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Summary: Kise firmly believes that Haizaki is the person who saved him from his darkest moments and despite the occasional beatings, he would still love him. Then, Aomine comes along.

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It was quiet, much too quiet for comfort, as the little rusty elevator made its slow ascend. With a small 'ting', it reaches its destination and the people riding it get off- one walks while the other is pulled. Kise doesn't want to go back, not yet for many reasons. He hasn't had enough fresh air, that's the first one. Additionally, he knows Haizaki is furious and Haizaki plus furious always means pain. Then there's that guy:


Kise is certain he knows this person and that's why he wants to talk to him, wants to ask him, and wants to learn more about himself. Was he a friend? Did they attend school together? Maybe he was a distant relative? Were they close? How close? Why did he feel like he's just done something extremely unpleasant to the man?

Haizaki takes care of him, protects him even, but he never mentions anything about his past. Sometimes in his state of boredom, he tries to recall all that he possibly can about his life before the tragic incident. All that leaves him is a throbbing headache afterwards. When Kise tries to bring it up Haizaki always dismisses it by saying he doesn't need to know, he doesn't need them anymore. It's not something the blond believes but even so he stays obediently quiet. There was no need to trouble Haizaki any further.

In no time, they've come to a halt. Kise feels that the walk should have taken longer than it actually had. Shoved into the house unceremoniously, Kise is sprawled on the floor and all is quiet until he hears the ominous click of the lock. He gulps, already steeling himself for the worst.

To his utter confusion Haizaki laughs. Now that was something new besides the fact that Haizaki almost never laughs and the only other time Kise ever heard them was roughly three minutes ago. "Shougo…-kun?" Kise's unsure trembling voice reflects the fear and uncertainty that has etched its way into his heart.

Haizaki merely spares him a look before crouching down so he's closer to the man on the floor. With one hand he cups Kise face and can't help his lips from tugging into a smile when memories of the scene downstairs a while ago flash in his mind. Aomine's appearance was completely unexpected. Not that Kise's escape from the house was part of his calculations either but it turned out a lot better than he could have ever imagined. The look on Aomine's face when Kise admitted to being his was a perfect blend of anger and grief, of disbelief and sorrow. The very expression Haizaki had wished for the tanned man to wear since the Winter Cup of his first year in high school. How he despised that navy haired man for that blow to his face and, more importantly, his pride. He swore he would get his revenge one way or another.

Years down the road Haizaki learns about how the man has found himself a boyfriend and it becomes Haizaki's personal pet project to steal that person away. When he finds out its Kise he would be stealing, he couldn't be more overjoyed. He did have a score to settle with the blond too, playing with his feelings as well would be killing two birds with one stone. Of course, the duo doesn't make his goal any easier to accomplish. But by some divine stroke of luck, Haizaki hears of Kise's airplane crash and immediately sets into motion a new plan, along with the help of a drinking buddy he meets in a pub one day and the results are marvelous. Kise now dances in the palm of his hand and Aomine, oh that expression alone was enough for revenge.

"You did well today Ryouta." Haizaki praises still staring at Kise's face with a look of pure satisfaction; one Kise wouldn't be able to see. Oh well, Kise did a good job today and for that, he wouldn't scold him for running away. Although prevention measures will be put in place to ensure any further repetition of Kise running away does not occur.

"That person… did I know him?" Kise asks despite knowing he would probably be stepping on a landmine, that whatever reason Haizaki had for not punishing him yet would be overcome with renewed rage. He had to know, though. The guilt he currently felt was enough to rival the fear and Kise feels like he must justify his actions. If he knew what Daiki meant to him then… What good would it actually do? Still he had to figure it out and apologise, considering if he ever met the man again that is.

Haizaki's grip slips from his cheek to his neck and tightens considerably. "Don't care about that bastard. Not him, especially not him. Never." Haizaki murmurs so dangerously softly Kise feels his body trembling. At first, he's enraged but then he thinks of an idea, something to spice things up a little more. He has no doubts that Aomine would attempt to talk to Kise again and this time he would break him even more. The smirk he wears is full of malice as he continues, "He was your ex and you hated him for everything he's ever done to you. How he cheats on you with plenty of other girls. How he mistreats you whenever you're together. How he doesn't give a damn about your feelings. You can't let him hurt you again, not this time."

Kise is stunned speechless. Was that the kind of relationship he had with that person? It has to be a lie, Kise thinks. He can't just brush off the feeling of distrust he has developed towards Haizaki's answer. There was just something about the way he was hugged, something so tender so warm that Kise has a hard time buying Haizaki's answer. Those arms had felt way too comforting to have ever hurt him. It just didn't feel right. But Haizaki would never lie to him. The Haizaki he loved would never betray him. Right?

The confusion written clearly all over Kise's pale face makes Haizaki smile proudly a little before hoisting the man up. He carries Kise to his bedroom and places him on the bed before he reaches into his pocket to extract the shiny metallic objects he'd gone to retrieve in the first place since he felt Kise was becoming more and more rebellious. Too rebellious for his own good.

With a sharp snap, Kise realizes his fate has been sealed for good. Upon his feet were chains, strong ones at that, chains that bound him to the bed and left him unable to leave of his own accord. "What? What's going on Shougo-kun? What's this?" Kise frantically asks while fumbling around in panic. The chains felt cold and restricting, it was something Kise couldn't tolerate.

"It's for the best Ryouta, with these you can't away from me again. I'll keep you safe for all eternity."

Kise could feel his lips quivering. This was for the best? But it made him feel so pathetically small. Then again, Haizaki did say it so that's the way it should be, he supposed.

That night as he fell asleep more than a few tears streaked down his face despite his best efforts to bay them and the name of that mysterious stranger kept bouncing around in his head. Daiki.

Imayoshi was sitting calmly at his desk, examining the document files of the recent case Sakurai and Wakamatsu had solved regarding a certain bank robbery whilst enjoying his evening dose of caffeine, just a few more hours before he could go home and sleep. Today had been a good day too. The massive robbery case was dealt with, there had only been a minimal number of complaints from the public, no sign of any other highly organized crime about to take place, and according to Momoi, Aomine's recuperation was going well. And Aomine not giving him a headache was about as rare as finding a shiny Pokemon.

Naturally the bliss was not to last.

"Ah A-Aomine-san its b-been a while h-hasn't it?" Sakurai's jittery voice floated through the corridor, increasing in volume as he approached. And he had a guest apparently.

"Don't think you can just waltz in here whenever you feel like it asshole. What's with your five and a half months disappearance, huh?" This time it was Wakamatsu who was shouting.

Aomine hadn't replied to either of them but not long after Imayoshi heard his office door being banged open and sighed. "Welcome back and what may I do for you?" He asked, baring his displeasure at the intrusion yet refusing to set down the documents in his hand yet.

"I want you to put me back on the team now." Aomine replies surely. Now Imayoshi looks up at him, one eyebrow raised in suspicion.

"Right now?"

"Yes now."

"Why the sudden spurt of energy?" He asks, a small smile creeping its way to his lips at his junior's sudden determination. It wasn't hard to figure out that something must have happened and Imayoshi just loved to see Aomine all enthusiastic and boiling. Whatever the something was, it had to be good stuff.

At this point, a mop of pink hair appears at the door. Momoi Satsuki must have caught wind that her best friend was back at the station and promptly rushed over to where she suspected he might be. Her woman's intuition was still sharp as sharp as ever. She thought Aomine wasn't scheduled to be back until another two more weeks and sincerely hoped he wasn't getting himself into any trouble.

"Because I need to be a part of the force before I can break into someone's house legally."

Was Aomine's determined response. Imayoshi couldn't help but snicker slightly at the answer. "Dai-chan!" Momoi screams in protest, really thinking most of the police force ought to be thrown in jail themselves. Sakurai looks mortified. Wakamatsu finds his dislike for Aomine tune down just barely, it was a pity he wouldn't be able to be physically present himself.

Imayoshi's snickering escalates into full blown laughter and tears start brimming in his eyes. Oh how his junior could be so hilarious at times. He agrees to it anyway although with help from Momoi, manages to coax the man into starting work the following day. He definitely didn't want Aomine barging into houses at seven in the night for not only would it be horribly unproductive, all he'd generate given his inability to operate stealthily would be mountains of complaints. Now that's something Imayoshi could live without.

Early the next morning, it took only five seconds after the first knock for Aomine to open the door already fully donned in his standard department issued police uniform. This fact startled Momoi to no end as she would usually be made to give up knocking in favour of opening the door herself. Even after that it required much prodding, pestering and nagging before Aomine was so much as half motivated enough to drag himself out of bed and into the washroom.

But this surprising turn of events was hardly an unpleasant one. Momoi smiled a little to herself before extending her hand to the tanned man, "Let's go Dai-chan." They were waiting for the lift when she decides it safe enough to voice her opinion on his tardiness. "Boy, you sure are early today, aren't you."

"Speak for yourself since when do you ever started working at four thirty in the morning?" Aomine retorts raising an eyebrow.

"It can't be helped that I want to find Kicchan too, although not as much as you." Momoi states with a huff, "everyone is concerned about him too you know."

"Then you're lucky you came when you did because I would just have driven off by myself if you'd been any later."

"You're lying Dai-chan. You can't drive for shit and you haven't driven in five months, whatever amateur skill you once had should have faded away by now."

Aomine growls at the harsh reminder as he buckles himself into the little police car. Momoi triumphantly smiles before stepping on the gas and they're on their way to the address Aomine had imputed and saved in his phone. Seriously, he was no fool.

He even took note of the floor the lift had stopped at and had been overjoyed to find that same old stupid Haizaki did not even bother to try and fool him. Unless he was setting him up but that couldn't be possible. With their information and a little bit of snooping around the block, they found Haizaki's living apartment pretty quickly. Next step; enter.

As they had expected, the door was locked and no amount of knocking or banging in Aomine's case, could coax the inhabitants into a response. Neither Momoi nor Aomine suspected the house of being empty though and Momoi was doing her best to restrain her best friend from just breaking down the door.

"Fine. Give me your hairpin then."Aomine demands with his palm stretched out expectantly.

Momoi is taken aback by the statement but quickly puts two and two together and figures out Aomine's intention to break into the house. "You can't do that Dai`chan! Even if we're cops it doesn't justify breaking and entering. And what are we going to say if any of the neighbours catch us? Cap. Imayoshi will be so mad." She whispers angrily to her partner.

Aomine grunts but he pulls the pin rather forcefully out of her hair anyway, extracting a yelp of pain from her. Words of reassurance are uttered before he bolts out of sight. Momoi rests her head in her hands while letting out a long exasperated sigh. What the hell does Aomine mean by saying its ok if he enters through the window? That's not the least bit fine either!

But Aomine being Aomine had already disappeared out of her line of sight before she could even raise a single word of protest. Sighing, she ditches the apartment instead choosing to go wait by the car where she awaited news of Kise. And her hairpin too she thinks as the chilly wind whips her hair into a mess. Man, winter was already coming.

Aomine uses the pipe along with whatever juts out from the wall as support as he scales the flat. Somewhere along the way, he slips a little and scraps the palm of his left hand. Still he presses on until he reaches the window he's looking for. Panting slightly he takes Momoi's pin out of his pocket with his right hand while his left grabs on tightly to the metal bar above the window for support. Grimacing at the pressure being exerted onto his newly acquired injury he makes as quick a job of the lock as possible. It really was bad luck his left hand couldn't twist pins expertly enough to pick locks.

The small 'click' signifies a job well done and Aomine hurriedly pushes himself over the ledge, into the room, kicking over several cups that had been resting on the table in the process.

"Shougo-kun?" Kise uncertain voice resonates from the other end of the hall. Kise is baffled to say the least. Hadn't Haizaki already left earlier, he even had some meeting of some sort to attend and had left earlier than usual. There were possibilities of course. "Did you forget something?"

He is met with nothing but silence as Aomine makes his way to the room without a word. Kise is anxious now. Why would Haizaki be back so quickly? Why was he so eerily quiet? Did he do something wrong again? There was nothing he could evidently remember doing to have upset his boyfriend that he hadn't already been punished for, was there?

Aomine makes his way towards the bed where he finds the blond sitting on silently. Kise doesn't flinch, doesn't even make a comment about the male's intrusion, he merely stares at his fingers and twirls them around and around nervously. Indeed he is behaving way too strangely. "Kise." He calls as gently as he could muster.

The man snaps his head towards the source of the sound. This voice was vaguely familiar and yet Kise couldn't quite place it but it was definitely not Haizaki's. Then realization hits him, the person from yesterday! He retreats as best as he could in his state of blind helplessness. This person had harmed him before.

"Kise, why are you running away from me?" The tone sounds so hurt it shocks Kise into forgetting he was trying to put as much distance as possible between them. Kise doesn't know he should react to that question. Why was he evading him? Why, it was simply because he feared him. Yet somewhere inside, he doesn't want to be apart from the other person's company at all. There were a variety of reasons: he wanted the companionship the other male offered, he wanted to know more about the past he never knew he had, and he just feels safer for reasons unknown to him.

"Stay a-away." Kise stutters. Aomine finds that he absolutely hates the way Kise is looking so frail and unsure, so lost, so broken, as was reflected by the tears that glazed his golden yellow eyes.

"Do you know who I am?" Aomine challenges. Kise's tongue is tied. All he knows is all Haizaki's told him and every fiber in his body is telling him that's a lie.

"I know your name is Daiki… You called out to me after I was hit with something, and then you hugged me…" It doesn't really answer the question but it's all Kise can manage to utter.

Aomine stares at the slumped figure a while longer before moving over to sit on the bed, the old bed frame creaks a little with the introduction of the added weight. Kise hiccups a little. He knows Daiki is there and yet he was unable to do anything. As Aomine sits on the bed with his legs tapping carelessly on the floor he ponders the awkwardness of the situation. Damn, having a smooth tongue has never been his forte. He notices how the blond retracts a little, how his arms are pulled across his body in a defensive posture.

"Are you really that afraid of me?"

The question appears to startle Kise as he jolts slightly. "B-But Shougo-kun s-said…"

"And when have those bastard's words ever mattered?"

"But he's my boyfriend. That's why, that's why…"

Aomine cringes at the statement. It sounded wrong, it felt wrong. What poisonous rubbish has that asshole been feeding his Kise? Then again, it just might explain some of Kise's weird reactions. "Ok that's it we're getting out of here."

Conflicted feeling swirled around in Kise. He would like to leave the house but he doesn't. He is afraid of Daiki but he isn't. "I can't."

"Yes you are. You are classified under missing person and are to be brought back to the station immediately."

Kise looks up with so much bewilderment on his face at the statement it was enough to surprise Aomine as well. His mouth opens and closes a couple of times, as if he wants to say something but isn't sure what. Aomine stands up and extends his hand to Kise, gesturing for him to follow. Oddly enough, Kise stares at the hand but doesn't move, doesn't even show any sign of acknowledging the palm before him. Strange, it's almost like he can't see. The thought crosses Aomine's mind a second time within twenty-four hours and his suspicion tugs annoyingly at his conscious.

Just to be sure he raises three fingers and holds them in front of the blonde's face, the basic test. As he expects Kise doesn't so much as bat an eyelash. Nothing. "You can't see." It was a mere whisper but Kise tenses up incredibly when he hears it. The action does nothing but confirm Aomine's suspicions. So he can't see and he can't remember.

He's too rash. Aomine knows this because it's something Momoi takes upon herself to constantly repeat in his ear. Sometimes though, it's better to not think that much. And Aomine is in the midst of pulling Kise before he realizes Kise's handcuffed to the bed frame by his legs. Oh, Haizaki was going to be a dead man. Kise squirms in his grip looking even more scared than he already was.

Aomine growls. "Hey I'm not going to do anything so stop resisting."


The excessive use of 'buts' in one day was really starting to grate on Aomine's patience. Here he was already trying to take this with all the sense and reason he could muster while Kise, his lover, whom he hasn't met in months treats him like he doesn't mean a thing. He is afraid of him for crying out loud.

Using the pin he'd snatched from Satsuki earlier, Aomine expertly picks the handcuffs open. He was a cop for a reason after all. Before he reaches to pull the blond again, he lets his hand rest tentatively on Kise's arm and squeezes reassuringly, "I don't care what Haizaki's said about me but, I'm Aomine Daiki and you can be sure as hell you're going to remember me."

For some reason, Kise decides he wants to leave the house after all.

Momoi Satsuki was starting to get tired of waiting. Within the past ten minutes, she had fiddled idly with her phone but there was absolutely nothing worthwhile on it. She turned on the radio in time to hear a man belting out some love song. Geez, being Aomine's partner sure had many downsides. Another five minutes later, she spots her tanned best friend waking out of the apartment while supporting a certain blond over his shoulders.

She brightens up instantly. How she missed having the pilot's company, he's the only one who shared her passion for watching dramas and they constantly shared opinions and predictions with each other. They also liked to send new recommendations to each other. Whenever that happens, it is usually a fuming Aomine who gets caught in the middle and he somehow manages to complain all the way.

"Kicchan! Dai-chan!" She calls excitedly, waving wildly at the duo as they make their way to the car. Aomine grunts in response. Kise looks around quizzically. Kicchan? Dai-chan? Was that referring to the two of them? It probably did since it corresponds with their names which meant someone else whom he ought to know.

Kise is helped into the backseat of the car where he sits and listens to the two people discuss matters he doesn't understand much like a how a child would observe his parents. Their voices are tiny and muffled so Kise guesses they aren't in the car yet. He catches whiff of something about vision and memory so he supposes Aomine is explaining the current conditions to the strange woman that had called out to them earlier.

"What do you mean he's lost his memory? And he can't see?"Momoi practically screams when she's told the news. "Are you trying to tell me Kicchan… That can't be possible."

"Unfortunately it is."

Momoi swears she could feel herself on the brink of crying then she notices Aomine's expression. Poorly concealed anguish has etched itself into his face, carved into the very essence of his features. Momoi decides to gulp down her own emotions, at least whilst professionalism still called for it, "We could bring him to Midorin's clinic. It's also in Tokyo. I'm sure if it was medical, he'd know what to do. And he would be thrilled to see Kicchan too!"

Aomine feels like scoffing. Knowing that green-haired tsundere, he would definitely not admit he was worried about Kise at all. He bites it back and agrees nonetheless, purposely choosing to sit behind with Kise throughout the ride.

"Um Aomine-san," Kise asks after a long period of silence. Both Aomine and Momoi frown slightly at how Kise suddenly feels so distant from them. "Who?"

"Oh right, that's Momoi Satsuki. She's a… friend." Aomine answers. Kise is taken aback. He had expected to be hit, or strangled or shouted at but Aomine had done none of those things. On the contrary, he's answered him nicely. Maybe now I'll finally get some answers. But before he could ask anymore, they arrive at wherever they had been driving to and the three of them eventually get out of the car.

Warm air coupled with the faint smell of antiseptic greets him after a while of walking. "Aomine-san what am I doing here?"

"Its fine Midorima is a huge sourpuss of a friend but he's a good doctor."

Momoi sprints to the reception counter where Takao was busy organizing the piles of patient files on his table. Noticing Momoi, he was about to greet her when he notices the other two trailing behind her and lets his jaw drop in surprise. "Is that… Is that?" The pink-haired girl nods.

"We want to see Midorin I mean Dr. Midorima as soon as possible if you please."

Takao nods with understanding before scribbling something down on a paper, punching in all sorts of information into his computer and eventually disappearing behind the counter all together. His loud cries of "Shin-chan!" could be heard from the holding area.

Midorima waltzes out of his office a little while later, skeptical eyes scanning the area until they land on the familiar mop of yellow and he nearly gapes. He motions for them to enter the examination room and all three make their way slowly there. Kise shuffles anxiously, glancing around out of habit since he can't actually see. The hand on his waist pulls him closer. "Relax." Came the coarse whisper and Kise finds himself calming down at the smoothing tone of the masculine voice.

Seated on a chair, Midorima launches into the routine basic check. He's already been briefly informed of the situation from Momoi who currently sat beside Aomine, both was looking very worried. He takes Kise's temperature, heart rate, measures his pulse and finally sends the worrying friends out for their nail-biting and foot-tapping were getting too irritating for Midorima to work optimally.

After what feels like hours, Midorima draws out a conclusion from his analysis. "He has trauma-induced amnesia. I also believe his blindness may be caused by the shock since there is nothing actually physically wrong with his eyes." Momoi covers her mouth with her hands. Aomine looks crestfallen. Midorima and Takao look a bit down themselves. "Well, I'd suggest bringing him around to meet people he knows, see if we can make him remember anything. It would be better to use auditory means, of course. There isn't any medicine we can actually provide."

"Let me try then!" Takao exclaims with a large smile, "I'm Takao Kazunari. Ring a bell? No? Let's see um… Well I think the first time we actually talked was after watching the Rakuzan vs Seirin match during Winter Cup together. We met a lot subsequently. I always asked you about what Shin-chan was like in middle school because I was curious and you'd always offer me great love advice that only works one out of ten times..." Takao trailed off when he could not seem to jolt any form of recognition from Kise.

"And I have one additional piece of information to add, if you'll please." Midorima directed to Aomine and Momoi. The two approached him and he whispered something into their ear causing both their eyes to widen significantly.

Takao depressed from his failure dejectedly walks back to his place behind the counter. Alone, Kise feels lost although he knows he's supposed to be friends with the four people in the room. He wishes he could remember something but every time he tries, he feels his skull pulsate and the ripping pain causes him to stop trying. He always feels like the memories are right there though like he only needed to extend his hand and he would remember. But those hands are weighed down by a piercing pain every time he so much as tried to lift them.

He is snapped out of his musings by a hand placed on his shoulder. "Let's go and meet some people." It was Aomine who was speaking to him. He nods, very willing to try his best to remember whatever he could. Already he feels like he's hurt three people by simply not being able to recall who they were. He wasn't too sure about Midorima though since that guy's voice hadn't sounded particularly pained although he did make a funny sound at some point.

"Well then Dai-chan, I'll leave Kicchan to you. I'm going back to the station first." Momoi says before entering their police cruiser and driving away. The news Midorima told her previously still ringing in her ears.

"I'd better get back to work too. I still have other patients to attend to." Midorima retreats quickly back into his clinic.

Aomine has two other people in mind he wants Kise to meet. First being the perpetually invisible kindergarten teacher, Kuroko Tetsuya and the other being the annoyingly loud fireman, Kagami Taiga. Then he realizes both places were pretty far away and the only mode of transport he has now is walking. Takao is quick to offer him the rickshaw, though. After a quick double take Aomine decides it's better than nothing at the very least so he accepts the kind proposal.

The two make their way down the streets of Tokyo attracting the attention of bystanders as they went. Kise is tempted to ask more questions about his past but somehow the atmosphere doesn't feel appropriate. Aomine must need all his breath to pedal the rickety contraption anyway. After a while more of cycling both of them find that they're hungry, it was lunchtime, and so they mutually agree to stop by the Maji Burger that Aomine spots not too far from them.

"Oh! Well if it isn't Assholemine."

"What was that Bakagami? No, actually, just in time." Aomine pulls the blond with him towards the table where his redhead companion had called out to him from.

"Nice to meet you Aomine-kun. Kise-kun too." Kuroko says scaring Aomine out of his wits since he has failed, once again, to notice Kuroko's presence before the quiet boy spoke up. Kise visibly perks at the mention of his name.

"Oh Kise. It's been a long time huh? Where've you been?" Kagami casually asks.

It did not take long for the sitting couple to detect the anomaly, the most obvious sign being how Kise had failed to launch himself onto the smallest male amongst them and squeal his nickname at the top of his lungs. Then there was also how he didn't seem like his usual overly-cheerful, bubbly self. Even Kagami who was not exactly the brightest bulb in the box could tell something was not right.

"Yeah just listen to me first." Aomine explains the situation simply, Kagami and Kuroko only nod when they're told to try to spark off Kise's memories. Aomine has Kise squeezed into the booth beside Kuroko before he plunks down beside Kagami who was slightly ticked at having his date interrupted but refrained from saying anything in lieu of the situation. The tenseness is suffocating.

"I don't mind helping not now since it's my off day today but even if you say that I don't really know what to say…" Kagami mutters.

"Why not have Kise-kun ask questions, and then we'll answer them." Kuroko suggests in between sips of his vanilla milkshake.

"Ah that's a good idea Tetsu."

The spend the next few hours going back and forth this way with Kise asking and one or all of the other three answering him, sometimes whole stories are reminisced. They have short breaks whereby food and beverages are replenished. Aomine helps Kise with eating his burger; the movements are more delicate than when Haizaki messily shoves it into his mouth, Kise notes. By the time they end, the sun was already setting. Kagami and Kuroko declare their leave and get up to exit the restaurant.

Kise sits at the table, head woozy from the sudden influx of information. Tracing back, he recalls that he went to Teikou Middle School where he started playing basketball shortly after. As a regular member, he was a part of the famous Generation of Miracles along with Midorima Shintarou, the doctor and ex three-pointer shooting guard. Aomine Daiki, the policeman and ex power forward. Kuroko Tetsuya, the kindergarten teacher who used to play supporting role by specializing in passing. Momoi Satsuki, also a cop, was the manager and she did an incredible job gathering information on their enemies. Murasakibara Atsushi, currently a patisserie although he used to be an almost impregnable center. And Akashi Seijuurou, the captain and most feared point guard who was now a shogi player.

Kagami Taiga was someone he met in high school when his school, Kaijou High, had a practice match against Seirin and lost. Takao Kazunari from back at the clinic was also his friend and Midorima's partner. None of them mentioned Haizaki anywhere. Kise hadn't asked either since he was too distracted with other questions. One answer could raise several other questions to ask and it had stretched into hours before he knew it. Aomine said he'd take him to Kanagawa prefecture the next day to meet up with his old classmates as they'd be able to share some other information that Aomine probably hadn't had known since they went to different schools. He also wanted him to meet Murasakibara and Akashi. And he'd take him to see his family. Kise's parents had never liked the fact that her only son was dating a guy, although his sister had shown no signs of disapproval. Meeting Kise's parents has always been a hassle but Aomine knew he had to do it. In the meantime, Aomine decides to talk a little more with the blond he's missed.

They're at the nearby river, lying on the soft carpet of grass while the gentle breeze playfully pulls at their hair, the rickshaw parked on the road. "Kise, how did you meet Haizaki anyway?"

"Shougo-kun? He came to pick me up at the hospital. He's really sweet and he's been taking care of me all this time. He makes sure I don't get hurt and such."

Jealousy. It was definitely the jealousy that overcame Aomine, drowned out the rest of the blonds' answer and pushed him to act like he did. He barely recognized what he was doing, body leaning forward until he was just in front of the blond. His breath gave away his position spurring Kise to stop talking. He's about to ask what Aomine what he was doing when he feels something warm pressed against his lips.

Warmth radiated through his entire being as the sensation of familiarity and foreignness bloomed in him. He was being kissed. Aomine was kissing him. Both his heart and his head pounded noisily in their place. Kise can feel a headache coming again, the same kind he felt whenever he tried to remember something. Why? He wasn't even trying.

"Blah blah blah blah, stop spouting flowery nonsense about that bastard already." Aomine growls when he releases the kiss. He was already putting up with a lot at the moment there was no way he was going to stomach Kise singing praises of Haizaki to high heaven. Kise didn't like Haizaki. He had more than one reasons not to. The two had not gotten along since middle school and Haizaki was always finding some way or another to look for trouble with Kise.

Looking up, his eyes widen minutely at the sight. There Kise was sitting with his back facing the setting sun, its rays illuminating his gorgeous features.


Then he falls forward, eyes shut and barely breathing.

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