He opens his eyes azure eyes and looks around him; he tries to stand up but wince from the pain and bits his lip.

'What happened?' He wonders his memory still blurry then his eyes widen slightly in surprise as he sees Chizuru holding his hand tightly while being asleep.

"Chizuru..?"He calls her name confused and tries to move to the other side to face her.

He smiles slightly and caresses her cheek gently while pulling her closer to him.

As he looks at her his heart beats faster than before and a blush comes to his cheeks.

Without realizing he closes the small distance between them and kisses her sweetly.

The girl responds to the kiss in her sleep and wraps her arms around him.

Slowly he ends the kiss and lets the girl sleep, laying her head on his chest.

Saito glances outside the window to be met with the sight of the snow falling.

Then all of the events come back to him, his eyes widen ever so slightly as he silently wonders what happened after he fainted.

"She must have taken care of me…'He realizes and smiles at Chizuru who is sleeping peacefully while listening to his heartbeat like it is a lullaby.

Slowly he lets himself fall asleep again; his love inside his arms, a small smile finds a way to their lips.

A man with shining green eyes watches the scene and chuckles slightly "It seems that you found your special someone Hajime-kun." He whispers to himself and closes the door silently but before he leaves he mouths "Good luck."

His steps echo in the hallway as he remembers what happened three days ago.

His emerald eyes are now filled with sadness and anger.

'I was so useless on this fight.' He murmurs to himself as he punches the wall angrily.

He then looks away and leaves.

Chizuru woke up from a startling sound, she blinks and yawns slightly not fully aware what is going on yet, she slowly looks up at and sees Saito Hajime the man she loved sleeping peacefully.

She touches his forehead worried, the last two nights he had been burning with fever.

Relief washed over her as she saw that his fever had cooled down already.

She smiles ' I am glad you are alright Saito-san.' She thinks.

She looks outside the window her eyes saddened as she remembers the events that happened three days ago.

Chizuru had woke up from the noise of the fight but decided to not move an inch because she would be a bother for Saito-san and Okita-san.

She bit her lip and forced herself to stay silent.

Some minutes later it seemed like the battle had ended. She immediately stood up and ran outside to see what happened.

" Saito-san ! Are you alright?!"She exclaimed as she ran out the corner.

She gasped and her eyes widened in horror as she saw the man she loved lying in a pool of blood.

She stood there for a moment completely frozen but after the shock she ran to his side.

She leans closer to his chest to hear his heartbeat.

She sighs in relief when she hears it.

His face twisted in pain as she touched his arms slightly. Chizuru looked at him and bit her lip. It hurt to see him in so much pain.

She cut a part from her kimono and wrapped it around Saito's right arm where the wound was worse than the other ones.

She caressed his face gently while muttering comforting words and holding his hand.

His breathing was faster than before, she touched his forehead.

Her eyes widened, he was burning up!

She hurried to the kitchen and put a wet towel on his forehead to ease the fever.

She bit her lip as she listened to his breathing finally calming down , she sighed.

Then she heard a familiar voice calling her though it sounded weak to her ears "Chizuru-chan." It called and she turned to see Okita Souji looking back at her wincing in pain.

She looked at him surprised and thought that she had completely forgotten about him!

" Okita-san! Are you alright?" Chizuru asked as she rushed to his side as the man was slowly trying to stand up but failing.

He fell to the ground again "Damn." He cursed and looked at her "I am alright! Well…Expect that little scratch on my arm but it is nothing you should worry about!" He replied with a small smile but she touched his arms and pain appeared on his face.

"Okita-san, that's a pretty bad wound you know, you should take more care of yourself."She scolded him annoyed and she sighed at his actions.

She started treating his wound they were silent for a moment when she finally couldn't resist and asked the question she had been wondering all of this time.

"Okita-san…what happened?"

The man looked away and closed his eyes "There was a girl…who suddenly appeared in the headquarters and tried to kill you. I found out and soon I and Hajime-kun got into a fight with her." He started explaining.

"We also find out that she was that bastard's Kazama's little sister…It seems like Hajime-kun killed her!"He finished cheerily with a smile.

She nodded and looked at the blue haired samurai a worried gaze in her big brown eyes.

Souji saw this and his eyes softened at the sight and touched her shoulder making her turn to look at him surprised.

" Okita-san ?"Chizuru called his name confused.

He just smiled "…Go and take a good care of Hajime-kun or I will kill you…"He said as he stood up.

She looked up at him surprised and she smiled "Yes of course!I will! Please excuse me!" She said and ran off to her beloved's side.

The green eyed man looked at them a lonely look inside his eyes as he left the room in silence.

Chizuru continued taking care of Saito-san until finally on the afternoon he opened his eyes.

" Saito-san! You are awake!"She couldn't help but exclaim.

She rushed to his side her face shining with happiness.

He turned to look at her and smiled softly "Yes I am back now…What happened to me?" He asked the girl who all of sudden hugged him tightly.

"Y-You were hurt very badly…I-I was so worried about you Saito-san."She cried on his chest tears falling from her eyes.

He caressed her hair gently trying to calm her down "Ssh you don't need to cry I am okay now."

He whispered as he held up her chin forcing her to look into his eyes while wiping a tear away.

The girl nodded trying to smile at him but the tears refused to stop falling.

" I am just so relieved…that you are alright…"She admitted blushing slightly as he smiled at her.

" I am glad Chizuru."He said and leaned closer until their foreheads were touching and whispered "I love you."

Then he closed the distance between them and he kissed her.

The end!

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