Chizuru was moving around in her sleep, her cheeks were filled with salty tears.

She was also crying and whimpering desperately trying to calm down.

Saito bit his lip. He couldn't stand to watch the woman he loved in that condition.

He went and wrapped his strong arms around her petite body and started caressing her hair gently.

She without realizing leaned closer to him and let her head fall on his chest.

The sound of his heartbeat made her feel a bit better and her expression wasn't pained anymore but happy.

The man sighed softly in relief and small smile appeared on his lips.

"Thanks God, she has calmed down finally." He muttered to himself and kissed Chizuru on her forehead while laying her down in her futon and put a warm blanket around her.

"Sweet Dreams." He wished and left the room silently.

He was ashamed. It shouldn't have led to this.

He punched a tree angrily and bit his lips until it draw blood.

"I have to get better." He said a fierce look on his eyes.

He took his sword out and started slicing in the air with almost inhuman speed.

Suddenly he felt a pair eyes staring at him and he said his voice calm and serious but in the same time cold as an icy wind.

"Reveal yourself."

"Eh? You noticed me that quickly Hajime-kun? You ruined my surprise!" A familiar voice whined and Saito turned to face no one else but Okita Souji the first captain of the Shinsegumi grinning at him.

" Souji …what are you doing here?" The blue haired man asked his friend slowly.

"You are so cold Hajime-kun!" Souji said faking voice trying to sound like a girl "Would you enjoy Chizuru-chan's company more?" He smirked as he said those words.

Saito in a second was blushing "Souji… Shut up." He cursed.

The man raised an eyebrow "You actually like her, don't ya? Have you kissed her yet? "He questioned with a mischievous look in his green eyes.

He looked at his friend surprised blinking then his voice became completely flat and his face emotionless.

"That is no one of your business."

"Eh? Seriously? So you actually did kiss her?"Souji chuckled "My, my who knew you were a Ladies Man in the end Hajime-kun!"He commented teasing lightly.

He rolled his eyes " why are you here anyway ? "The blue haired samurai asked him trying to change the topic.

Souji just shrugged "Hijikata-san insisted that I am not okay and that I should go back."He rolled his eyes annoyed "So stupid of him .I am perfectly fine-"Before he could complete his sentence he started coughing his lungs out.

He soon stood up panting "I am alright."He said before his friend could ask.

Saito sighed "Go inside, you should rest." He commanded him.

The other man grinned "No way!"

His eyes turned cold "And how about you come out? You are getting in my nerves standing there." He said with a fake happy tone then he started coughing again.

"Damn .I will take my leave then Hajime-kun." He announced as he left.

A female voice spoke then cutely "Aww! He found me already! That's not fun at all! I wanted to play more but oh well! Since you noticed me I will come out now!" She exclaimed and made her appearance.

Saito blinked in surprise at her.

In front of the 3rd captain of the Shinsegumi was a little girl with long blonde hair and big purple eyes.

"Are you alright mister? «She asked him.

He blinked once again and pointed his sword at her "How did you manage to come inside the headquarters?" The samurai questioned his cold purple eyes glaring at her.

The poor girl shivered slightly and tried to smile "U-Um I don't really know actually…I was talking with my mother and all of sudden I was here! «She exclaimed tears threating to start falling from her eyes.

The blue haired man blinked and laid his sword on his hip.

"Alright…I believe you…what is your name?" He asked her.

The girl smiled "My name is Hikari! Nice to meet you mister brave swordsman!" Hikari exclaimed happily.

Saito's eyes softened "Pleasure to meet you but I have to take care of an important person to me, she is in a very bad condition right now, so I think you should leave, Hikari-san." The man explained and started leading the girl to the exit.

"Wait! Maybe I could help! "Hikari cried out surprising the samurai who looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"What could you do?"He finally asked after some moments of silence.

The girl's eyes brightened up "My daddy is a doctor so I know some herbs that could make her feel better! «She explained with a grin.

Saito still wasn't convinced but he shrugged.

It is not like a little girl like her could do anything to Chizuru…Oh how wrong he was.

"Alright then…follow me…"He ordered and the girl walked beside him happily.

A strange grin appeared on her face and her eyes turned red for a moment 'The plan is going well! I will get revenge for your death, my brother.' She thought evilly.

Saito turned slightly and frowned ready to take his sword out.

He sensed killing intent but it seemed like no one else but him and Hikari was there.

The frown didn't leave his handsome face 'How suspicious. 'He thought.

Souji watched the whole scene and his eyes narrowed "That girl is planning something, be careful Hajime-kun…»He warned as his friend was walking with Hikari towards Chizuru's room.

Then he closed his eyes "This is bad…"He muttered to himself as he looked at the pair "I have a very bad feeling about that little girl…"

Saito opened the door to Chizuru's room while muttering a small excuse me and his face hardened as he saw the girl blushing heavily and her face twisted in pain.

He rushed to her side and touched her forehead gently "She has fever and a high one at that…"He noted a bit anxiously.

All of sudden he heard Hikari's voice «Leave it to me!" She exclaimed and started treating the girl.

She made a small tea with some herbs that she had collected and told Saito to go away because she needed to do something that needed a lot of attention.

He left a bit hesitantly though.

Hikari smirked evilly as she took a small but red blade that was filled with the blood of her enemies, to her delicate little hands.

She took a step towards Chizuru grinning "Goodbye Yukimura Chizuru…This is for my brother." She was ready to bury the blade to the girl's skin when a hand stopped her and twisted it making her cry in pain.

She turned surprised to see the man who had noticed her presence before, the one with the cold emerald eyes.

"Hmm I knew you were trouble little girl!" He exclaimed with a small smile then he turned at her his sword pointing at her neck.

"Take another step and you will be dead." He warned his voice deadly as the sword he was holding.

"W-What are you doing? H-How dare you!"Hikari cried annoyed gritting her teeth.

He raised an eyebrow "Me?" He laughed dryly and his eyes turned cold as ice filled with fury "You were ready to kill a precious friend of mine…I think it would be better for you to explain…little girl…"He replied his eyes narrowing slightly.

She tried to struggle against his grasp but her actions were fruitless.

She bit her lip and let out a terrifying scream.

Saito appeared from the door "What happened?!Is she alright?!" He asked in a panicked state.

Then as he saw the scene he frowned "Souji…what is going on here?" He asked more like demanded him to explain.

Souji just chuckled slightly "It was time for you to appear Hajime-kun!" His eyes and voice turned serious "This girl Hikari or whatever is she called…tried to kill Chizuru-chan." His friend's eyes widened at that part.

"And if I hadn't noticed she would have succeeded." The brown haired man added while glaring at Hikari.

Saito's eyes were burning with a silent fury.

With slow steps he approached the girl and in a quiet but icy voice he asked "Who are you really? Why did you attempt to kill Yukimura Chizuru?" He questioned his eyes looking straight at her soul.

The girl just laughed "You are too foolish humans! You believed my lies so easily! I didn't even have to pretend!" She replied smirking then she glared at Saito "I am just here to take my revenge…for my brother's death…" She explained and Saito's eyes widened slightly.

"Could your brother be?" He muttered almost to himself.

"Yes, I am Kazama Hikari and this isn't my true form…I think you should know that by now though…I will let you see the real me."She decided and then smirked "But whoever has seen my true form doesn't come out alive." She warned them hoping that they would cower in fear at her words.

Souji and Saito looked at each other and then smirked "Bring it on." They said at the same time.

The end

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