A/N: The whole thing was sort of based off this line "The fallen, tricked angel bound to the chain. Suffering, suffering yet enduring the pain." Something like that and I just wrote in favour of physics.

Summary: Kise firmly believes that Haizaki is the person who saved him from his darkest moments and despite the occasional beatings, he would still love him. Then, Aomine comes along.

Warning: Possibly OOC. A dash of OCs. Vulgarities and violence (tsk tsk Haizaki). BoyxBoy. Spoilers if you follow the anime only. Errors. Self-beta. Imperfect English

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The maiden flight of the newest AirCar F890 was something that was highly anticipated. 'Flight of the Century' as the newspapers put it, booming in bold on the cover page. With a fuel engine which ran completely on a revolutionary new fuel that was safe, renewable and clean all rolled into one, a luxurious giant body capable of holding twice the number of passengers as its predecessor, and the highest speed ever recorded for a commercial jet, it really wasn't a wonder why it garnered the interest of so many people.

Five hours prior to the actual launch people were already flocking by the masses to the airport just to catch a glimpse of the majestic beauty before it took flight. Environment conservation enthusiasts were all praise of the machine's fuel. Businessmen cynically watched the aircraft closely, monitoring its progress in living up to its name. Citizens with free time on their hands gathered to watch, it would be something to brag about amongst their friends later on. Journalists, whether from magazines or newspapers, were already armed with all their reporting tools- notepads, pens, recording devices. Some even have their cameras propped and at the ready, no doubt it would be for filming 'exclusive' clips. As people poured in hour after hour, alive with gossip, some people had no choice but to stand outside the airport. Excitement filled the air, drowned out the senses and drove everyone present into a hyped up state of animated cheer.

All the surrounding hubbub did little to console the ever growing feeling of nervousness that had began to pool in the pilot since the day he was told he had to pilot the AirCar F890.

Kise sat on the bench, feet going up and down to a messy and agitated rhythm as he tried desperately to will the fear away. It was still a mystery as to why the company wanted him to fly the jet. Sure, he was in his prime at the age of twenty-nine but there were way more suitable candidates in the industry, candidates who were years ahead in terms of experience. Candidates who were much more famous than himself. They hadn't even announced the pilot's name in the news. Weird. Man, he hasn't felt this jittery since his last basketball game during his final year of high school.

One last glance at the mirror to check his reflection and adjusting his uniform a bit, Kise stepped out of the little room with a small satisfied albeit very worried smile. Turning the corner, little sobs disrupted his train of thought. Raising an eyebrow, he followed the sound all the way to a deserted passageway restricted to airport staff only. Sitting alone in the dark was a little girl- maybe seven or eight- who sat curled against the wall, head buried in her hands. No doubt, the sniffs and cries were being produced by her. 'She must be lost.' Kise thought instinctively.

On that same instinct, he approached the tiny figure, calling gently for the girl's attention. She tentatively looked up but upon seeing his face her sobbing intensified to the point of wailing. "Mama. Mama's not here."

Kise patted her head softly whilst whispering softly to her, "Sssshh, it's going to be alright. It'll be fine. I'll help you find your mother." Eventually, the sobs that had shaken her entire body began to subside into a few muffled hiccups. Determining that she had calmed down enough, Kise extended his hand to hers. "Let's go find your mother." He offered. She hesitantly placed her chubby hand onto the pilot's outstretched one.

Standing up, she slightly dusted off her navy blue dress with her free hand before letting herself be lead by Kise down a labyrinth of corridors all the while keeping an eye out for her mother. Together they trudged along with Kise trying to get the child to loosen up by initiating small talk about anything from her name to the weather to her hobby – collecting stickers- until they heard a rather heated conversation going on further down the hall.

"You don't understand, my daughter ran in there. You have to let me in." A shrill voice laced with panic was saying.

"No can do madam. Restricted access means restricted access. We've already dispatched a team to look for her; it should be a matter of time now." Another voice, this time a lot lower and gruffer replied. He sounded annoyed; the conversation must have been pretty long and one-sided.

Taking that as his cue Kise motioned for the girl, apparently named Namine Aki, to follow him towards the arguing people.

"Is that your mother?" He asked, pointing to the smartly dressed lady.

"MAMA!" The girl exclaimed, face lighting up immediately. She dashed towards her mother who leaned down to scoop her in a welcoming embrace.

"You little… Mama was so worried about you!" The lady said placing sloppy lip-stick smudged kisses all over her daughter's cheeks and forehead. "Don't you ever run away like that again you understand?" Her attempt to sound harsh was overwhelmed by her evident relief at the reunion. The guard scoffed, obviously displeased before radioing a few people on his walkie-talkie, probably to call off the search team.

"Just look at Mr. Popular. So now not only do you pilot the maiden flight of the AirCar F890, but you do Samaritan service as well." The guard said to Kise tone half-joking, half-envious.

"You're piloting the AirCar F890?" The woman looked up in surprise. "We're boarding it later; oh it's such a pleasure. I really have to thank you for finding my daughter."

"No sweat, I hope I'll do well." Kise's reply was shaky.

"What are you talking about? You'll definitely do well."

"Uh-huh! Kise-nii will do a good job for sure!" Aki piped in all bubbly and cheerful.

Feeling a sense of determination he hadn't felt for a long time, Kise thanked the two and excused himself to do some pre-flight preparations. "Ah wait Kise-nii!" Hearing his new nickname, Kise turned around to face the petite girl. "Here." She said presenting him a yellow duck sticker she fished out from her pockets, the kind that was bordered by the little golden line that made your fingers hurt when you peel them. The slightly crushed form and the back's lack of adhesiveness signified that it must have been in her pocket for a while.

"Won't you need this for your collection?"

"'S ok, Mama is more important. I'll give you this as thanks for helping me." She flashed him a big smile before skipping off with her mother. Shooting him one last look and wave, she turned to talk to her mother. Happiness grazed her young features.

For lack of better place to place the sticker, Kise stuck it on his sleeve tentatively. He would remove it later when someone reprimanded him for defacing the proud uniform. At the moment, he was much too elated and confident to care.

A sharp vibration against his thigh made him yelp with surprise before taking out his phone. That's right he needed to switch off his phone soon.

From: Aominecchi

Come back from Germany soon, idiot. I've got something to show you.

Kise snapped the phone shut, Aomine's words of encouragement had always bordered on the line of awkward but they were touching nonetheless. A spark of renewed determination stirred within him. He switched off the device and slipped it back into the recesses of his pocket, whistling as he made his way to the plane.

The takeoff had been smooth. The meter reading were all how they should be, the engines were running fine. Weather was expected to be calm for the whole flight duration. The trip was looking good; if anything it would probably be accelerated. The aircraft staffs were all excited about the prospect of returning early. Kise had just done the routine announcement to the passengers that they were now in the sky, wished them a happy flight and thanked them for their patronage.

That's when it happened. Alarms went off simultaneously, the little red lights blinking with much foreboding. An engine had been lost, the aircraft was plunging. Fast. Too fast. All attempts at executing the safety procedures were halted by the unstable falling aircraft. People struggled to remain in their seats while air stewardesses tried getting the people to grab their parachutes. Not that they were useable given the turbulence.

Meanwhile, Kise tried as best as he could to salvage the rapidly declining plane. He tried pressing buttons, flipping switches, everything he recalled from the every manual of training he had ever received in his time. Nothing seemed to be working. BOOM! And the aircraft exploded, people scattered in multiple directions. Kise could feel vertigo. Looking around he saw the little duck sticker leave his sleeve and flutter around gracefully amidst the blur of destruction occurring in the background.

"What are you talking about? You'll definitely do well."

"Uh-huh! Kise-nii will do a good job for sure!"

Craning his head left despite the air resistance he could see Aki and her mother huddled close together. Small pools of tears were gathered in their eyes. Aki opened her eyes long enough to stare at the blond before the two were hit by a piece of flying metal that used to belong to the aircraft. Her eyes looked so cold, lifeless with fear. No, wait, I'm sorry. Kise tried saying but he could be heard in the sea of screams. He couldn't lift up his hand, the pressure was too great. How could this have happened? The flight of the century going up in flames, the news would sell hotter than pancakes the next day. And it was all his fault. Why?

It was loud, too loud. Shut up! The screams wouldn't stop. They continued to pierce his ears even though he clamped both ears shut with his hands, they didn't even soften. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

"Why?" someone asked amongst all the maniacal screaming. "Why did you kill her? My sister, bring her back to me! Bring her back!"

The question stabbed his heart like a sharp blade. Stop it! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Tears were flowing uncontrollably now.

"Do you think your apologies can bring them back? Die to repent their souls in heaven."

"Kise-nii, why did you kill me? Why did you kill Mama? Why?" Aki bailed, the sight of the young girl in her navy blue dress going up in flames while she cried was imprinted into Kise's memory.

Blow after blow to his guilty conscience. By now his apologies had died down into something barely louder than a whisper. Someone help me…

It didn't stop. An endless myriad of mourning faces infiltrated his vision clearly despite the blur of tears. It hurt, make it stop, anything just make it stop.

"Why not just forget it? Forget it all."

When Kise opened his eyes, his vision was still pitch black. He couldn't see anything, only the faint sounds of people murmuring and the smell of antiseptic wafted into his ears and nose. Where was he? Why was he here? ...Who was he?

He didn't know and in response, he panicked. He was scared, scared of the unknown. He couldn't seem to remember anything. He felt sheets beneath his palm and balled them to calm his pounding heart. He couldn't make out anything in his surroundings, throwing him into a deeper state of confusion. He could feel his eyes water.

A rough hand placed itself over his, a comforting gesture. "Calm down, Ryouta."

"Who are you?" He said, unsure if the alien voice could be trusted.

"It's ok, I'm your boyfriend. You don't remember me now and you've been blinded in the accident but trust me, I'll take care of you. Thankfully, nowhere else seems to be injured."

"What's your name?"

"Haizaki. Haizaki Shougo."

"Haizaki Shougo?" Kise echoed, emblazoning the name into his new memories. It was a beautiful feeling, having something to hold onto while everything else spiraled out of control like a virus infection. Having Haizaki with him now is like having land to stand on even though the sea lapped about mercilessly around it. And someday, hopefully, someone would save him from the stranded island like how his memories would return. There was good possibility. But for now he was safe.

For now Haizaki would protect him.

For now Haizaki was his savior.

"What did I tell you about showing yourself to my guests?" A punch landed on Kise's cheek causing him to stumble backward and hit something, presumably the coffee table, as its sharp edge drove into Kise's back. "What if any of them wanted to make a move on you, huh? I could have sworn Kei was looking. That bastard!"

This was followed by a kick to the gut. "Tell me what I'm going to do. You're blind, not mute." Haizaki continued to assault the blond with kicks and slaps.

"I'm sorry Shougo-kun." Kise coughed out nearly choking on his own spit as he clutched his chest in agony, where Haizaki's previous blow had been more painful than the rest. Of course, other places were sore too but Kise could only afford to cover this much with both his hands.

Taking a look at what he'd done, Haizaki stopped. "Why do you always make me worry about you? Stay out of trouble from now on, ok?" He bent down and patted the blond mop of hair before pressing a kiss on his forehead.

Kise sobbed on the floor for a while longer as he heard Haizaki retreat to his bedroom.

Haizaki was his savior, right? It had to be true, Kise just made a small mistake. Yep, that had to be it.

"Still no news of Kise-kun?" a certain light blue haired man asked, looking up from his milkshake.

"Not a word. Cap. Imayoshi is planning on dropping the case altogether." The pink haired girl sitting opposite him replied.

"And how is he?" The man emphasized the last word for clarification.

There was a long pause. She shook her head, "it's not going well." She trailed. "I hope he gets better soon, it's been a month."

"I hope so too."

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