I promise I'll tell him ... Now's just not the right time."

"Well, baldy's gonna eat dinner here tomorrow night and it's not gonna be my fault if ever I accidentally spill some details ..." He was smiling but his tone was threatening.

"What do you want?" Kagura asked as if she already knew what he wants.

"Make me bento everyday and deliver it to my school and address me as Onii-chan." He said gleefully.

"That's all?"


"Deal." They shook hands.

The next morning, Takasugi and Sougo were both called by Ginpachi-sensei. They were covered in bruises and bandages.

"I think the two of you already know why I called." the two couldn't look at their teacher, nor each other. The silver-haired teacher scratched his head then gave out a big sigh. "But it really was a shock seeing you two last night. Since when have you guys become so friendly huh? Geez ... Youngsters these days just don't have self control. Good thing the JUMP store was near the bus stop." He asked from his sarcastic tone to a serious one. "So what happened? Is this about Kagura?" Both couldn't answer.

"This has nothing to do with you Sensei." Takasugi finally answered and a vein popped on Sougo's head.

"Heh. How ironic to hear that from someone who keeps meddling in our relationship." Sougo hissed.

"What did you say bastard?" The two glared at each other.

"Stop right there!" Ginpachi-sensei shouted and separated their glares using his hands. "Homeroom's about to start. Souichiro-kun you can go back to class and Takasugi I need a talk with you." Sougo smirked and snorted.

"Later, jerk!"

"Tsk . That cocky bastard ..." The eyepatched teen grunted. "What do you want?" He turned to his teacher.

"I know how important Kagura is to you but you're not making it any easier. Right now you look so desperate. Do you think this would make her happy?"

"Don't you dare lecture me about making her happy! You rejected her right? That night 2 years ago when she confessed to you ... I was ready to accept it ... The two of you ... But you made her cry!" Takasugi growled. "She understands me ... She was all I had!"

"Don't give me that bullshit! Do you think I wanted to do that? I loved her too, but she'll only suffer with me ... You had friends but you never chose to see! And she was never yours to begin with." Ginpachi-sensei couldn't help shouting. Other teachers started to look their way.

"If you really loved her, you'd fight for her. That's the samurai way."

Ginpachi-sensei sighed and closed his eyes and started lecturing the violet haired teen. "Oi, oi since when did samurai's became so barbaric? Takasugi yo ... It's not about fighting for someone, it's about with whom she'll be happy with ... at the end of the day, it's still her who gets to chose." When the teacher opened his eyes, Takasugi was already gone. He then again sighed and took out a big lollipop from the drawer of his table and stared at it. "Well, who cares?" He murmured then ate it all at once.

Meanwhile Kagura was panting and barely made it to class. "Ara Kagura-chan, you were a few seconds away from being late. Good thing sensei's not here yet." Otae said with her usual smiling face with closed eyes. Kagura sat on her chair when Sougo just came in. She was shocked to see him covered in bruises and bandages. She laughed loudly the asked.

"What's with that face? Bwahahaha you looked like you were ran down by a ten-wheeler truck!" She bursted in laughter and a vein popped on his head.

"Shut up! It's an image change!" He pouted and sat on his chair. And Kagura glanced at him.

'He's so cute.' Kagura thought. 'I hope nothing bad happened to him ... I-it's not like I'm worried or anything ... that stupid sadist. He didn't even asked why I was almost late. Is he not worried about me? Even though I could barely sleep last night thinking of us. He's such a jerk ...' She pouted then faced her ane go. "Ne ane go, what's wrong with Shinpachi?" she asked pointing the guy with glasses who looked almost lifeless as he kept banging his head on the wall.

"Kagura-chan ... Kagura-cha-" Shinpachi was spouting her name when Otae whacked him on the head with the shinai Oryou was holding.

"Don't worry Kagura-chan, he'll be back to normal when he wakes up." Otae answered, still smiling.

"No, I think he'll never wake up." Kagura said with a poker face. Ginpachi-sensei opened the door and started homeroom. Takasugi didn't attend their homeroom and was reading a book on the rooftop. He glanced at the blue sky then murmured.

"She was never mine ..." He remembered the words that Ginpachi-sensei said and touched his eyepatch.

The bell rang and it was recess already. Kagura was looking for Sougo who left the room early when somebody grabbed her inside the library. She thought it was the sadist who wanted to harass her again.

"Let me go stup-" When she turned and saw that it wasn't the sadist. It was someone different and familiar. "H-H-Hisashi-kun?"

"Kagura-chan, you seem really friendly with Okita-san these days." he said with an innocent and gentle expression.

"That because ... we're ..." She blushed and couldn't look him in the eyes. His facial expression changed. His eyes were dark and his smile seemed evil. He cornered her with his arms. She was shocked and didn't expect it from the kind and gentle Hisashi-kun that she used to know. He whispered in her ear.

"You know Kagura-chan, I'm not the cute and kind Hisashi-kun anymore. Did you know that when I was in America for the medication, you were all I thought about? I was really eager to be cured so I can meet you again. That's why I won't let you be taken away that easily. You're mine and mine alone." He grinned and then suddenly someone tightly grabbed his arms.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Yes, it was the sandy haired sadist with a deadpanned voice. His red-brown eyes glared at the innocent boy.

"What ever could you be talking about Okita-sa-"

"Don't play dumb with me. I'm not like that stupid China girl over there who thinks her childhood friend is an angel."

"W-what did you say stupid sadist?!" Her vein popped. Sougo grabbed his collar and whispered.

"Didn't your mother teach you not to touch other people's property?"

"Hah ... ha ... ahahahaha ..." The yandere let out an evil laugh and slapped the sadist's hand and backed away. "Your property? What nonsense! Kagura-chan owes her life to me! She will obey all of my orders. Ne? Kagura-chan." He exclaimed with a huge grin on his face. The orange-haired girl shook her head as if she was confirming it. The sadist grinned in disbelief.

"Don't joke around ... I don't know what you're talking about." He stared at his girlfriend who was behind the blonde yandere. "Oi, oi China, what is this bastard talking about? Didn't you tell him that we're dating? You're not so loyal aren't you?"

"I'm sorry; it's hard to explain ... I don't know where to start ..." Kagura wore a painful expression that started to make Sougo angry. He grabbed his girlfriend and pulled her and went out of the room Hisashi was standing there and still grinning. "Let go stupid sadist!"

"I won't let you go until you tell me what's really happening." He kept dragging her until they reached the gym's storage room. He pushed her inside and locked the door.

"What're you-" Before she could continue, he kissed her. Her facial expression changed into a light and calm one. They were both panting, but their mouths were next to each other. He held her cheeks and turned to her blue eyes.

"Ne, China ... tell me what is that guy talking about? I want to hear it from you ..." He calmly said. She shook her head and started explaining.

"2 years ago ..."

FLASHBACK December 24 2 years ago:

"Gin-chan ... I-I-I like you ..." There stood Kagura in the snow standing in front of a silver-haired college graduate. Every flake of snow that fell on their clothes melted with the warm feelings that gathered. They faced each other beside the fountain in the middle of the plaza. The silver-haired man couldn't believe it. He frowned and answered.

"I'm sorry ... I ... already have someone I like ..." He turned away and started to walk when the girl grabbed his coat and hugged him. Tears flowed down her snow-white cheeks as she begun to utter the words.

"Please ... Please ... Don't leave me ... I can't live without you Gin-chan ... If you're gone ... Life wouldn't be fun anymore ... That's why ... That's why don't leave me! I promise I'll-"

"Won't you cut that out already?! Your 15 and I'm 22 ... What would people say if I go out with you huh? Child molester, Pedophile ... I'm supposed to be a teacher!" He shouted in anger.

"But Gin-chan, I don't care what people say! I love you Gin-chan!" She insisted. The man removed her thin arms that wrapped around him. He walked away angrily. She kept chasing him until she couldn't see even the silhouette of the man she loved. Suddenly she heard a loud honk and there were blinding lights. When she opened her eyes, her friend Hisashi was lying on his own blood in the streets. The truck hit a pole and a lot of people gathered. She heard them whispering. "Poor kid ..." "What is that girl thinking?" "Even though they're still young ..." Her head was spinning of the shock but she could hear two familiar voices calling her name and she finally fainted. She woke up at the hospital the next day. The first thing she said was Hisashi's name.

"Hisashi-kun ... Hisashi-kun he ..." She started to panic and was about to stand up and look for her friend when Takasugi hugged her tight. He hugged her really, really tight and whispered in her ear.

"I'm glad you're safe ... If you were gone I don't know what I'd do ..." He shook his head and tears started to fall from his right eye. She calmly asked what happened and after she heard, she ran to the emergency room where her blonde friend laid unconscious. Gin was behind them with bags under his eyes.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect him ..." He murmured as his dead fish-looking eyes stared blankly on the two of them. The violet haired boy gritted his teeth and grabbed the man in the shirt and hit him to the wall.

"It was all your fault ... If you didn't ran away ... If you weren't such a coward ... None of this could've happened!" He punched the man who couldn't utter a single word nor have the strength to fight back. He kept on punching and blaming him. With every punch were his feelings of hatred and anger. "If only you didn't run ... If only it was me ... If only-" The orange haired girl hugged him tightly and begged him to stop.

"Please ... stop ..." She said weakly.

"You're right ... It's all my fault ... That's why this time I'll protect you guys ... As a teacher ..."

"Don't screw with me! What could a coward like you possibly do?" Takasugi stormed through the corridors with a heavy heart. Silence filled the atmosphere and the two stood there frozen.


"That's why Gin-chan worked here ... Hisashi-kun had his surgeries done in America for a long time ... It was all my fault ... If I hadn't-"

"It wasn't your fault! It was an accident!" He protested but she still felt guilty. He hugged her with one hand on her head and the other on her torso. The bell rang and Kagura tried to break free.

"What're you- the bell just rang we nee-" He kissed her and whispered.

"There's nothing wrong with being late ..." Their face was only a breath apart. Their breathing was heavy. He leaned her in the wall and kissed her again when suddenly they heard a noise. It was Katsura and Elizabeth sitting on the corner.

"Z-Z-Zura! Since when have you been there?!" She was shocked of the long-haired guy and the duck-like pet of his. A vein popped on Sougo's head and started to crack his knuckles.

"Oi oi Katsura-san ... Eavesdropping is a bad habit ..." He started to approach the guy on the corner with an evil aura.

"Zura ja nai. Katsura da! Wait Okita-dono, Leader! Let me explain!" Katsura begged for his life as Sougo kept going closer and closer.

"Then explain in less than 30 words."

"I was on stand-by the whole time." They both snapped and beat the crap out of him. Elizabeth was staring at them while sipping tea. Kagura gasped remembered her deal with her brother and rushed. Sougo grabbed her wrist with his left hand while the right was holding the half-dead Katsura.

"Where are you going?"

"Just somewhere ... I'll be back."

"O-oi!" And Elizabeth just kept glancing at the two of them.

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