Saito leaned closer to girl as he spoke those words,his lips inches away from hers.

"Chizuru,I love you." Then he closed the distance between them and their lips met.

The kiss was so sweet and filled with almost made her melt into his strong arms.

Chizuru felt something magnificent at this moment and she couldn't help but smile in the kiss and wrap her arms around the man she loved with all her heart.

He looked at her surprised that she hadn't pushed him away from her and his eyes softened almost like saying "Thank you Chizuru."

At that moment as they kissed under the moonlight snow started falling from the dark night sky.

The blue haired man smiled to himself and enjoyed the beautiful moment they shared under this so beautiful scenery.

They ended the kiss and Chizuru looked straight in his deep blue eyes with tears on her of happiness.

"S-Saito-san I-I love you!"She confessed and hugged him tightly.

He smiled gently and caressed her cheek gently "I am so glad Chizuru."

As they smiled at each other the moonlight shining upon them,it was such a beautiful sight.

Saito's deep blues were filled love and affection for the woman that was in front of him right now.

Her own big brown ones were filled with tears that were falling like rain from the clouds.

But they weren't tears of sadness and pain.

But tears of happiness and relief.

She leaned forward and buried her head on his chest still crying against him while listening to his calming heartbeat she whispered.

"Saito-san..I-I I am so happy,I can't express how much!"She said as he caressed her hair in a calming motion and whispered.

"Me too too."He said almost to himself.

He then glanced at her softy and whispered "Chizuru look at me."He requested as he lift up her chin gently forcing her to look into his deep blue eyes.

Oh that so beautiful eyes.

That could see straight to her heart.

He gently wiped away one small tear that was falling from her brown eyes and cupped her cheek gently.

"Now,please don't cry Chizuru."He pleaded and then he added with soft eyes "Smiling suits you more than crying."

He smiled at her oftly "So please could you smile for me?"

The girl looked up at him and couldn't help but smile brightly "Yes,of course Saito-san." She relied while smiling as happily as she could at him.

"That's better."The blue haired samurai commented with a small smile on his own.

Then he claimed her lips once again.

This beautiful feeling of him kissing her made her shiver slightly.

It was such a magnificent sensation.

They ended the kiss and looked at the beautiful scenery that was around them.

The snow was dancing and slowly falling to the ground graciously while the beautiful moon was shining brightly.

"It is really beautiful.."Chizuru commented and then turned to look at the man she loved with a small smile and asked "Don't you agree Saito-san?"

The man nodded and nodded calmly in reply

Then he said "Yes it is really a beautiful sight but.."He smiled slightly "I think I can see something even more beautiful."

The brown haired girl blinked confused by his words and looked around her.

Nothing couldn't make the snow seem less beautiful...

So what he was talking about? She wondered.

Chizuru titled her head cutely as she could not find the answer she was searching for and then blinked"What is that Saito-san?"

He blushed slightly and whispered feeling ebaressed "I-It is you..Chizuru."He confessed.

The girl blushed bright red as soon as she heard his words.

Then a sneer was heard "Hm how stupid,like something love matters anyway!" A familiar voice commented and from the shadows appeared no one else but Kazama Chikage smirking at the pair.

"I can't stand seeing you two acting like this anymore!I am here to take my wife and kill you Saito Hajime." He announced a cold grin on his face and his red eyes glaring at the Shinsegumi Captain.

Saito let go of Chizuru and motioned at her to stay behind him and glared at the demon,his blue eyes burning with confidence

"I won't let you take her away from me."He exclaimed his glare never leaving Kazma.

He slid his sword out and his voice was serious as he said those words "Even if it costs my own life."

Chizuru gasped and looked at the man she loved with widened "Saito-san,why?"She whispered shocked at his words.

He turned and smiled softly at her "Do not worry Chizuru,I will protect you." He promised her gently.

"Hahaha!This so rich!"Kazama exclaimed a demonic smirk on his face.

"Well then at least I will have some fun!It will be good to see you beg for your life,lowly human."He smirked even more at his words.

The red eyed demon decided and took his sword out ready to attack at Saito.

The blue haired samurai turned to face his opponent.

Nothing was heard for a moment only the sound of the snow falling could be heard.

In a second Saito stepped forward and attacked at his opponent in a swift motion.

Kazama barely dodged the sword that was aiming for his neck.

Saito attacked once more his sword hissing as it was met with Kazama's own who dodged it and kicked Saito in the gut.

He groaned in pain slightly and fell some steps behind him.

Kazama chuckled "Pathetic." He said as he approached the samurai and grinned cruelly at him "This is the end for you!"He exclaimed ready to give the final blow.

"SAITO-SAN!" Chizuru cried her eyes widened in fear for him.

Then Saito Hajime chuckled slightly making Kazama frown and glare at the fallen man "What is so funny,you pathetic,lowly creature?" He questioned his red eyes angry.

Saito looked up at him with his blue eyes shining "That you fell straight to my trap." He answered and with a swift move he kicked Kazama's leg making him lose his balance slightly for a moment but that was enough for Saito who pierced his sword to his arm.

The demon cried in pain as the blood fell from his wound his eyes widened in anger.

"I am going to kill you!"He cried as he attacked at Saito with all his might.

Saito then smirked and dodged his blow with ease "Your anger has blinded you." He whispered as Kazama's red eyes blinked in surprise as the blue haired man delieved one punch to his chin sending him up in the air.

Not wasting time the swordsman buried his sword in enemy's stomach with one move.

Kazama cried in pain then as he was in the air he kicked Saito in the hand sending him some meters away.

He clutched his stomach in pain and looked at his blood "How dare you!You spilled my noble blood!" Kazama yelled in fury his anger was unstoppable anymore.

His eyes turned yellow and two horns appeared from his forehead and he was calm once again "Pathetic human,be proud!You are the only one I have shown this form too!Be ready to die!"

Saito looked in front of him not afraid the least,ready for his next attack.

Kazama in a second was behind him and attacked at Saito aiming for his neck.

Saito dodged in time by kneeling down and then with a swift move he jumped in the air and cut down Kazama's right arm!

Blood fell from the demons wound painting the snow bloody red.

Saito swept forward and in a second Kazama had managed to step away from his next attack but not before Saito's sword sliced his right cheek slightly.

The blonde demon leapt forward and with his inhuman strength he grabbed Saito and threw him to the ground.

The man cried in pain and spitted blood.

Kazama moved and put his leg against Saito's chest not letting him breathe.

"You were a worthy opponent I have to admit it,Saito it is time for this battle to end to my victory!" The demon said and his sword was ready to give the setting blow.

Time seemed to stop for a moment.

Saito's pained breaths could be heard along with the blade that was itching to meet Saito's blood with the one who was holding him smirking.

Chizuru ran forward trying to reach Saito but with every step she took the man seemed to get even more away from her.

Kazama's sword was only an inch from Saito's neck by now.

Chizuru ran with all her might and let out a terrifying scream "STOP!"

The sound of metal clashing metal wasn't heard only the hiss once the blade was met with flesh.

Saito looked u and saw Kazama's eyes widened yellow eyes.

The demon turned back and blood fell from his mouth "You cursed woman."He whispered as he let his last breath and fell to the ground.

Chizuru's sword has pierced through his back his blood spilled into her painting her crimson red.

Her whole body shook in shock she fell to the ground her eyes widened as much as they could.

"I killed him."She whispered to herself not believing in her ears her mouth was hanging open in shock.

She was terrified she had just killed somebody even if that somebody was Kazama Chikage who she hated with passion and caused her much pain she…still ended his life?

She looked at her hands that were filled with his blood and yelled "What did I just do?!"

She felt two arms wrapping around her gently comforting her,two strong arms that belonged to the man she loved.

"You did the right thing Chizuru."He whispered gently and she buried her head to his chest once again this day tears falling from her eyes.

She was shaking and clutching to Saito with all her might.

He caressed her hair gently trying to calm her down.

After some time she fell asleep against him.

He looked at her his blue eyes sad and then took her to his arms.

"Chizuru."He whispered as one silver tear fell from his eyes as he walked under the moonlight the ground around him filled with blood.

The end

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