Souji takes a step forward and goes head on Hikari his sword on his hand.

She swiftly dodges his blow with ease, while a strange light surrounds her.

He is pushed back but not before throwing his sword aiming for her neck.

He smirks as she doesn't move an inch from where she standing but she slowly raises her hand and the sword passes through it.

Souji's eyes widened in shock at this.

She laughs and around her dark red wings appears and she throws a punch to his stomach.

He falls to the ground his whole body in pain.

He feels dizzy, his eyes are closing, his lungs are begging for air. Blood falls from his mouth and he starts coughing hard.

Saito looks at his comrade in worry "Souji!Are you alright?!"

He gets no reply from his friend.

His deep blue eyes burn with fury and he glares at the demon "You will pay for what you have done! Be ready to die!"He cries.

A laugh rises from her throat.

" Hahaha ! You humans are so foolish!I will enjoy seeing you in pain begging for me to allow you to live. So come on at me!"She exclaims and Saito rushes forward his beloved sword in his hand and strikes at her.

She takes a step back and dodges his attack.

Saito faster than the eye could see cut her hand down.

Blood spilled and fell on him, painting his bright blue haori red.

The demon let out a terrifying scream while looking at Saito shocked.

"…How?!" She cries and her eyes turn red and are completely wide.

A wide grin appears on her face.

She thrusts forward and sends a powerful kick on his chin; before he could react she hits his head hard with her own and delivers a punch on his stomach.

He is thrown several meters away and he bits his lip in pain.

"How… powerful… «He mutters and slowly stands up.

"Hajime-kun, watch out!" Souji's voice brings him back in the present and he looks up to see Hikari ready to punch him.

He managed to dodge by kneeling down and at the same moment he kicked her right leg making her lose her balance for a second.

She turns around, then jumps high in the air and buries her sword on his shoulder.

He cries in pain as the blade is met with his skin and he is thrown back ,bright red liquid falling from his wound.

In a second she was again in front of him ready to give the final blow.

Souji appears and takes the attack for him and is sent flying in the air once again. He spits blood.

Hikari stands there her long hair now filled with blood her hand in the air.

He slowly starts falling down and she jumps high and kicks him in the face.

He lets out a pained scream as he meets the ground hard.

Saito comes before her and slices his sword through her back.

She just laughs madly as she takes the sword out of her skin.

Saito's eye widened in shock as she grabs him from the hair and pushes him to the ground with inhuman strength.

He coughs up blood.

She puts her leg on his head rubbing it on his head.

On the meanwhile Souji has managed to stand up and punches her with all his might on her chin.

She is sent some meters away from them.

Souji rushes to his friend side "Are you okay Hajime-kun?!"He questions the man who bits his lip and nods.

Saito slowly manages to stand up with the help of the other swordsman.

Then his comrade fell to the ground clutching his neck and coughing up blood.

He feels like he wants to throw up. It hurts so much!

He can't breathe , he clutches his head in pain and lets out a scream "STOP!"

Saito looks at him shocked "What is happening?!"He asks and he hears his enemy's voice.

"He is being tortured. "She simply said a mad grin on her face as Souji fell to the ground breathing even faster than before.

His eyes are widened in pain.

It feels like thousand blades are cutting him at the same time for hours.

« Stop! Just stop! »He begs over and closes his emerald eyes while his whole body is shaking in fear and pain.

Saito looks at him and then he starts shaking "Snap out of it Souji!"He cries and his friend turns to look at him not really understanding who is standing next to him.

He all of sudden clutches his stomach and lets out another pained scream "NO!"

Saito closes his eyes and bits his lip "I am sorry for doing this Souji but this way you won't suffer anymore. «He whispers before hitting him in the neck and making him lose consciousness.

He turns back to his opponent who is looking at the scene with a smirk on her face

"How does it feel to see your friend suffer so much?!Does it hurt?!" Hikari questions him her eyes shining with happiness.

Saito slowly raises his head and looks her straight in the eye.

She without even realizing takes a step behind in fear.

'His …eyes… ' She thinks as he glares at her 'He looks like a demon itching to kill.' She finally understands and laughs.

She licks her lips "This is going to be fun. Don't you dare to spoil my fun you foolish human. «She comments.

He stays silent for a moment before he says those words "You are going to die today. You are going to suffer so much that you will beg for me to stop. «His voice is cold as an icy wind and his glare makes her shiver in fear for a second.

Before she could even see him, he rushes forward and strikes his sword pierces through her stomach.

In a second he grabs her from the hair and punches her with almost inhuman strength she falls to the ground blood falling from the wound from her head.

She opens her eyes and stands up slowly in a swift motion he is in front of her and buries the sword straight to her heart.

She turns to look at him in shock, her eyes widened in surprise and she lets out a bitter laugh "So this is the end for me, huh?" She manages to say before she fell to the ground barely managing to breath.

Saito twists the sword inside of her breaking all the bones in her back with only one move.

She cries in pain and he smirks at her "That is for what you did to Souji."

Then he took his sword out and cut her head that is thrown away her blood spilled on him.

He lets out a pained breath and fell to the ground. His vision was starting to get worse "I can't go on anymore." He thinks and faints.

The end

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